Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My White Tummy

Hi eferyonez, it's White Wednesday again. I hopez eferyonez is having a good week so far. I know we are here, besides us getting use to meowmize new work hours and schedule. Well here is a pic-fer of me showing off my cute white tummy. This is meowmize new chair she got from our neighbor friend when she moved, but we have claimed it as the kitties chair, hehe. Well I'm offz to go take a nappy, it looks like it is going to be the perfect nap day. -Snowy

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tramatic Weekend Part 2

Ok well here is the ofher part of our story from saturdays happeningz. As Sia mentioned meowmize was not happy about me peeing in my PTU it leaking on the seat and then getting on her when she picked me up. I was put in the back ,and we went and got the cleaning stuff then to the VET. When we gottz therez meowmize put us in the same cage so we could keepz each ofher company, no bad, right! Well it got worse meowmize and and friend of herz came and got us outz and took us in a room and the two doorz shut. I was still mad at meowmize for putting me in the PTU, and would not let her give me luverz to show it. Sia was hiding behind meowmize because she is a good Princess. I was very vocal on the protesting part. I was smelling the room, while growling and hissing. Well, two ladys came in, one with a white jacket and anofher with a animal top came in. They wanted to see Sia first since she was the nicest of the two of us. She was doing good,and they clipped her nails. She went back to meowmize and layed behind her. It was my turn, muhahaha. The lady helping the doctor was not sure about me until meowmize told her I was all talk, fanks alot meowmize! The doctor looked me over as well, and gave me 2 shots, but they dared not clip my nails, hehe. Then we went back to our room, but I wanted to be alone so I smacked Sia so meowmize would know it. So Sia got her own area. We got some stinky goodness from meowmize, but we didn't want any. Sia was taken out later, and it was to get her shots, because her temp was high earlier so she had to wait. Then we left a lil while after thatz, and I peed in my PTU again, hehe. This time I had it more on my feet and on my tummy. So meowmize wiped them with a wet towel and I cleaned my self up the rest of the wayz. _ Shamy

Meowmize here, both of them had a good check up. The only thing is they both have a lil tarter, and gingivitus building up, with a lil upper ear wax. Shamy has now since forgien me, and lays with me. Sia's temp was up due to stress, which is why her shots were given later. We hope everyone enjoyed there adventure. No, Shamy did not get in trouble just a, "why did you have to go and do that talk. "

Monday, November 27, 2006

Tramatic Weekend!

Hi eferyonez, boy do me and Shamy have a story to tells you. It all started friday eveningz when meowmize told the dadz that we were going to go to the VET with her saturday. We didn't bewives her until the next morning. even though she had pulled the PTU's out alreadyz. Meomize got up like normal for work, and gave us more crunchies in our foody dish, and did her normal mewomize stuff. Then when she went to leaves she stuffed both me and Shamy in our PTU'S. ( Will try to post a pic of them.) So we are put in the big blue monstar and leave. Well Shamy is really protesting and we are almost out of our apartment complex, and then meowmize smells it. Shamy PEED in his PTU, and it leaked onto her seat , and her when she picked him up, hehe.
Well, meomize told me that wasn't fery nice of him to do, and now she has his pee on her seat. Shamy was put in the back(still protesting), and we went back to get some cleaner and two towels. Then we went on our way to the VET for a good part of the day. I will let Shamy continue the rest tomorrow.

P.S no beans or meowmize were hurt in the happenings of this day, just one PTU and a seat.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Shamy on the com-puter

Hi eferyonez, it's Shamy here. We hopez that eferyonez had a wonderful Turkey Day.Our meowmize was traviling yesterday to visit our Dadz family. We didn't get to post on our bloggie becauze of dat, and that meowmize had to work Friday so she couldn't type for us. We wanted to do a list for what we are fankful for, so here is are list.
1) Meowmize and our dadz
2) Stinky Goodness
3) Toyz
4) A warm home to sleep inz
5) Crunchiez
6) Snuggly sleepy spotz
7) Meowmize - we know shez on the list alreadyz but we really luvz her.
8) Mooch our guard pupski dog
Well this is our list, not in a praticular order though.
Yes we do know our list is late.
Oh, this is me on meowmize monitor checking out Kats Cat of the Day. Well we hopez eferyonez has a wonderful weekend, and plenty of nappies. - Shamy

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Half & Half

Hi eferyonez, hopez your having a good Wednesday. Oh, and getting ready for Fanksgiving, and visiting family and stuff.

We am ecited for Pounce and Shamy because they are in the calendar that was made to help our blogging kitties beans. this am the linky to it. Meomize is going to get onez for her and our grammy in Tennessee.

As you can see it is White Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday and Wide Body Wednesday, boy Wednesday is getting busy . Last week I asked for any white kitty to please leave me or Yuki a comment and we had alot of youz tell us where to find the white kitties. Meomize is going to get all the info togetherz next week once she starts her new jobbie. So, once we do I will post it. Welll I am off to go take a nappy. It's nice and cool here in Flo-ri-de-ah. - Snowy

Monday, November 20, 2006

Beu-tee-ful Blue eyes

Well as you can see I was not to happy with my meowmize taking a pic-fer of me. What I wanted was for her open the window so I could layz there and watch stuff going on. As you can I have beu-tee-ful blue eyes, well thatz what meowmize says. We had a ferry lazy weekend like Taps stated we wouldz. Which was ferry coolz with us. We got to have porchy time over night the past couple of nights, even thoughz it was chilly out.
Well, I'm offz to watch lizzies, and birdies from our porchy.
We hopez that eferyonez had a wonderful weekend. - Sia

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sleepy Taps

Ok well, meowmize was considering posting two pics today seeing she was bad and didn't post any yesterday. I decided that I wanted to be kitty to do the bloggie today.

