Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sia's Wednesday Mewz!

Hello furindz! We hopes that you are all having a wonderful day (morning currently, hehe). We are doing ok for the most parts. Our meowmize got the jobbie and is waiting to find out when she will start training. In ofher mews we had a very scarry afternoon yesterday. Our family came home to find out that our old huskey woffie Shania had been attacked by another woofie. Shania is doing better this morning and is on antibioticz and some pain pill. The dadz was worried about her very much. She has been with him for a very longz time. Our meowmize is going to be talking to the animal control officer today to find out what the ownerz of the mean woofie are going to do with it. Now meowmize does not hold the type of breed the woofie is against it but, the woofie in question is a pit/plott hound mix. so this is most likely a hunting woofie taught to do what it did to our woofie sisfer yesterday. Our meowmize is hopeing that we can solve this as peacefully as possible. Which is why she is not letting the dadz do any of the talking. In other mews that is not very scarry or sadz we have a outside visiter that the meowmize calls Kit-kit. He is a old tom and is very shy/skittish. Meowmize makes sure she gives him his foodies when she seez him. She sayz she will try and get a pick to post of him sometime. Well... i am offs to go nap on meowmize and the dadz nice comfy bed now. Till next mew...Siamia

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tabby Tuezday mews!

Hello eferyonez! We are all doing niptastic here. Our meowmzie has been really good helping us the past three days. She goes in to talk to some peoples about a jobbie this morning. We are keeping our paws crossed fur herz. The nasty weather came through yesterday afternoon/evening and we all slept right through it, hehe. Well besides our woofie Mooch...he was nervous from the thunder. Well....I'm off to chase a feaver now. Hopes you allz have a purr-riffic day. Head bumos to all....Pounce