Thursday, December 04, 2008

Our new woofie!

Hi eferyonez! Sia here with a mewz reportz from us. We are all doing well, just wishing meowmize would help us with our bloggie more.
Well...we finally have a picfurz of our new woofie sisfer Sky. We havez a few mores but they didn't turnz out to wellz. She is ok furz a woofies, but she still chases us sometimes, which gets her in troublez.
Well....I'm offs to snuggles with mewomzie with out the computerz. We will hopefully post again very soonz. Oh, we would all likes to say Hi to each of our sweeties. Till next mew...Siamia

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tj coming home?

Hello eferyonez! We hopes your weekends was a good one. We would likes to wish all the Vets out there a Happy Veterans Day. We Thank you very much for your service in our military.
Well.. meowmize chatted with grammie monday. It lloks like TJ will be coming back home. He has been moopey, and is scared of her woofie and doesn't really leave there room. Precious growls at the woofie and she leaves her alone. She has informed our grammie that her lil rodent mouse/mole like critter is still in the house. She does daily patrols through and checks everything out. So wish her luck on getting Baby grammies woofie to accept her. grammie is falling forPrecious too. She is a self proclaimed woofie person. Till she let a kitty into her house,hehe.. what is even funnier is that she said that she would never let a kitty on her counters, yeah right is what I mewed. Well, she has and so has grampie. Well.. I just think us kitties are on our way to world domination. Well..I'm offs to snuggles with my meowmizeseeing it's kinda cold outside. Well till next mew..Siamia

Update:::: Grammie just toldz our meowmize this afternoonz that Precious will be coming back as well. She does not trust her woofie baby with herz. So to maake it safes fur alls she is bringing her home as well. Oh, meowmize hasn't told the dadz yet, but he will be ok, hehehe... Well, I'm offz to find a nappie spot now. Purrs.. Sia

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hello eferyonez!

Hi eferyones! Wel apologize fur it being so longs since we potsted on our bloggie. Our meowmize has been busy and tired so we didn't get to blog due to thats. Well, Tj and Precious is now living with our grammie in TN. We are hopings that her woofie Baby will learn not to chase thems. She only wants to play with thems, but you know us kitties, hehe. As far as our meowmize and grammie knows Precious has wapped Baby on the nose twice. Meowmize was a lil sad leaving them last nite, but atleast she can get daily updates and visits them. Besides Grammie will spoils them. Well...I'm offs to play on our porchie. Purrs to all...Siamia

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hi Efveryonez!

Hi eferyonez! It's Shamy here with a update on us all. Sia is off napping so I thought I would help meowmzie with our bloggie. In the past month Tj has managed to bust out the screen on the porchie twice. He evens got out this morning which was the second time. Taps is doing better, meowmize found outs that he has a hyperthyroid issue on top of kidney issues. So he gets to get/eatz what everz he wants that wont make him sickz. As fur the girls they are allz doing well. Other than thatz all is well. We are hoping our meowmzie stopz working so much.Well..I'm offz to napz on meowmize now. Purrs..Shamy

Monday, September 15, 2008

House Trashing Party!

Hi eferyonez, Sia here! Well we'z thoughts we would lets youz all know we are having a house trashing party will our meowmize and the dadz are away. We figure we can have onez until 5pm Wednesday. We will have plenty of niptines,shrimpy cocktails,chickey ( for those chicky lovers) also plenty of toys, yummy water, and lotz of foodies. So hopes youz all can join us. Lets party eferyonez!!!!!! Purrs..Siamia

Friday, September 12, 2008

BFF Award!

We got this wonderful award from our friend Kat at A blog for Emma back in August. We would likes to fanks them fur this wonderful award. As youz can tell our meowmzie is a bit behind on fings.
The rules: Give this award to five friends who are dedicated followers of your blog.
Link back to whoever gave you this award.
We would likes to gives this award to'z
Shirley a@ Kazoku Neko
Kat@ A blog fur Emma
Cheysuli and Gemini @Chey's Place
Luxor@ A white cat
Conner and Family @ Cyclone Cats
So we are still tring to get meowmzie back on the bloggie schedule, SOOOO.. hopefully we will have some pic-fers of us soon. Well, maybe after Our Uncle B helps meowmzie with a computer question. Well off to chase some buggies and take a nappie. Purrss...Siamia

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Taps health update!

