Monday, July 30, 2007

Grilling Meezer Monday!

Hi eferyonez! I hopez youz all had a wonderful weekend. I would like to apologize fur us. We are sorry that we did not get around to visitz our friends like we normally do. Our meowmize was completely beat. I don't know who beat her, oohh I finks it means she was very tired. Anyways, she is all rested up fur the time beingz.
This is the dadz grill. He got a good deal on it at a yard sale fur only 35 micerz. I was sitting on it watching a birdie or a lizzie. It might have been both. I was waiting fur the dadz to grill somefing. Hey, maybe I can get him to grill some lizzies fur our next porchie party. Oh..the plant you see hanging I don't eat and nor do the otherz. Just in case youz were wondering. Well.. I'm off to go hunt lizzies on the porch. Till next mew....Sia
Marley.. would youz likez to come chill on the porchie with me sometime this week? Purrsss..Siamia

Friday, July 27, 2007

Introducing Mamma -n- babiez!

Well, we finally got some nice pics of mamma and the babiez.
This is a pic-fer of them there day with us. As youz can see they are very hungrie babiez.

This lil one, meowmize finks is absolutely adorable. She can't get a pic-fer of the cutie that does her any justice. She is the smallest of the three, and very independent already. She has threee spots on her back that look like a unique paw print.

This lil handsome boy, is very sweet. he has a tuxie with a black spot on his white bib. He might possibly have a home. He is the main one that pushes his lil sisfer (black-n-whiteone)when she is tring to eats. If youz notice youz can see the whole family in this pic-fer.

This is the lil solid grey girl. She already has a home with one of the people from meowmize jobbie. She is also the most photogenic one of them all. I finks she's going to be a lil sexy girl when she gets older. She can wrap the dadz around her lil toezie already. Her brofher might go with her, but the guy from meowmize jobbie hasn't decided yet.

This is mamma kitty, or as the dadz calls her Inky. She is a very sweet girl, and very protective of the babaiez. As youz can see she has very purrty eyes, and is very happty to care fur her babiez.
Well, I haves to go and get our morning stinky goodness. So I hopez youz have a wonderful weekend. We hope to be posting regularly next week. Mew til next mew...Sia

Monday, July 23, 2007

Tabby Toozday!

Hi eferyonez! Well Taps said i could do the post today. He grumbled somefing about wanting to go to sleep. Oh, well.. I don't mind. As youz all now we have taken in our meowmize co-workers mamma kitty with her her three babiez. To our meowmize best checking of. Two are girls and one is a boy. Now mind youz they are still lil fings. So out of all fourz of them two are tuxies, one is whte with black markings, and one is solid grey. We had plans on posting pic-fers of them all today, but the mamma kitty was not feeling photo-genicz. So hopefully either Wednesday or the latest Thurzday is when we will have there pic-fers up. Oh, meowmize has a few places to call tomorrow to see if she can get helps and stuffs fur the kittiez from themz. Well.. meowmize is getting tired, and has to work fur the temp-tay-shunz tomorrow. So wer will chatz with youz all later.Purrss...Pounce

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Meezer Monday im-paw-tant Mewz

Hi eferyonez! Well, I hopez youz all had a nip filled weekend. I have some very im-paw-tant mewz to share with eferyonez on this Meezer Monday. First let me say, that I'm not to sure about this, but my meowmize says that it is a good fing to do.
We'z are going to be having a momma kitty with 3 babies come stay with us in our guest bedroom. The reason is because her co-worker is not a kitty person(Sia sticks her tongue out) and doesn't have the means of taking care of her and the babiez. So our meowmize is going to take them in and find them all good homez. Which is why we are sharing this wioth our blogging family. As soon as meowmize gets her and the babies settled we will get pic-fers of them and post-em. Meowmize is also going to call some vets and the local shelters to see if they can helps with getting the momma checked and spayed. I will update eferyonez when they gets her.
Oh, if anyone has any helpful advice on getting help and stuff fur the momma and babiez, pleaze let us know. Purrzz..Siamia
Update: Momma and babies are here and resting comfortably. Our meowmize is going to have to give them a bath later. She was a a piggy with the first of the foodies meowmize gave. we will keeps youz all posted...Sia

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sweet brofherly Luvinz!

Hi eferyonez! i hopez it has been a cat-tast-ic week fur youz all. I really have not been up to much besides dreaming of my girlfriend Emily.
Last week I finks it was i decided to do the brofherly fing and clean my sisfer Sia's head, and ears. As youz can see Our meowmize caught me in the act. She just layed there and let me do it, and I didn't even hurts her. Doesn't she lookz so cute a sweet laying there? I finks she does. Which makes me wonder why Marley has not given her his answer yet? Well, I'm off to go snuggles, and dream of Emily......Shamy

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tabby Basket Thurzday!

