Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Taps's Tux

Hi eferyonez, I finally get to use our bloggie. This is a picfer of me in the kit-chin asking meowmize for some hamburger, yummy. She gave me somez after my pic-fer becasue I was lookinz so cutez. Well off to naps.- Taps

Meowmize here, I wanted to post a pic of Taps for the tuxedos Tuesday seeing I was still up. I felt so bad seeing I have not posted his pic for any of the Tuesdays. Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Sia's silly face

Well, here's a cute picfer of me for Meezer Monday. Meowmize just had to sharez it withz eferyonez. I really trying to lick the nip, buts it just looks like I am sticking my lil tounge outz. I do finks I might need to join that group for nip heads. Well if I do Shamy said he would join with me.

Well, we would likez to fanks eferyonez for purrayingz for the older two legged boy. He is doing much betterz, and is up and walking around after his sure-gur-ie to have his tumor removed.
I am offz to chill on the porchy while meowmize is home. So hopez efereyonez had a wonderful weekend. - Sia

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Snowy's White Wednesday

Well, it's Wednesday again! Heres a pic of me layinz next to a big black panther. It was a stuffy that the oldest two legged boy won for our meowmize. I was all nice and cozy, and here came meowmize with that falshy thing.

Well I hope Yuki can join in on our White Wednesday for us beautifulz white kittiez. Oh, if you are a white kitty please leave a commentz so that my meowmize can visit your bloggie and try to put a linky in for youz here.

Well, we hopez eferyonez is having a wonderful week.

Lots of kitty loverz and purrariers going to our meowmize friend Kim , and family.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sia and Nip

Well it's Meezer Monday today. Here's a pic-fer of me playing with the nip toy that we gotz from cali-for-niaz from Cocoa, Grr, and Midnight. As you can see i was about to give it the ol bunny kick as meowmize calls it. Wellwe hopez efuryonez had a wonderful weekend. I'm off to chill on the porchy. - Sia

Friday, October 20, 2006

Dryer Kitty

I got caught checking the dryer out for those mean ol sock monstersLucky for meowmize I didn't find any, but was it nice and toasty in here. I was sitting of meowmize scrub pants and socks, hehe. Although since this pic-fer she does her kitty head count to make sure none of us are in the laun-dray room, or in the dryer before she starts it. Oh, don't I look so sweet and innocient, hehe.
A note to all the ofher kittys, Please do not jump in the dryer or washer when your bean is not looking. If you have questions why not, please ask your bean.

Well, I am off to go chill on the porchy. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. - Pounce

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

White Wednesday # 2

Well, it's White Wednesday again. Meowmize thought this would be a good pic-fer for today. I am just chilling after the dadz gave us some of the organic nip that Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa sent us. Fanks youz again. If looks really close you mights see the nips, hehe. Well, i hopes eferyonez is having a good day. I'm off to watch lizzies, and chill in the sun. Snowy

P.S. Yuki, I hopes you can join in on the fun today.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Meezer Monday

Well I just foundz outz last weeks that Monday is meezer Monday. So heres a pic-fer of me looking all cutez for Meezer Monday.

For those of you who don't knows me, my name is Sia, or as meowmize calls me Princess Sia. I am a lil applehead meezer. i don't know many applehead meezers, are there many likes me? Well happy Meezer Monday, oh and Midnight Monday to the black kitties.

Well I am off to watch lizzies and Squirrley guys from our pourchy. - Sia

Friday, October 13, 2006

Shamy all snuggly !

Here I was tring to takez a nap and meowmize had to take a pic-fer. This is my favorit sleeping spot, except I havez to share itz with Pounce, oh well. I likes the fact that my fur blends in with it, a sleath sleeping spot,hehe.

We would like to Let Kim, and her family know that we are sending lots of kitty purayerz and loverz out to them.

Also we hopez eferyones has a fanstatic weekend.

P.S. pounce has yet to prove that it wasn't her or me that dumped our water container. We are going have to come up with a plan. Rascal had a good idea. the guilty party does it when meowmize is sleeping though. So please keep your paws crossed that we find the guilty kitty.