Sia here, with a newz mewz. Meowmzie had to take Taps to the dreaded VET today. The dadz and here watched him try to go potty in a number of places and not have any luck. She found outz that he has a nasty UTI, and has to get Clavamox, and he has gone into kidney failure. He has also lost 2 pounds since he was at the VET beforez we moved. He even had to get sub-q fluids befores she could bring him homes today. I finks that she is going to make him a snuggle spot in the one bathroom so that he can have his own room, with a bunch of water and a whole jar of his baby food. This way Precious doesn't wap him furz it. She even got some meds that is suppost to help the blood flow to his kidneys. He has to go back in two weeks furz a check up, and see how he's doing. Mews fur his sweet Yuki, he will be overs to visitz youz tomorrows and maybe on furday.
As fur the ofer mewz...Sky is now officially staying with us. Meowmize decided that seeing her and Shania finally came to a woofie understanding so that we can keeps her. She has stopped chasing us and sleeps upstairs. Well...I'mz offs to take a nappie now. We hopes to get a normal blogging timez again. Keeps yourz paws crossed fur us. Mew til my next newz mews...Siamia

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hi eferyonez!

Hi eferyonez....Siamia here! We would like to fanks eferyonez for the nice words and luvz we felt from youz all. We were very sadz to hear that our cousin woofie boozie had gone to the bridge. Our meowmzie has been working a lotz again. Her last two days off she took our woofie Sky over to visitz our grandmeowmzie . She thought that it would helps with the loss of our cousin Boozie. She was right, and it helped them. Our grandmeowmize adopted her a sweet lil girl woofie todays. I finks she might call her Baby. I will share more abouts her when we learn more. As fur us we haven't been up to much. Oh, meowmzie had the dadz rig a window so we can go in and out to the porchie on our own. It is totally pawsome in my opinion. Oh the dadz got him(actually meowmize, hehe) a new laptop. No it really is fur himz that they can both share... but we all knows who's it is, hehe. Hopefully we can get picfers of us on here very soons now. Well, meowmzie needs to get some sleeps. Oh... we all hopes that our sweets are all doing well. Till next mew..Siamia off hunting, hehe.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

News Mews by Sia!

Hi eferyonez! Well meowmize has to pick up some new medicine furz me at the VET"s today. I finks it is a anti-hiss-tah-minz because now i'm sneezing but it is clear stuff. Although if that don't helps then i get to go back and see the VET guy again. Although meowmzie really likes him. i reallly don't likez the ride. It's about 30 to 45 minutez ride. There are some closer but meowmzie don't likez them. Oooohhh.. we had a batzee in the house sunday night is was very funniez. The dadz and the meowmize were tring to catch it to let it ut. Althought all of us kitties besides me were tring to catch it as well. Our grand-meowmzie and the older two legged boy were hidding fromz it. The dadz caught it in a towl buy throwing it on it as it flewz by. It was very funniez watching them. I chilled on the new bed that the dadz bought furz them. Oh our meowmzie even bought us a new kitty gym thingie. It has a fake palm tree and some cool nappie spots on it. oh, we do hopez to have some pic-fers up soon. The dadz got a new camera on sale and it takes very paw-some pic-fers. Well the meowmzie is startng to falls asleep typng this furz me. Til next mew....Siamia

Friday, August 01, 2008

We are still here and hunting critters!