Hi eferyonez! Well, it be another tabby Thurzday! This is the pic-fer my meowmize took after she rescued me from my new favorite high place. Yeap, as she was lowering me down i was getting all comfy to take a nap in the basket, hehe. I know I'm a lil stinker. The funnier part is, she had to get the basket from my sisfer Sia, who wanted it back.
My sweet and handsome Hubby mancat Oscar. I would find it a lot of fun to go hunting with youz. Although my meowmize says we are not allowed to hunt the mocking birdie family.
I hopez eferyonez has a wonderful day.Purrs..Pounce
Impawtant Purrayerz Needed! Or meowmize co-workers kitty "Tabby" has a tumor on one of her hind feetz heel area. They are waiting to get her x-rays back, and fur her regular vet to get back into town. The vet they saw yesterday scared her meowmize cause he recommended amputating her whole leg. They did try to get some fluids from it, but nothing would come out of it. So please keep her and her family in your purrayers.
Tabby and her brofher (Zipper)were our meowmize co-workers kitties that ate some of the bad foodies...Purried by Siamia

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

White Wednesday Porchie Style!

Hi eferyonez! I hopez youz are all having a wonderful week so far. Well, this is one angle of our porchie. As you can see it is pretty big. I was watching somefing when meowmize took my pic-fer. I managed to keep her from posting the pic-fers that would send Conner to a cold shower or the ice box to cool off. Oh, meowmize said I could tell eferyonez that we have a momma and a daddy Mocking birdie that has a baby or some babies in a tree at the front of our garage. The momma dive bombed the dadz last night, because he got to close to her baby/babies. We don't know how many there are still. The last we knew she had two babies. Well, I'm off to chill on the porchie...Snowy

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sia' Meezer Monday Look Out!

Hi eferyonez! Happy Meezer Monday! I hopez youz all had a wonderful weekend. we would like to fanks all of youz who came by Snowy's Porchie party. She had lots of fun, and the rest of us did as well.
Anywayz, this is the best look out spot on our porchie. It is our meowmize and the dadz bathroom window. There is room fur two so you can both look out fur un-wanted intruderz. I would even be nice to sahre with your MANCAT(Marley) , or your ladycat. Well, I need to go and see if I have lizzie intruderz, and get my morning stinky goodness. Mew til next mew...Sia

Friday, July 13, 2007

Snowy's Porchie Party!

Update: The party will continue through Sunday evening!

Snowy's Porchie Party!

When: Saturday 7-14-07
Time: All Day/ Maybe all weekend
Youz can come over when ever youz wants!

We will have plenty of yummy foodies, temptayshunz, fishie, shrimpiez, and any other types of yummie foodies youz can finks of. There will be pleanty of water, and four giant litter boxes, and please be considerate of the kittie that follows youz. We will also have some kitty house tunes playing request will be accepted. Oh, meowmize big dish cahir in the house is the purrr-fect place to take a nappie, or chill in the AC.So please stop by and enjoy your self. maybe we will get the kitty electric slide going. We hopes to see youz all here. Purrss...Snowy

Bill Paying Friday!

Well, it's Friday eferyonez. which means some beans will be off, and others like meowmize will be working. Well, atleast she is letting Snowy have a porchie party tomorrow. which leads me to this important question.
Emily, woukd you like to be my date to the porchie party?
I finks we are going to have some very yummy snackz, and of course there will be plenty of toys, and stuff. I will let Snowy post the info tomorrow.
Oh, in my pic-fer I was helping our meowmize pay bills, by giving her the sweet kitty luviez so she would have a relaxing time doing it. Well, off to go chill....Shamy

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tabby Thurzday!

Hi eferyonez! Pounce here, and if you noticed I'm way above my meowmize head in the pic-fers. See I was on the top ledge of the panty/square wall in our new house, and I got stuck up there. So meowmize decided to take a pic-fer of me up there before she rescued me. I will put a pic-fer of that next week. Although i can get up and down all by myself now.
Taps has even been up there as well. Oh, meowmize even arranged the dadz wine on the fridge so I have the purr-fect landing area. This way I can land my jump safely and not break any of the dadz wine bottles.

In other very excititng news my hubby Oscar is back. His bean family are back, and so is he. The children and me have missed him very much so. Also Snowy is going to have a porchie party saturday while meowmize is at work. So my lovely family youz are all invited. Our blogging friends are invited as well. Well, I'm off to go get into somefing i shouldn't be in, hehe...Pounce

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

White Wednesday!

Well, it's another wonderful white Wednesday. Which means it's the middle of the week fur the beans working. Well, that is if they have nomal work hours, hehe.
Well, I have not been doing much, just laying around dreaming of my mancat Conner.
I was just chilling on the big bed when the dadz took my pic-fer here. meowmize got some not so conservative ones of me. I got her to hold off on posting those till next week. Maybe by then I can get one of my sisfers to help me delet those. If only we had thumbs((((sighing)))). Well, off to get the stinky goodness before meowmize leaves fur works. Oh, Pounce is extreamly happy that her hubby Oscar is back and blogging again. she was absolutely bouncing off the walls last night. I finks we might be able to convince meowmize to let us have another porchie party. what do youz all finks? ......Snowy

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuxie Toozday!