Well, as you can see I was minding my own bus-iz-nezz when meowmize started taking pics of me with the flashy box. I was good and comfy too. Well it lookz to be a furry laid back weekend for us kitties, maybe the woofies too. I be-wivez it is going to be a nice and comfy temp wise for us. Meowmize has had the windowz and the slidy door open a night, and it's been really nice. We get to watch the rac-coonz go by while they look for foodiez, and the other kitties and some beans. Oh, and theres the woofies being walked as well. Well, I am off to take a nap somewhere. We hopez eferyonez has a wonderful weekend. Taps

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Snowy on her porchy

Well herez anofer pic-fer of me on our porchy laying in the sun. Meowmize took this one today. I was looking to see if I saw a birdie or a lizzie, but it was bean getting in his car to leave.

Well I hope eferyonez has a wonderful day.

Oh, and if you are a white kitty please leave Yuki or me a comment. We ares starting to finks that theres only 4 white kitties in the whole bloggy com-mune-ity. -Snowy - this is Yukis linky

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tabby in a bag

Well, herez I am in the bag that meowmize gifty came in. Don't I wooks so ferry cutez. Oh, and it's a wonderful pic-fer for a Tabby toseday. I have two morez pic-ferz of me in the bag, but meowmize liked this one. We will share the ofhers later. Well, we hopez eferyonez is having a wonderful day. I'm off to torment someonez, maybe one of the pupskies, hehe. -Pounce

Sunday, November 12, 2006

What ! I didn't do anyfing.

Hi eferyonez ! We hopez you all had a wonderful weekend. Well here is my pic for meezer maonday. Meowmize has to work all day so I had her putz it up early, hehe. The Dadz went to a hockey game and brought this home. I had fun killing it. i didn't even havez to share it with the ofherz efer. Well, I'm going to let the meowmize go to bed so she can go earn the moneyz to buy mee, oops, us some treats and lil micerz. - Sia

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ok, well heres the kitty that the dadz gotz our meowmize for their an-ni-ver-sarie. We like this kitty, mainly because we don't have tooz share our foodies, or the stinky goodness with her.

Well we hopez eferyonez has a wonderful weekendz. Well I am off to take a sunbath. - Sia

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cute lil batty face

Hey eferyonez, Shamy here. It's been a alot of naps and porchy time since I got to post on our bloggie. Well, there's nofhing really newz with us, well except our meowmize and dadz cel-iee-bray-ted their 2nd ann-iver-saurie tosday. wez even had the apartment to our self for most of the day and evening, hehe. Meowmize and the dadz don't know that we had a party while they were gonez, hehehe

Oh, by the way do I wooks like i have a batty face? Meowmize finks I do the cutest batty face em-press-ions. well, i'm offs to take a nappy. -Shamy

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sleepy Snowy!

Hi eferyonez, it's White Wednesday yippy!
I finks it's wonderful that blogger let me post my pic-fer. As you can seez I was in the middle of a nap, and here comes our meowmize with the flashy box. So what's a kitty to do right, besides just let your meowmize take your pic-fer and continue taking your nappie.

Well, off to watch the lizzies, and take a nappie.
Hope eferyonez has a wonderful day. - Snowy

Monday, November 06, 2006

Hi eferyonez, here's a cute pic-fer of me for Meezer Monday. I was sittingz there all cutez and meowmize had to take my pic-fer. I fink I look cutez to, except I have lil glowerz. Oh, well whatz a kitty to do.
As Pounce predicted it was a lazy weekendz for us kittiez. We got some really nice Porchy time, and had a whole night with the windows open. Which waz vurry nice seeing we livez in Flo-rie-daz now and it stays humid meowmize says. Well i offz to watch lizzies and get a sunbath in, hehe. - Sia

Friday, November 03, 2006

Chillin Kitty

Hi eferyonez, Pounce here. Well it'z goinz to be a lazy weekendz I finks. So I'mz startinz early on the chilin as youz can tellz. I finkz the couch color makez my stripez stand outz.

We hopez eferyonez has a wonderful weekendz. Off to be a couch po-tat-oez kitty. - Pounce

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No Pic-fer for White Wednesday :(

Well, it's WW (White Wednesday) and blogger won't let meowmize post a pic-fer of me. I don't fink blogger does not likes me todayz. Oh well, whatz a kitty to do, besides nap, hehe. Yippy, Yuki, is par-tic-apating today, and she has a furry beautiful pic-fers today.

Well We hopez eferyonez had a fun and safe Halloween. We gotz to see some cute trick-or-treaterz last night. The dadz said that one group was dressed up as Firefighterz. He couldn't remember the rest to tell our meowmize, but we had funz watching them.
I finks I'mz going to go chill on the porchy and watch for lizzies, and take a nap before meowmize goes to work. We hopez eferyonez has a wonderful day.- Snowy