Hi eferyonez! Sia here..Yes.. we are still all alive and hunting critters that come into our house and porchie. I finks we have been away fur to long. With our meowmzie and dadz working and the older two legged kid visiting it's kins hard to get the meowmize to help me post on our bloggie. now to catch ouz all ups on the latest mews around here. Well we all got treated with flea stuff again but..with revolution this time. Meowmzie says that it works better than the last stuff. Although i finks Pounce might be getting a bath here soon. She has a bunch on scratch marks from her scratching. So i finks she won't be to happiez about that. Although i finks meowmzie might want to wear a leather suit when doing this. In more dreadful mews both Shamy and me got the ookie kitty conjunctivitus in our eyes, but mine is having a relaps. Which means more pink meds and more eye drops. Although meowmzie bought more temptayshunz fur my treat dispencer. Well...both meowmzie and the dadz have agreed I FINKS to keep Sky the other husky woofie. Seeing no one wants her and she is not chasing us any more. Well...that is all fur nowz. I will get meowmzie to helps me post some finf=g else tomorrows. Till next Mew....Siamia
P.S We would all likes to say hi to our special kitty friends.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Meezer Toozday Mews!

Oh how's to start this weeks newz mewings. Well first of all we would likes to say "Hi" to all of our fur-riendz. We do get around to visit we just don't comment all of the timez.. we are working on that with the meowmize. Which brings me to the first part of the newz. We are hoping to get back to our regulary posting schedule, which is not guaranteed but.. we are tring to get the meowmize back into full swing.
In our woofie segment junior reporter Precious will fill us all in.
Thankz Sia! Well in some oochy newz Mooch got stung by some yellow jackets this past sunday, and was given benadryl to help. He is now doing very well. Shania is doing well and on a mission to get Sky out of her house, hehe. Sky is leaving to get her lady-garden-ectomy today and will not be back home until some time wednesday. Yipppy a day with out the rotten woofie...oh.. sorry. Back to youz Sia.
In fun and happy newz the 22nd was Precious and Tj's 1st birfhday and we all got some stinky goodness and treats. Which was a nice quiet day while the meowmzie had to work that nite.
Tj has managed to stay out of trouble the past week or so, although a minor infraction of climbing the screen on the porch, but no major trouble making anttics lately.
Well that is all for now. Have a purr-fectly wonderful day and hope to see youz all again soon.
Mew til next Mewz...Sia and Precious signing out.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sia's Newz Mews!

Well...hello furiendz! Meowmize could not help me on her days off due to being on the road majority of them. Which brings me to the first part of my newz mewing. Her fathers day gift to the dadz was driving to Flow-ree-duh to pick up the older two legged kid. We still have the rotten woofie Sky...we are hopinhs to find her a fur-ever home soon, and not with us, hehehe. Us kitties have had enough of not being able to sleep with meowmzie and of being chased. Oh....the horrer of this morning is that meowmzie put some minty smelling flea,tick and mosquito stuff on us. It's not as bad smelling as the stuff from the vet but.. i finks it's just as bad. Oh..meowmzie says it's that all natural stuff called Natures Guardian. So if anyonez out there has tried it please let us know what youz thought of it. Wel...I'm off to nap on the porchie, and maybe get us some temptayshuns for getting this funky stuff put on us. Mew till next mew ....Siamia
P.S. Hi my sweet Marley!
Snowy,Shamy,Precious, and Taps would like to send a great big headrubberz, and kitty nose kisser to there sweethearts. They hope to do a post each soon. We just have to get our meowmize booty moving, hehe.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birfhday's and New Mews!

We are sorry we have not been around alot lately. Meowmize just found out that she might have to get a new hard drive for her computer. She set this one up for the dadz..go figure right. Well Sky has not found a new home yet, and they are still looking for one. Today is both Snowy's and meowmize birfhdays. Snowy turns 6 today and well mewomize is like 29 temptayshunz, boy thats a lots. Ooopss...sorry meowmzie, hehe. So hopefully we et her computer up and runnings again soon. I almost fur gots..Precious had her Lady-garden-ectomy Tuesday. She is doing cat-tast-ic...she just wont chill out so she doesn't bust her surgical glue they used. They said that she was the purr-fect lil girl they had. Meowmzie said that was because she's a lil lady. Oh , and her and TJ both turn 1 the 22nd this month. I finks we might have a big party for themz. Well before the meowmize works that day atleast. Well...I'm off to go nappz on the porchie. Mew till next Mew..Siamia
P.S. Hi to my handsome mancat Marley! Oh Snowy,Precious,Shamy, and Taps all say HI to there sweeties.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sia's Mews Report!