Well I am goin to go take a nap in my bed. - Shamy

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Couch Kitty

Woohoo, I get the bloggie today. Pounce here, well here's anofher pic-fer of me being cute. I was laying by meowmize and hse got the flashy thying and took it. As you can see I have some tan colored fur on my tummy, but you can't see my spots hehe.
I knows meowmize asked the question of ideas on water bowls, and how to keep me from dumping it. Yet, I don't know how she finks it's me doing it. I know I likez to cover the foodz and anyfing else like our foodiez, but why does she finks itz me dumping the water. It could be Shamy dumping the water too. he likez moving the water container. Well I am off to tourment one of the ofhers, or maybe the woofies, hehe. - Pounce

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

1st White Angel Wednesday !

Well, Yuki and me were discussing how there's not a day of kitty group for white kitties. So we decided to try wednesday as our day. So here is anofher really nice pic-fer of me. I really likes this pic-fer, it makes me look cuter, hehe.

Ok, well meowmize has a questions furrz all the kitts and there beans. She wants to know if anyone else has kittys that like dumping there water dishes,and ofher water contaners over and dumping it?
She doesn't know whats to do with Pounce and Shamy they just dump it all the times. So if anyones has any su-gest-tions please do.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Beau-ti-full Eyes !

Look into my eyes, don't you finks they are beau-ti-ful. This is the ofher pic-fer of me that came out really nice meowmize says. It shows off my beau-ti-ful eyes.
This pic-fer was of me while I was chilling on the porchy. I took a moment from watching lizzies to take this pic-fer.
During the weekend I found out that theres no club for us totally white kitties. Now there is the Coats of Many Colors, the Tuxedo Gand, and Attack of the Tabbies, and the Ginger kitty group. Sorryz if I left anyone out. So I finks us white kitties need to get our own group together. I just wish my meowmize was better at the pu-tter thingy to get onez togetherz. Well I'm offz to watch lizzies while meowmize is home. -Snowy

Friday, October 06, 2006

Queen Snowy!

Hellwo eferyonez, Snowy here. Well meowmize finally gotz a really nice pic-fer of me and wanted to share it's with eferyonez. I even finks this is one of my best pic-fers ever! I don't normally sit still for her to take a good pic-fer of me. When she does it doesn't look right alot of timez. Meowmize finks it is because I'm all white. That and the light on the flashy box makes me looks funky.

Well we wants to send lots of kitty lovers, and snuggles to all of our furiends out there.

We would like the fanks eferyone for the purrayers for Cammie (RIP) and her family. Her meowmize Becky really appriciates it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nip & Paper

Ok, as we mentioned beforez here are some pic-fers of Taps in the NIP paper. As you can see he checked it out first, then it was off to be the paper kitty. Meowmize was ferry happy to see him playz and so were we. Considering he's 15 and doesn't like to plays with us, so we even wonderz if he still knew how. So we now know he still plays, and loves his nip as well. Taps layed in his nip paper for a vury long time, and even made it messier afterz the meowmize picked it up. Well, I am offz to lounge on our porchy. mew- Sia

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Box from Cali-for-niah!

We would likes to thank Grr, Midnight, Cocoa, and their Lady fur sending us a prizey from the contest they had.
Pounce and I had to investigate the box before our meowmize could open it. we hadz to make sure it was safe, that and it had a vurry nice smell coming out of it.

I finks I really like this toy. It smells so wonderful. I knows why, it's filled with lots of NIP!

As you can see meowmize FINALLY got a pic-fer of all of us in it. Yep, we actuall came together to see what prizey we gotz. We just luvs it all, we hads to try some of eferything, and the afterwards took a nice kitty nap. -Sia

Note from the Meowmize, they really enjoyed there organic nip, the temptations, the feather ball toys, the feather wand toy, and there delicious kitty food. We will post some more pictures of them enjoying there prize, oh and Taps playing in the packing paper.