Hi efery kitty out there! Well, it's toozday, which is tuxie, tummy toezie, tortie toozday. I might have missed one. well, here i was tring to sleep in the closet, where the dadz doesn't want us, hehe. When the flashy box struck. Oh, well furz a quiet nap right? Well meowmize only took a few of Sia and me laying close to each other. I might show them next week. See normally I don't lay close to them, because they all decided to pounce on me. When all i want to do is sleep. Give a old man cat a break. So she has proff of us being close.
Yuki, my sweet would you likes it if I comes visits youz this weekend? Please let me know ok.
Oh before I fur gets my sisfer is the featured kitty of the week fur her group Pure White Kitty Club, on catster. So a big round of a-paws, hehe. She gets all shy at times, hehe....Taps

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sleepy Meezer Monday!

Hi eferyonez! Yeap, I was tring to sleep when meowmize started taking pic-fers of me. Yet, this is what happend to her not once but twice this morning. They finks us kitties get grumpy, hehe. Lets just say both Pounce and the older two legged kid...umm..woke her up, with the woofies help to. So she kinda had the same expression I have in my pic-fer. I even gave her sweet meezer luvies to help with the grumpies. Sometimez I wonder if our meowmize our some ofher beans are part kittie. Let me know what youz all finks about this...Sia

Hi my sweet and handsome Marley! Do youz want to teleport overs sometime this week?

Friday, July 06, 2007

Guard Kitty Friday!

Hi eferyonez! We hopez youz have all had a wonderful week, and have a catastic weekend.
Here is a pic-fer of me on our new porchie. I was playing with a micer that I got from our secret paw, but I heard somefing. I don't fink meowmize heard it because she went and took this pic-fer.
Anyways, I finks I'm a good gaurd kitty fur herz, hehe.
Oh, if youz go to the bottom of our bloggie she made us a slide box of pic-fers of us looking cutes and stuff. She was going to put it at the top, but is not to sure on how to do that. I guess she will play with that some time later. Well, I'm off to go chill on the porchie before she leaves furz work. ....Shamy
Hi to my sweet and beautiful Emily! I hopes youz are doing well. Purrs and headrubberz..Shamy

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tabby Thurzday!

Does this pic-fer need any more words than this, hehe. Well, I didn't finks so, but hey I'm a kitty.

The dadz got this fur the meowmize, and because the woofies bring in a lot of dirt from the backyard. Especially Shania when she digs, a bad woofie she is.

Oh, the foot is the dadz , he had to put in the pic-fer. Well, I'm off to go take a nappie, but Sia has somefing she needs to post about today. Yesh, lil sisfers..Pounce

Sia:::Fanks Pounce fur letting me add somefing to your post todayz. My sweet friend Emma has Nominated me as a - Rockin' Gilr Blogger. So I has to nominate 5 more Rockin Girl Bloggers

So here they are
Tara the Princess Meezer
Princess Mia - a very cool tuxie girl
Marilyn Monroew
Yuki -Taps girlfriend cat
Lilly Lu

Here's to cool pink badge/ ribbons youz can put on your bloggie.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Snowy's 4th of July White Wednesday

First I would like to say HAPPY 4th Of JULY!!!!!!!!!
Secondly, I would like to say I hope all the White Kitties are having a wonderful White Wednesday.
As you can see, I have both today cover in both aspects. I even have the feather BOA that we got from our secret paws.
Oh, this pic-fer was taken by the dadz while meowmize was at work. If youz look youz can see my pink paw pad.
Well, I have to go see what I can go nap on now. We hope eferyonez has a happy and safe 4th.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Taps, tuxie toezee toozday

Hi eferyonez! Well it lookz like we have meowmize back on schedule fur the time beingz, hehe. Oh the girls asked me to tell eferyonez, that they don't know who there secret paws was. They did not sign the card fur them to find outz. Yet they do fank the kitty and there bean very much fur the cool toyz.
Anyways, here is a new pic-fer of me tring to sleepz on the new white couch. I finks it covers, tuxie and toezees. what do you finks. Well, I'm off to dream of my sweet Yuki. I wonder if her meowmize would mind if I went to visit her?
Well, I'm off to go nap on the porchie....Taps

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Girlz Secret Paws!

Hi eferyonez Sia here fur us girlz. We got our secret paws package first, but we thought we would let the boyz go first, hehe. Well here I am checking it outs before we opens it. I had a lot of fun tring to help meowmize open it.

Here both Snowy and me our checking out our goodies. We got a really cool Pink fev-ver boa, and a cute Pink nip mouse.
Here Snowy is playing with our new nip mouse. Which by the way is currently missing in the house, hehe. Meowmize will find him fur us.

Well, here meowmize was tring to get a good pic-fer of our goodies with the note we got, but as youz can see Snowy had taken the mousie, and I was sizing the boa up, hehe. Well, off to go nap on the porchie...Sia
P.S. there is no pic-fer of Pounce, due to her being a blurr like Shamy when they got there goodies.