Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brown Ribbon!

The Keep Our Pets Safe Cybermarch is on today, 4/28/07
You can join in by flying a ribbon or you can join a march across the US.

We are happiez to say our meowmize is going to ask some of her co-workers to wear brown ribbons today. This way when someone ask, why they are wearing brown ribbons they canbe informed somefing impawtant. We hopez eferyone has a wonderful weekend. We finks our meowmize is going to become even more paranoide when she buys us our foodies now.mWell happy napping eferyonez. ..Sia, Taps, Snowy, Pounce, and Shamy

Friday, April 27, 2007

Sleepy lookz!

Hi eferyonez! well, it's Friday, which means it's fashion day fur somez. Although most importantly a lot of our beans our off the next two dayz. Well the dadz will be, but he might be painting our new place. We are very acited to see it, especially our new gigantic porchie. Our meowmize is still working it out in her head where she is going to put our foodies, and our poty boxes. The garage might get the potties, but she is not sure with the garage door. She is afraid one of us might try and dart out. She is still in the planning faze in her head, hehe. We will tell you more about our place as we go.
In this pic-fer I was just woken up as well. I was givinh her the look, " you woke me up for the flashy fing?" Oh, well what can a kitty do, but look cute furz the flashy fing. Then climb on your bean and give them loviez.
Oh, Taps says he will do his five blogs that make him think Tooesday. Taps was tagged by Suz of "Sweet Sixteen".So,he has to fink about the bloggies that get him finking. That and he is really cool about not taking our posting days. We try to share with each other, but sometimes one of the girlz have a drama they need to tell youz all about. I guess that is what happenz when you have sisferz, huh.. Well we hopez youz all have a wonderful day, and a great weekendz.....Shamy
Hi to my sweet and beautiful Emily! Would you likez to come snuggles with me this weekend. That's if youz are allowed by your beans. If you can't I will understand.Purss..Shamy

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tabby Thurzdat day Dreaming!

Hi eferyonez! Well we are still playing in boxes and snoopervising the process. Well, our meowmize and the dadz got the keys to our new place last night. The dadz took our meowmize down to see it. She likes it a whole bunch. She says the kitchen is kinda small, but thats ok. She can makes it work. Oh, she even says that the porchie is like 20 timez bigger than the one we havez now. I don't finks we will know what to do with a porchy that big, hehe. I finks after we get all the boxes un packed that we might ask alll of our friends to teleport over , so we can have a porchie party.
Now to my sweet and handsome Oscar. I had a dream of youz last night. It was of us playing in a grassy field and watching birdies together. We went and got some crunchies, and had some tuna water. Then we took a a nice snuggling nappie together. - I hopes you don't minds me telling you this here. I was finking of the fun we had during the BBQ the weekend. When I fell asleep from watching our meowmize.
Umm, Chase, would youz mind if we'ze were just friends? I know I was one of your charmerz, but I really likes Oscar, and I don't wants to lose youz as a friend.
I hopes eferyonez has a wonderful day. Our meowmize is back to making micer and treatsiez money.---Pounce

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

White Wednesday!

Hi eferyonez! We hopez you all are having a wonderful week so far. We are having a blast helping meowmize pack eferyfing up. Yesterday, Sia helped snooperviser meowmize while she took the older two legged boys bed aprt. Pounce and Shamy were napping on the mattress that was leaning against the wall. i guess youz could say they were holding it ups there. Taps and me let them do all of the work. Sia and Pounce even inspected our meowmize packing skills of the crsytal, and th inside of her china cabinet. So far eferyfing is going to our kitty standards.
Some have been wondering how Taps is doing. He has been feeling better lately, and even asked furz some hamburger while meowmize was cooking it last night. I fought I saw some chicky furz him in the fridge. She still might take him the VET, but he has been eating and no more snotty or runny nose. Well, I'm off to nap before she starts packing or somefing noise. Hopoes you all have a wonderful day.
Oh, we'z are sorry that we have not ben visiting all of our kitty friends bloggs lately. As you know she is packing our place up. We hopez to go back to our regulary scheduled bloggin soon, hehehe... Snowy

Monday, April 23, 2007

Napping Meezer Monday!

Happy Meezer Monday efeveryonez! This is what I am going to do all day today. Seeing our meowmize is going to be packing todays, AGAIN! The chair I was napping in is no longer here. The dadz took it to the dumpster. Oh, well, our meowmize will make us some comfy areas at the new place to sleeps. Which we'z are very excited abouts.
Oh, Oscar we would likez to fanks youz furz having us over furz a BBQ. Shamy says, that he is very sorry that he could not make it. He had plans with his beautiful girlfrien Emily (The cat stephens). Taps was home resting due to not feeling well. I finks meowmize might be taking him to the VET, but none of us know this for sure. Pounce saysz to lokk furz her post of thurzday, ok. I want to say hi to my sweet and handsome Marley. Maybe once we moves youz and your brother an sifer can teleport over furz a visit?
Well, I'm going to go so I can get my stinky goodness, and find a safe place to take a nappie so I don't get packed. mew til next mew...Sia

Friday, April 20, 2007

Shamy's look!

