Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sia's Mews Report!

Hello to all of our furiends in the blogosphere, Sia here. I would first like to fanks eferyonez fur the wonderful birfday wishes. I did get a lot of scratchers, and treats from my meowmzie and the dadz. I even got some yummy tuna stinky goodness. Although I finks I ate it to fast, hehe. In the mews this week...Mooch managed to get the porchie door open and go investigate the neighborhood. Well mainly the trees, creek and stuff like that before the meowmize caught him, hehe. Tj is on the straight and narrow this week and has been in very little trouble (It's about time). In the foodie sector we were treated to some yummy wet food made by Merrick. Grandma's Ocean somfing. I was to busy eating it to read the label, hehe. This week there was a changing of dry foodies from Friskeys select to Purina One. There was an awful lot of upset tummies and very little with the new stuff. In major news it appears that a new woofie now named Sky has moved into the house. This will only become perminate if she learns to get along with eferyonez, and stops chasing us kitties. Picfurs to be postedsoon. Snowy claims to have heard the meowmzie discussing with the dadz that if Sky continues to chase us that she will be finding her a loving fur-ever home with out kitties. This being for our well being and saftey. Well... thats all of the latest hitting news in our house.. we will keep you posted on the Sky case, hehe. Till the next mewing...Siamia out.
Mewomzie here...I think that I will be helping Sia do a weekly Mews report until I get back into the swing of working 6 days. PLease let us know if you like reading the weekly happenings. Thanks.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Purrrfday Sia!!!!!!!!!!

Hi eferyonez, this is Precious. I just found outz from our meowmize that today is Sia's Purrfday, and she's turning 5. So I do hopes youz can all join us in wishing her a very happy purrfday. Oh, I finks meowmzie is going to give her and all of us some stinky goodnes to cel-leez-bratez it. Well I'm off to go sleepz now. Purrss..Precious

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rotten-ness Mews!

Hi eferyonez, Sia here. With a rotten-ness reportz of the house. Yeap as you can probably guess TJ is into being naughty, hehe. Meowmzie has banned our water thingy because Tj dumped it, and it was completely full. Do not worryiez we still have water, but we have to share it with the woofies. It's actually in there waterbowlz, but Tj can't dump those. He likes to make the water do the bubbling thingy. It other rotten-nes mews...he even helped push out the old screen, which caused the dadz to have to fix it already, hehe. Taps has manage to run out a few times (10) when the beans are not looking, hehe.
In other mews Precious gets her lady-garden-ectomy June 10th so that will mean no foodies the nite before, we will keep you posted on this. Also the dadz got a jobbie, he starts this coming up monday. We are all very excited about this. our meowmzie really likes her jobbie. Well, I'm off to watch some birdiez and lounge on the porchy. mew till next mews..Siamia

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hi eferyonez we're in NC!!!!!!!

HI eferyonez! We made it up herez just fine. Our car ride up was very uneventful. We kitties slept the whole way up. We wouldn't let meowmzie have the radio on or even have the windows opened, hehe.... She did try but we all started mewing in protest soo......she closed and turned it off so we could naps. So far Precious, and Tj have given meowmzie a big scare. She couldn't find them and thought they got out. Tj did get out while our grandmeowmize was visitingz but he didn't get far. Although we'z are a lil worried about them. They are both doing a cough with nothing coming out, almost like a cough from a runny nose. I finks when meowmzie gets the extra moniez they might be going to the VET. Anywayz......We just wanted eferyone knows that we are back, and our meowmzie even has a new jobbie as a waitress, yippy. The dadz is still looking. So we are keeping our paws crossed fur hims. Hey maybe after meowmize gets the house settled we can have a porchie party. I will try to get pic-fers of our new place soon. Mew till next mew.....Siamia