Hello to all of our furiends in the blogosphere, Sia here. I would first like to fanks eferyonez fur the wonderful birfday wishes. I did get a lot of scratchers, and treats from my meowmzie and the dadz. I even got some yummy tuna stinky goodness. Although I finks I ate it to fast, hehe. In the mews this week...Mooch managed to get the porchie door open and go investigate the neighborhood. Well mainly the trees, creek and stuff like that before the meowmize caught him, hehe. Tj is on the straight and narrow this week and has been in very little trouble (It's about time). In the foodie sector we were treated to some yummy wet food made by Merrick. Grandma's Ocean somfing. I was to busy eating it to read the label, hehe. This week there was a changing of dry foodies from Friskeys select to Purina One. There was an awful lot of upset tummies and very little with the new stuff. In major news it appears that a new woofie now named Sky has moved into the house. This will only become perminate if she learns to get along with eferyonez, and stops chasing us kitties. Picfurs to be postedsoon. Snowy claims to have heard the meowmzie discussing with the dadz that if Sky continues to chase us that she will be finding her a loving fur-ever home with out kitties. This being for our well being and saftey. Well... thats all of the latest hitting news in our house.. we will keep you posted on the Sky case, hehe. Till the next mewing...Siamia out.
Mewomzie here...I think that I will be helping Sia do a weekly Mews report until I get back into the swing of working 6 days. PLease let us know if you like reading the weekly happenings. Thanks.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Purrrfday Sia!!!!!!!!!!

Hi eferyonez, this is Precious. I just found outz from our meowmize that today is Sia's Purrfday, and she's turning 5. So I do hopes youz can all join us in wishing her a very happy purrfday. Oh, I finks meowmzie is going to give her and all of us some stinky goodnes to cel-leez-bratez it. Well I'm off to go sleepz now. Purrss..Precious

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rotten-ness Mews!

Hi eferyonez, Sia here. With a rotten-ness reportz of the house. Yeap as you can probably guess TJ is into being naughty, hehe. Meowmzie has banned our water thingy because Tj dumped it, and it was completely full. Do not worryiez we still have water, but we have to share it with the woofies. It's actually in there waterbowlz, but Tj can't dump those. He likes to make the water do the bubbling thingy. It other rotten-nes mews...he even helped push out the old screen, which caused the dadz to have to fix it already, hehe. Taps has manage to run out a few times (10) when the beans are not looking, hehe.
In other mews Precious gets her lady-garden-ectomy June 10th so that will mean no foodies the nite before, we will keep you posted on this. Also the dadz got a jobbie, he starts this coming up monday. We are all very excited about this. our meowmzie really likes her jobbie. Well, I'm off to watch some birdiez and lounge on the porchy. mew till next mews..Siamia

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hi eferyonez we're in NC!!!!!!!

HI eferyonez! We made it up herez just fine. Our car ride up was very uneventful. We kitties slept the whole way up. We wouldn't let meowmzie have the radio on or even have the windows opened, hehe.... She did try but we all started mewing in protest soo......she closed and turned it off so we could naps. So far Precious, and Tj have given meowmzie a big scare. She couldn't find them and thought they got out. Tj did get out while our grandmeowmize was visitingz but he didn't get far. Although we'z are a lil worried about them. They are both doing a cough with nothing coming out, almost like a cough from a runny nose. I finks when meowmzie gets the extra moniez they might be going to the VET. Anywayz......We just wanted eferyone knows that we are back, and our meowmzie even has a new jobbie as a waitress, yippy. The dadz is still looking. So we are keeping our paws crossed fur hims. Hey maybe after meowmize gets the house settled we can have a porchie party. I will try to get pic-fers of our new place soon. Mew till next mew.....Siamia

Monday, April 28, 2008

We will be off fur awhilez!

