Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Very big Mews!!!!!!!!!

Hi eferyonez! This is Sia repurrting from NC, and yes we are still around. Unfortunatly we can't get meowmize in a bloggie schedule anytime soon it seems, but we are tring. This was taken on our porchie during last summer. Well we have some very impawtant mewz. We'z are going tohave a lil two legged. Our meowmize estamated due date is June 3rd. We wanted to mew the mewz earlierz, but meowmize didn't want to let the nip out of the bag, hehe. So now youz all knows our very impawtant and happiez newz. I finks it's time to take a nappie now. Oh, we promise to have our secret paws picfurs up soons. Till next mew...Siamia
P.S. Marley would youz likes to come over and snuggles with me? Purrs and headrubberz...Sia

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!

We would likes to wish eferyones a very Happy New Year! We would likes to fanks our secret paws fur the gifties, unfortunatly meowmize does not have there names at the moment. Her mind has been somewhere else. We hopes youz all had a wonderful catmas as well. We had a really good one because our grandmeowmize gave us a big goodie bag, hehe. Oh, we will post pics of our secret paws with who sent it to us Monday. Even if Sia and me'z has to put the kitty blades of doom on hers. Oh, we will have a very cool mews update by Sia either the 20th or the 21st. It all depends. We kitties here at the Katnippia Crew will keep our furry lil lips sealed til thenz. Well, I'm off to headbumps the dadz, and meowmize wants to eat, go figure. Till next pouncing..purrs and headbumps..Pounce