Friday, July 28, 2006

Tap's Rambling

Well mommy wanted to post this picture seeing she does not have other pictures of us on the computer yet. She is going to get them out of the boxiez soon. This is a Clouded Leopard I think mommy said. She found this picture on the internet somewhere and we really likes it too. I just wonder what my bigger cousin is watching or thinking aboutz. Mommy thinkz that we'z are herz lil wild vicious tigers, and lions of the house. Well Shamy would be the bobcat of the house hehe. I have it all figuredz out, Pounce would be the Clouded leopard becasue of her markings and she looks like that some of the timez. Snowy, she looks like a white tiger just with out the stripies, hehe. Sia is aCheeta, because she is so lil and she can run really fast and all. Yes you can say this the ramblingz of a elderly kitty, but I'm just being silly, hehe Well, I'm off to be silly somwhere else, No I'm not Mental and need to go to the kitty Loony bin. Someone here needs to post a silly post sometimes. Well i am off to take a napz now. Taps

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pounce's Story

Hello everyone, Pounce here. Well, mommy thought this was a cute picture and wanted to share it.
I was adopted from the shelter that mommy had been working at. A man brought me and my sisfer in, because his daughter was not taking care of us, and he didn't want us. So it was either go there or be locked up in the bathroom in there basement. Well mommy talked her boss into taking us in, so we were giving a kitty aids test, and given flea medicine, and put in with the kittens. Wellz, I kept getting runny noiserz and sneezing so I was put in the kitty sicky room, alot in and out I was. Until, mommy decided to take me home, but first I went to the VET, ah. Come to find out I have kitty allergies, hehe. Mommy knew she was right about me, a lil stinker. Well unfortunatly, my sisfer was not so lucky and is waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. The thought of this always gets mommy upset, because my sisfer (RIP) Pumkin was a very uqiue feline princess. Although daddy has tried telling mommy, you can't always save them all, she still gets upset of her.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Katnippia Gangs thought of the day.

Well, mommy found this picture and thought it waz cute. A kitty was gaurding his property and chased the bear up the tree, hehe. Silly bear, didn't he know that he shouldn't mess with a kittys home.
Well to change the subject, our distant cousin KC made it to her new home today, and looks very happy to be there. Missy, we hope that you will accept your new kitty room mate and teach her what she needs to know. We also send kitty loves and kisserz to Karenc for rescuing her, and to ML and her husband for adopting her. Lots of love and kitty nose kisserz to you.
We hope evferonez has a wonderful weekend.
Mew - From, Taps, Snowy, Sia, Pounce, Shamy

Friday, July 21, 2006

Tap's Story

Hello evferyonez, Taps here again. I just wanted to tell yah howz I came to live with my mommy. i was about 1 years old to 2 years old when the lady who i was living with realized she had to find me a newz home. She knew my mommyz mom and asked her if she wanted a kittyz for her, and she said yes. Well, I went to my new homez and at first I was like who is this girl thatz going to be my new mommy, but then I realized that she would love mez fer everz. She was 15 when shez got me, and was very happy that I wasz there. We would play, and I would help her with her homework. Well the only way a kitty knew how, hehe - by laying on her paper or her bookz. We have been through alot togethez, a few boyfriendz, a few movez, a few new kittyz, and lots of birff-dayz, oh and mommy getting married to my daddy. I am now 15 and have a few older kitty issues like my kidneys, butI know my mommy will take care of me. She doesn't let any of my other kitty roommates mess with me. I still have enough spunk to keep daddyz dog Shania in place. Hehe, thats a funny thing , but anywayz. Thankz for reading, off to take a nap.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sia's Puppy Dog Mooch

Well everyonez this is my Moochie. I know us kittyz don't normally brag about our doggiez, but he is special to us. He is the bestiest of guard puppy mommy says, and he lets me clean his ears. He is even my protector when mommy takes me outsidez with my harness and leashie. There was on time that a big mean doggies came in our yard in North Carolina, and he chased the mean doggie away so mommy could get me inside safely. When Moochie gotz back mommy gavez him lots of loverz and cookiez. Yet this is why we braggz about our Moochie. Mew - Sia

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mischiefious Lil Sia

Hello evferyonez, Princess Siamia here. I was a lil stinkerz thiz morningz. I woke my mommy up, hehe
She all sound asleeps and I came up with my lil motor going. I walked up her back making kitty biscutes, and head butting her. She woke ups and gave me loverz. Now if that han't worked I was going to use my lil pinky nail as she calls it to tap her lip to wake her. After I got my early lovers, I went and played a lil. then I came back and layed down by mommys feets till she got up. Oh, mommy thinks this a cute picture of me. I was playing in the baggy, I wasn't doing anything wrong. Well I'm off to go watch lizzys with Snowy. Mew

Monday, July 17, 2006

Snowy's Post

Hello evefurry one. I'm so happy that mommy is letting me post on our bloggy. I just had to see what the others were talking about. Well, it's just another day here in Florida, laying on or porch watching lil lizzies run by, and even grasshoppers - really big onez to. They scare our mommy, I don't think she likes 'em to much. Well, I'm going to go lounge on our porch, and watch the lizzys. Mew

Friday, July 14, 2006

Princess Siamia

Hello, Princess Siamia (aka Sia) here. Mommy said that it was my turn to post on our bloggy so her I am. As you all know I have 4 kitty roommates, and 2 puppy roommates, and I just luv my Moochie. He's the only puppy I like. Well, i luv my furry mice, and waking mommy up every now in then in the morning for some luvies. I even ask for some milkies when she has cereal, and I have to check evferything she eats out. Mommy has even wrote a lil story about me and the others, although she is still working on it. Well I am off to chase a micey now. Mew til next mew

Friday, July 07, 2006

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Shamy's Post

Hello, I'm Shamy, and mommy finally let me post something on here. She got tired of tring to figure out how to get her virtual pet on her blog and let me post. I think I like it down here in Florida. I get to lay on the porch when mommy or daddy is home, and get to play with my kitty roommates. I do miss watching the birdies and squirrley guys though. Oh well, I know she will get it all set up for us soon. Well, I am off to give loves and snuggle up now. Huggies, and kitty nose kisses to all.