I would like to say "HI" to all of our friendz. This is a old pic-fur of me from when we lived in North Catalina beforez. Which is where we'z are moving backs, and it's a paws-a-tiffly wonderfulz fing. The only BAD fing is we have to take a 9 to 10 hour ride in the metal monster. Which is never fun. Which means meowmzie is going to have to take all the water up the nite beforez so Shamy can pee in his carrier. that would be very smelly if he peed earlie and had to ride in it the whole time, let alome uncomfy fur him. Anypawz......i just wanted to let youz all know that our inner-netz would be turned off tomorrow (Tuesday) and we don't knowz when it will be backs on Hopefull it won't be to longs beforez it is back on. So till then enjoy your nappies, nip, and beans.
Purrss......Siamia and the family

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

White Meezer Wednesday?

First of all let me say this We are very happy to hears that Mu Shue,Lilly Lue, and Iris are now safe with Mama Laura.
We (I mean meowmzie) is still packing up our house. We will be going to our new home in NC probably the 28 or 29th. We hopez to have some internetz hooked up shortly after movingz there. We will keep our paws crossed fur this.
Snowy: Sia can may I say somefing on the post today? Seeing it is White Wednesday.
Sia: Sure I don't see why'z not.
Snowy: Fankz youz Sia. As youz can see we'z do share our bloggie well, as we do the big comfy bed, hehe. Last Thurzday with my boyfriend Conner Clouds birthday, and I missed it. I feels really badz, and I hopez he fur-gives me. It is actually my meowmzie fault, she was at a doctors appointment, and then didn't come home until 5 Pm'z and didn't check the computerz at all. That and she was packing stuffs again.
Sia: Snowy I finks Conner will understand that you didn't fur-gets his birfhday on purpos.
Snowy: Do you really fink so?
Sia: I really do. maybe after we get moved and seattled in meowmzie will help you do somefing sweet fur him.
Snowy: Fanks Sia, youz are a great lil sisfer. Well, I guess I will go dream of my handsome mancat now. purrss eferyone.
Sia: Well, I gotz to go. i have to let meowmzie know that she has to help Snowy with a lil special project. I don't finks she will mind, hehe. Purrs and snuggels to all of our friendz....Sia

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Purrs and Prayers fur our friendz!

We would likes to sends outz a bunch of kitty loves and purrayers to mama Laura as she waits to hear anyfing about our friends.
We will also be purring really hard and purraying that they managed to escape from there apartment to safety.
Our hearts and prayers go out to our friends in the time of need.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Valentine Gift for Precious!

First of all..I canz only say that it is about timez meowmzie posted a picfur of Precious's valentine giftie from Jake(of Tyler's Tattles). I guess we'z can fur-give her fur this considering eferyfing that we have had going on.
Anywayz... Precious had a lot of fun checking out her new toys and especially loved her nip bananer. Meowmzie had to make sure none of us nip heads took it from her. Lets just say that the whole gang here needs to join a cat nip rehab group, hehe.She even got some really cool spidey looky toys.
Well, I gots to lets meowmzie go..she has a bean vet appointment tomorrow followed by the dadz taxes and more packing. I don't finks meowmize knowz what a day off is suppost to be like right now. Oooh..well.. as long as I can still get my naps in. Purrsss...Siamia
My sweet Marley, would youz likes to come snuggles with me this weekend?
pee...ess the bean vet appointment is just a follow up...nothing serious.
We turned our post orange today fur the ASPCA DAY - meowmize almost fur gotz about this impawtant day.

Taps Book Meme!

I was tagged by my beautiful Yuki and famibly over at Kazoku Neko
for this fun book meme.

