Thursday, August 31, 2006

Taps chatter !!!!

Yesh, the ofhers finally gave me a chance to use our bloggie again. I knowz yesterday Sia had her week over view, which was avery good onez if I may say. I was being the kitty bum that I am entitled to be, because my meowmize says I can be, hehe, and letz them do all our bloggie stuff. We'll meowmize spent the day withs us, and let the ofherz hang out on our porchie. She was doing the cleany thing with the noisey carpet machine. I wentz into the bedroom and layed in my kitty bed, and chilled on till it wents away. This just in, daddy just got us a new kitty potty box, yippy. Also he gotz us a new table to eat our foodiez on, which is really wonderful new, hehe. Well, I'm offz to take a nappie will chatz with everyonez later. - Taps

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sia's view of the week so far !!!!

Well it's the middle of the week, and already som much has happened. Which makes me ready for a nappie. I'm sure there are others that will agree with mez.
Lets see theres a tropi-caal storm called Ernesto that is crossing over Flo-re-dah until it turns. So we have some glummpy weather here right now, but it might get a lil more windy with lots of that wet stuff from the sky. We don't know yets, so we'z are just going to lounge around.
We also wants send kitty purrayers, and kitty nose kissers to the Meezer Family for their loss of Miss Trixie, and to Lunas Family for her safe return home. The Calico Girls had a beau-ti-full ceremony last night on their bloggie for Miss Trixie.
Well we hopes that evryone has a wonderful rest of the weeekie, and has plenty of kitty naps, hehe. I'm offz to wrestle with Shamy. Mew- Sia

Monday, August 28, 2006

We thoughts that this pic-fer was really cutes, and wanted to sharez it with everyone. It seems to be a time that we all needs someone to snuggles up. So we wantz to sends lots of kitty snuggles, and loverz to those who needz it. -Katnippia Crew Taps, Snowy,Sia, Pounce, and Shamy

Friday, August 25, 2006


Hello evferyones, Shamy here. I hope all of our kitty friends and there beans, human pets,or meowmiez have had a wonderful week. If not we send you lots of kitty loverz, and kitty nose kisserz.
Hopefully your weekend will be betterz than your week. We are sorriez that we haven't really post a lot at our kitty friends bloggies, but our meowmiez has been workingz alotz. She has a new jobie and she really likes it, but she works alotz. We are tring to keeps up with eferyone, but it is very hardz to do sometimes. Well, I'mz offs to go snuggles with meowmiez. -Shamy

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sia in the snow !

Seeing it has been hot and humidz here I though I would share these pi-fers of me in the snow. This was earlier this year when we wived in North Carolina still.I wanted to go check out the white stuff, but meowmiez wouldn't let me goez with out my harness on. I didn't stay out in it to long, it was a lil to chillie for a lil gal likez meez. That and our old neighbor pupskie came down and wouldn't let me be. I fink it was because he was cold and wanted to come in and play with Shania and Mooch were it was warm. well, I am off to go lounge around and maybe get some sun if it comes back out. Till then Mew- Siamia

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Snowy's Story

Yeah, I got to do a bloggy again, hehe. Well I wanted to share my story on how I came to live with my meowmiez. I was almost 6 months old when I found my meowmiez. I was laying in a cage when i spotted her. I was the only one that wouldn't let anyone touch or hold me. Yet, I got her attention and that was just the begininng to my life withs her. Daddiez let my meowmiez adopt me for chris-mas. Well, before I went to my new homez I had to go back to the shelter and get a lil tatoo in my ear, and I got spayed. Well when meowmiez picked me up I wasn't feeling to well. I had caught that dreaded kitty cold from the shelter. i had it so bad that when meowmiez took me to my doctor that I had to be moved to a pupskie dog room. Meowmiez was very upset that they let me get so sick. My snuggle buddy Taps kept me company even when I wasn't to nice. Meowmiez calle dthem up to let them know how sick i got and they wanted to take me back, and let her take someone elze. she told them NO THANKS, I am not bring her backs to you. So here I am with my meowmiez, enjoying my life with my ofther kitty roommates.
Oh here'z a funny lil tidbit my first tempoary meowmiez named me Gana. Funny isn't it,I think so.

Well, I'm off to chill, and hunt some lizzies - Snowy

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Snowy all Snuggly

Well here I was tring to take a nap, and here comes meowmiez with that falshy box thingy. As you can see I was half asleep when she took my pic-fer. I was dreaming of all my favorit crunchys, and my stinky goodness. I was really tired after my birdie and squireely guy watching. A gilr can dream right, I already have my sweet kitty snuggle buddy Taps. He's not in this pic-fer with me, but I still luvz him. Well, I'm offs to hunt lizies, and lounge on our porchy. - Snowy

Friday, August 18, 2006

Snuggley Sia

Well seeing we arez going with snuggly photos here. I wanted to share this pic-fer of me with my kitty stuffy. I was all nice and comfy and here meowmie comes along with the flashy box thingy. All I wanted to do was take my nappie. Now how are we suppost to be able to denie our meowmies of taking cute pic-fers of us. If us kitties think abouts it we really can't denies them cute pic-fers. although we canz makes them workz for the cute pic-ferz ,hehe. Well, I am off to play with my micerz, then to take a lil nappier. Mew- Princess Siamia

Tap's Snuggled Up

This is the honey cat Taps. This is what he does a majority of the time. This photo was taken in North Carolina, and he still does a lot of that her in Florida. We know mommy worriez over him, but he doesn't want any of thatz. He even getz a different kindz of stinky goodness. She givez him what she calls kitty baby food (actual baby foods) that he likes most of the time. As you can see he even has his own lil bunny rabbit snuggly. I think that I will find my buddy and snuggle with him. Thats if he doesn't mind. - Snowy

Monday, August 14, 2006

We got tagged

We were tagged by KC.

