Monday, March 31, 2008

Kitty packing Monday?

Happy Meezer,Mancat monday eferyone. We are covering two here..Taps being the mancat is shown, I the meezer of the house tell of the goingz on'z here..hehehe..... Well...It'z offically happeningz the meowmzie has to start packing the house up. We will be movings to North Catalina at the end of April. Both of our beanz are very excited and the dadz beans is nervous on topz of it too. So... us kitties are going to be doing our best snoopervisingz that we know how to do. As youz can see Taps has it down completly. Oh.. meowmzie sayz I havez to go fur now. We will make our commenting rounds later she says. Oh befurz I fur get TJ would like the kitties and there meowmzie of the Topcatrules fur the lovely picfer. I'll post it fur him sometime soon. Well offz to pack and do laundry? Purrs and snuggles to eferyonez..Siamia

Friday, March 28, 2008

Typing while napping?

Well TJ decided that he wanted to take a nappie on meowmize desk. Although I don'tz know whyz he thought her keyboard would be a comfy pillow. He also likes to ppush stuff off her desk to just so he strecht out on it's. I never do thats to her. I just sit in front of the monitor, and lay my tail across her wrist. She alsways figures out that I want attention. i guess we each have our own way of getting it. Oh....Precious says fank youz fur all the cute remarks about her mickey ears. Well, I have to get meowmize moving so we can have clean potties. Purrs...Siamia

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mickey Fun!

Well here's a fun pic-fer that I thoughtz I would showz youz all. Well meowmzie Fi-nal-lize got the pic-fer of the Mickey Mouse on her back. Yet after she got the pic-fer she got up and moved.
Anywayz......I was playing with the look of the bloggie last nite....I don't finks I'm donez with itz. Also don't fur gets to stop by the fuzz family blog. site. Meowmize is tring to get info from our beanz about doing a regional get together so they can all meets in person. ( The linkie is further down on MY bloggie). Well, I'm off to get so treats before meowmzie goes to work.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meezer Mews!

Hi eferyonez! As TJ mentioned last week we truely appreciate all the kind words ands purrayerz. Adan is having a blast with all of us...we hopez to have new pics soon.
Now we were discussing with our meowmzie about the lack of blogging, and we decided that one of us would be responsible furz it. I thought it would be funz to be the one to post all the timez. So there may be a few changes around here, plus it is to help meowmzie out. Well...thats it fur us right now. i will be showing pics of eferyonez including Precious V-day gift pics and oh...befurz i fur get precious Mickey Mouse fur patch markings.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We would like to wish all of our friends a very Happy Easter! Hopefully youz have some purrty weather fur easter eggie hunts and and fur playing in the grass.
Purrs and snuggles from us all....Shany

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sleepy Friday!

With eferyfings that is going on around here we'ze are all very sleepy. We would likez to fanks youz all fur the kind and wonderful words....they all toouched our family very much. Adan has help brighten eferyone up when we all got a lil blue. When meowmzie feels up to it we wll get some new pic-fers up.
We are still movingz we still may not be on a whole bunch. Please do know that we miss all of our kitty friends in the blogosphere. We do read bloggies but don't always comment.
We are sending lots of healing purrs and snuggles out to all of our sick frineds.
Purrs and snugles from The Katnippia Crew

Friday, March 07, 2008

Sad news...

This is Kat (aka Emma's Kat) posting for Val. She just wanted me to post letting you know she will not be around for a while. She's rec'd some upsetting news from her last ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that the little bean-kitten has no cranium and also a severe case of spina bifida. There is not much the doctors can do and the baby will be unable to survive. So please, all kitties, woofies, buns, feathers and humans, keep her and family in your thoughts and purrayers. It's a really difficult time as you can imagine. My heart aches for her and the tears come and go. Love you Val!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We'z are still on the kitty planet!

Hi eferyonez! Nooooo...we have not fallen off of the kitty planet, and yes are meowmzie is ok. We have just had a bunch of fings to deal with. First of all our meowmzie had been sickie fur about 2 weekz..we fought she needed a chance to sleepz so we didn't push the bloggie on herz. She is deal with some work issues..which stink like hairballs..yucka if youz ask me'z.
Plus some very good mewz...that our meowmzie is 11 weeks and 6 days with a baby bean-kitten. We'z are very happies about this. Oh...we are even movings back up north either to North Catalina or to Tennessee'z near our grandmeowmzie. So we'z has a bunch of fings to be doing which is why we have not been around a whole bunch. She hasn't even really taken any new pic-fer with the flashy box of us....which as we all know if very anormal seeing they just have to have our beautiful and handsome faces, hehe. Well... off to get my stinkygoodness before she gets to behind on timez. We hopez to post again this keep your paws craossed fur us.
Purrss...... Siamis