Here are the rules:
Pick up the nearest book.
Open to page 123

Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.

Tag five people and post a comment to Mickey once you have posted it.

The nearest books is our meowmzie which was our Great-grandmeowmzie so she is gonna helps me with itz.

The book is " Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell

Melanie's voice, measured and peaceful, a littlereproving, rose above the others.
"It is so too, Melly, and if you weren't always so busy looking for the good in people that haven't got any good in them, you'd see it.
And I'm glad it's so.

I finks this is likez walking in'z on a converstaion that youz knowz nothingz aboutz at all, hehe. Well, I guess if your beans have read or watched the movie they knows what it's about, I needs a nap after this..maybe I can go snuggles with Yuki.

Well I/we don't normally get tagged fur meme's but we don't know who has or hasn't SOOOOO if you have not done the Book Meme so consider Your kitty booty TAGGED, hehe...Taps

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Upset Meezer Thurzday!

Well...I don't normally get mad at my meowmzie but thsi is a serious issue.
Meowmize doez this lookz like a lil face that likes NOT getting her temptayshun treatz when she'z suppost to. Plus not go out on my harness and go lizzie hunting. I unserstandz that youz are packing the house up so we'z can movez back to NC, but seriously how much doez you'z expect us kitties to takez? She the lazer beams are even comings on. I just thought'z I would express howz I was feelingz. Purrs and snuggles...Sia
Meowmzie here: Have any of you kitties been gettting a message from a lady about working at home on your blog. I deleted one message the other day and find another had bee n posted today. Please let me know. Thanks!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Kitty packing Monday?

Happy Meezer,Mancat monday eferyone. We are covering two here..Taps being the mancat is shown, I the meezer of the house tell of the goingz on'z here..hehehe..... Well...It'z offically happeningz the meowmzie has to start packing the house up. We will be movings to North Catalina at the end of April. Both of our beanz are very excited and the dadz beans is nervous on topz of it too. So... us kitties are going to be doing our best snoopervisingz that we know how to do. As youz can see Taps has it down completly. Oh.. meowmzie sayz I havez to go fur now. We will make our commenting rounds later she says. Oh befurz I fur get TJ would like the kitties and there meowmzie of the Topcatrules fur the lovely picfer. I'll post it fur him sometime soon. Well offz to pack and do laundry? Purrs and snuggles to eferyonez..Siamia

Friday, March 28, 2008

Typing while napping?

Well TJ decided that he wanted to take a nappie on meowmize desk. Although I don'tz know whyz he thought her keyboard would be a comfy pillow. He also likes to ppush stuff off her desk to just so he strecht out on it's. I never do thats to her. I just sit in front of the monitor, and lay my tail across her wrist. She alsways figures out that I want attention. i guess we each have our own way of getting it. Oh....Precious says fank youz fur all the cute remarks about her mickey ears. Well, I have to get meowmize moving so we can have clean potties. Purrs...Siamia

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mickey Fun!

Well here's a fun pic-fer that I thoughtz I would showz youz all. Well meowmzie Fi-nal-lize got the pic-fer of the Mickey Mouse on her back. Yet after she got the pic-fer she got up and moved.
Anywayz......I was playing with the look of the bloggie last nite....I don't finks I'm donez with itz. Also don't fur gets to stop by the fuzz family blog. site. Meowmize is tring to get info from our beanz about doing a regional get together so they can all meets in person. ( The linkie is further down on MY bloggie). Well, I'm off to get so treats before meowmzie goes to work.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meezer Mews!

Hi eferyonez! As TJ mentioned last week we truely appreciate all the kind words ands purrayerz. Adan is having a blast with all of us...we hopez to have new pics soon.
Now we were discussing with our meowmzie about the lack of blogging, and we decided that one of us would be responsible furz it. I thought it would be funz to be the one to post all the timez. So there may be a few changes around here, plus it is to help meowmzie out. Well...thats it fur us right now. i will be showing pics of eferyonez including Precious V-day gift pics and oh...befurz i fur get precious Mickey Mouse fur patch markings.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We would like to wish all of our friends a very Happy Easter! Hopefully youz have some purrty weather fur easter eggie hunts and and fur playing in the grass.
Purrs and snuggles from us all....Shany

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sleepy Friday!