Ok, well we are pretty sure that everyone knows the rules by now.

Well heres our 5 weird things/habits about us.


1 - I don't like laying on my mommy.
2 - I really loves chicky !!!
3 - I don't like being picked up alot.
4 - I don't drink milkies, unless in is lactose free
5 - I sleep on mommies pillow


1 - I don't like being held.
2 - I like pinching finger tips
3 - I ask for my food bowls to be filled , and let mommy know when we need more foodies.
4 - I hates being picked up
5 - I don't likes people foodies


1 - I only really loves my mommy
2 - I loves milkies
3 - I really loves my micers
4 - I go potties when my is in the bathroom
5 - I likes getting my harness on, and going for walks


1 - I gets sicky from milkies
2 - I make biscuts on mommies legs at night
3 - I wrap myself around mommies shoulders like a neck wrap
4 - I meow until I find mommies, when she leaves the room
5 - I likes to give nose kissers

Ok, well we finks everyone has been tagged. So if you have not been tagged. then you are "TAGGED"

Friday, August 11, 2006

See we don't really like each other !!!!!!

Well here is a photo that our mommy just had to take of us. We were not to happy about it, because now we can't denie that we don'tz luvez each otherz. If you notice we arez giving herz the evil kitty stare. To bad we didn't knowz how to erase the flash box thingies memory. What makes it even worse is that shez putting it on OUR bloggie, under kitty tail picketting protest. Well they say you winz some and you lose somez. This was on top of our old cold boxy thing in North Carolina. We don't get our new cold box, theres to much stuff up theres. Now, we chill out on our screen porchie, when ever we can. Speaking of which, I think theres some grasshoppy bugs to hunt. Mew - Sia

Pounce Got Tagged !!!!!

I was tagged by Emma.

Here's the Rules !

The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself." In the end you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names.The people who get tagged need to write a blog about their 5 weird things/habits,as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "YOUR TAGGED !" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

5 weird things / habits of Pounce's

1 - I have to cover anything, like food,water, stuff of plates, ANYTHING !
2 - I meow really loud at night to get someone to play with me.
3 - I rool on the floor meowing at my pupskies to give me lovers. When they don't I either bite , or put my lil claws in their noses to make them give me lovers.
4 - I hardly ever sleep on the bed with my mommy
5 - I will bite you if you don't give me loverz when I rub my head on you.

The Five Fuzzers I am Tagging

1 & 2 - Midnight and Cocoa
3 -Princess Marigold
4 -KC
5 - Jake

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Shamy's Story

Hello evferyonez,Shamy here. Yesh, I thought Pounce was going to keep the compewter all to herz self. But, mommiez says that we has to shares our bloggie with each otherz. This is a picfer of me in deep thoughts laying in the sun. Mommy reall likez this one and the one with me and my orange bunny.
Well I has to tells you my story even though I don'tz rememberz evferything. I was at the shelter minding my own buisness when daddy came in. He was looking at us kitties seeing who would come up to him. Well, I got hiz attentions and started giving him the loverz. Well, my soon to be mommiez was in with the lil kittens, when he wentz and gots her to come seez me. I snuggled ups to herz and gots my lil purrie box going and had her wrapped around my lil pinky claw. She decided that I could come home with themz. She toldz me that I would be living withs 2 pupkies, and 4 other kitties. That if I went homez with herz that I had to play nice with evferones, especially Taps. So I sealed the deal with a kitty snuggle and nosey kisser on her cheek. Now I haves my fer-ever home, and I gives mommiez a single leggy rub every nightz.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pumpkin (RIP)

Hellos everyonez this is my sisfer pumpkin, withs my mommy. She's is ats the rainbow bridge now, hopefully playing with lil micerz. I know she is happy theres, and is waiting for me, buts I do miss her. I asked our mommy if we could post her picfer, seeing i have mentioned herz. Oh, that funny thing on mommiez head is becasue she is actually allergicz to us kittys and puppies, go figure right. Sorry the picfer is so small but, that is the only one we have of hers. I know mommy still feels badz that she couldn't rescue her from there with me. I triez to tell herz that she is in a better place, but it only comforts her a lil. She gives me a huggers, and kiss my head and sayz I know and we will see her again. Well thatz my sisfer, and my mommiez. -POUNCE

Friday, August 04, 2006

Pounce's Stare

Well it is Friday and mommy wanted to put up a pic-fer that was cute. She thinks this pic-fer would be a good onez for a kitty food label. I don't fink so. I was just cleaning my lil mouthy and thinks how good my crunchy foodies is. Then the next thing I know mommy has a flashy box in my face. If you can read my expression you can seez me finking. " Mom did youz really haz to take me pic-fer now." I got her backz though, after this I took a sprint through the house and across the table, oh maybe 4 timez, hehe. Ok, well I'mz going to go find a nice chill spot and see what mischiefness I can get into next.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Princess Sia's Story

Hello evferone, princess Sia here. I wanted to share my lil story withs evferyone. I was brought in to the shelter that my mommy waz working ats. A lady broughts me in and had me in a crate with a crazy puppy, that was steppinz over me. Well she took me out of therez and brought me inz and the lady released me over to the shelter. Well, mommy and another lady gave me a kitty aids test, and put some flea med on me, and gave me a nasty shot. I didn't like that to much. Well, after the shot I was put into my own crate because my soon to be new mommy had them put me on the list to be spayed right away. When I got backz I went to my new home a day later. I got that nasty kitty cold that we get from the shelter. Since then I have claimed mommy as my own, and declared my self as the Princess. Mew- Sia