With eferyfings that is going on around here we'ze are all very sleepy. We would likez to fanks youz all fur the kind and wonderful words....they all toouched our family very much. Adan has help brighten eferyone up when we all got a lil blue. When meowmzie feels up to it we wll get some new pic-fers up.
We are still movingz we still may not be on a whole bunch. Please do know that we miss all of our kitty friends in the blogosphere. We do read bloggies but don't always comment.
We are sending lots of healing purrs and snuggles out to all of our sick frineds.
Purrs and snugles from The Katnippia Crew

Friday, March 07, 2008

Sad news...

This is Kat (aka Emma's Kat) posting for Val. She just wanted me to post letting you know she will not be around for a while. She's rec'd some upsetting news from her last ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that the little bean-kitten has no cranium and also a severe case of spina bifida. There is not much the doctors can do and the baby will be unable to survive. So please, all kitties, woofies, buns, feathers and humans, keep her and family in your thoughts and purrayers. It's a really difficult time as you can imagine. My heart aches for her and the tears come and go. Love you Val!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We'z are still on the kitty planet!

Hi eferyonez! Nooooo...we have not fallen off of the kitty planet, and yes are meowmzie is ok. We have just had a bunch of fings to deal with. First of all our meowmzie had been sickie fur about 2 weekz..we fought she needed a chance to sleepz so we didn't push the bloggie on herz. She is deal with some work issues..which stink like hairballs..yucka if youz ask me'z.
Plus some very good mewz...that our meowmzie is 11 weeks and 6 days with a baby bean-kitten. We'z are very happies about this. Oh...we are even movings back up north either to North Catalina or to Tennessee'z near our grandmeowmzie. So we'z has a bunch of fings to be doing which is why we have not been around a whole bunch. She hasn't even really taken any new pic-fer with the flashy box of us....which as we all know if very anormal seeing they just have to have our beautiful and handsome faces, hehe. Well... off to get my stinkygoodness before she gets to behind on timez. We hopez to post again this keep your paws craossed fur us.
Purrss...... Siamis

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Valentine's to our sweeties!

This is my Valentine to my sweet and handsome Conner Cloud! Meowmzie didn't have it done in time last I wanted to use it this year. Purrs and headrubberz..Snowy

Valentines Day Candy HeartThis is my Valentine to my sweet and beautiful Emily! I hopes youz can go on a picnic fur two with me today. Purrs and snuggles Shamy!

Marley, Happy Valentine's Day to youz. You are'z my sweet and snuggly blue eyed mancat. Maybe we'z can go snuggles in a field of flowers and maybe hunt lizzie or micerz.Purrs and headrubberz..Siamia

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Happy valentine's Day my sweet and beautiful Yuki! These are not candy hearts, but tuna, and fishy flavored valentine hearts fur youz. I hopes youz has a wonderful day, and have plenty of wonderful nip filled dreams. Purrs and kisserz, your mancat..Taps

Happy Valentine's Day!
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Jake, Happy Valentine's Day! I'm very happiez that youz said you would be my valentine'z. I loved the valentine'z giftis that youz sent to me. I have been sharing with my family. Purrs, and snuggles..Precious

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Washing Wednesday!

Hi everyonez! First I would likes to let everyonez knowz that we are all doing ok, except our meowmize has been very tired and got some yucky sickieness. I finks she said it was an Upper resperatory fing. She is feeling a lil better seeing her doctor put her on some yucky meds.
Anywho's I see tomorrow is Valentines Day and was wondering if my sweet Emily would likes to go out on a kitty picnic with me'z.
In preparation to tomorrow I am making sure all of my furz and toezies are nice and extra clean. Well, off to take a nappie with our sickie meowmize. Purrss and snuggles..Shamy

Monday, January 28, 2008

Meezer Monday and Bad Kitties

Hi eferyonez! We hopez youz all had a wonderful weekendz. We had a halfway quiet one, except some kitty peed on the older two legged kids bed. Meowmzie hasn't figured out who it was yet, but we didn't get any treats due to it. The kid and the dadz finks it was me or Precious, but we'z are not snitching on any of us, hehe. meowmzie finks there was already a funny smell on there that would cause one of us to do that. they finks we are being spitefull kitties. So what do youz finks? Are we being spitefull, or just marking our area? I almost fur gots TJ kinda broke meowmzie wooded kittys and she had to glue themz back together. Well the head of the one atleast. She was happy about this eitherz. Anyways, I was taking a nappie in our basket and meowmzie fought I looked cute so she took my pic-fer. is stinky goodness time here, a lil behind but we will furgives her fur that. Purrss..Siamia

P.S.... Marley would youz likez to come snuggles with me this coming up weekend?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Meezer & Tuxie Monday!'s Meezer Monday and meowmzie thought she would share this pic-fer of me and Precious laying next to each ofher. Yeap we are touching each ofher too. Precious is finking of asking meowmzie if she can submit a pic-fer of her to the Love Cafe that Queen Snikers started. I finks meowmzie will let her do it. Well, meowmzie has to get the laundry done so... I haves to let her go. Purss..Sia and Precious
P.S. marley do youz wants to come and snuggles with me'z this weekend?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tuxie Thurzday!

Hi eferyonez! I asked Pounce if I could post today, and she said I could. As Snowy said we'z have not been up to much at all, just doing normal kitty stuff and of course some of us being rotten. This pic-fer I'm in one of our 4 kitty cubes, that meowmzie hooked all together. I like jumping on them and making them close up. Then when meowmzie opens them up I jump up in them while she is holding them it'z a lotz of fun. Well I have to go it is stinky goodness time and meowmzie has to get ready fur work.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

White Wednesday !

Hi everyonez, Snowy here. First we would likes to let everyonez know we are doing ok. Our meowmzie is busy with work and tring to get everyfing together so she can start packing us up fur our move in April. Other than that we have been napping and playing and doing normal kitty stuff. Well.. gots to go it is time fur our stinky goodness.
P.S. Hi my sweet Conner Cloud.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Secret Paws Wednesday

Well here is our pic-fers of our secret paws that we got go from Miss Allie Cat. We really enjoyed everyfing that we got from her.
Here we are all checking everyfing out, and I'm all ready playing with the toy micerz. we got a kitty cube, toy micers,a lil calendar fur meowmzie, a kitty stinkygoodness spoon. we luvz eferyfing. We even got a christmassy card from herz.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Meezer Monday and Secret Paws!

Well it's Meezer Monday and Secret Paws Monday! We apologize that it has taken us so long to post some pic-fers. We would like to fank Mushue pooh King fur our secret paws pressies.We will also be posting them on the secret paws bloggie as well. We have very much enjoyed our pressies, and luv the Temptayshuns that we got.
We have not been on due to meowmize working and stuff. Although we have very exciting news. we will be moving by the end of April. We'z are very happie about this. Well I gots to go it is time fur our stinky goodness. Purrss..Siamia
P.S. Marley if you wants youz can come visit me today or anytime this week.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year & Birfhday?

We would luvz to wish all of our kitty, woofie, bun, and bean furriendz a Happy and Safe NEW YEAR! We rang the new year in by sleeping, hehe, while the meowmize and the dad lit fire workz with the uncle, the older tow legged kid, and some furriendz.
As fur the birfhday, well it is TAPS 17th birfhday today. Yeap, he offically turned 17 at the stroke of midnight. I finks this might be cause fur celebration and a serious kitty party. Well... I has to runz now, and get meowmzie to give us our stinky goodness. Purrss from the Katnippia Crew.