(Our text is pink furz Lilly Lu)
Hi eferyonez! We hopez that you all have had a wonderful week so far. We have been playing in the boxes that our meowmize and the dadz are using to pack stuff in. It'z been a lot of fun to, hehe.
No, I wasn't mad at meowmize in this pic-fer, but I was just waking up from a nappie. This is below my snuggle cup, hehe. Oh, I want to also say hi to my sweet and beautiful Emily! sorry I have not visited you'z bloggie a lot lately.
Well, I'm going to let Pounce say a few fings. Her sisfer Pumpkin is Kat's cat of the day. May Pumpkin rest in peace...Shamy
Pounce: I would likes to fanks Auntie Kat furz posting my sisfer Pumpkin as cat of the day. Secondaly, Oscar I finks I should come and snuggles with youz. Taps, is not feeling to hot, so this way he can have quietness. So if it is ok with your meowmize can we all come over saturday furz our BBQ? We would also like to wish Lilly Lu a speedy recovery, and hopes she feelz better soon. Also, to let of friend KC, Missy, and there meowmize ML, and there dad know that we are sorry furz there loss of a wonderful, and sweet woofie Bear. We hopez eferyonez has a wonderful weekend, and gives each ofherz lotz of loviez...Pounce

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

White Wednesday tummy!

Hi eferyonez! We hopez all of youz and your beans have had a GOOD week so far. Even though that the horrible tax day was yesterday. yes, it is kind to some, but not to all. Our meowmize, likes ofhers beans was saing some not so nice words at the com-puu-ter. Oh, meowmize sayz, that we should change this subject( she still has her hair).
I guess I will talk about my cute white tummy. Once, againz I was taking a nice comfy nap when the flashy fing struck. As you can see I didn't let it bother my napping. Besides the Queen of the house has to have her beauty sleep. Well, tomorrow we will all be helping our meowmize with the packing. Besides this being a not so fun fing. our meowmize has some nasty allergies. The dust that youz find when youz is packing is very scary. She wears these funny lookinz white fings on her face. She kind looks like a doctor. Well, I'm going to goes now. I am starting to mew about anyfing and eferyfing. mew..Snowy

Meowmize is goin nutz!

Ok, we knowz this is not our normal tuxie tooesday post. Actually this is what our meowmize would likes to be doing, but in stead she is losing her mind. We'z are not sure she is doing that. As most of your beans know it is TAX DAY! Yeap, our meowmzie is tring to get the dadz stuff done, and the mean site won't let her back in. Then to top this all offz she has to strat packing us up for the movez. So she is wearing a baseball cap to keep from pulling her hairs out. Which in our opinionz would reall hurtz. So we are giving her lots of extra loverz. We hopez you all have a wonderful day. Please don't let your beanz stress to day over TAXES if they are doing the same fing as our meowmize. Oh, she sayz if we are goodz that we can have our friendz, and sweeties teleport over if they are allowed. mew til next mew...Sia

Monday, April 16, 2007

Meezer woofie Monday!

Happy Meezer Monady eferyonez! We hopez youz had a wonderful weekendz, and had lotz of luviez, foodies, and some good nip.
Well we had a quiet weekend. The dadz went looking furz a place to reant, and found a really nice house, but we don't know any morez than thta. Our meowmize and the dadz don't want to get our hopes up. I will keepz eferyones updated on this. Oh, meowmize says if she doesn't comment as much as norma, it is because she has to pack. This doesn't seem like funz, but playing in the box is. I am sure some our wondering why is she sitting next to a woofie in this pic-fer? Or why is she not wacking that woofie. The answer is, this is my woofie Mooch. Meowmize calls him goofy boy, and wacko when he acts silly. When we use to live in NC he would proteck me when I was out on my harness. There was one time, that a great big black woofie came runningz up towardz meowmize and me. My Moochie got between us, and wouldn't let the black woofie near me or meowmize. She got me in the house, and then meowmize told Moochie to take the woofie home and he did. So furz this I luvs my Moochie. I even clean his ears once in awhilez. This way he don't have to have meowmize do it as much. ( meowmize still cleans them as needed even though Sia cleans them) Well, i'm off to chill on the porchy, oh and get some stinky good-ness. mew til nezt mew....Sia
P.S. Marley I enjoyed our time together last week. Maybe we'ze can do it'z again soon. Purrs and kitty kisserz Luv, Sia

Friday, April 13, 2007

Shamy's snuggle Friday!

Hi eferyonez! It's finally the end of the week! Well for most of my kitty friends beans that is. Even the dadz has the weekends off, which is pretty cool.
Now last week when meowmize was playing with our bloggie apperace it was mentioned that my burgandy/ red color was hard to see. So I'mz tring this color out this week. Please let me knowz if this is hard to read as well.
Once again, a kitty can not sleep while the flashy fing is out. Yeap this is the before I was disturbed photo from last weeks. All this time I fought I had the perfect hidding spot, and I was all snuggled in a great napping position. I even match it! Oh, well what's a mancat to do. Well meowmize just told us that if we wants to have our friends teleport over this weekend we'z can. Seeing she will be working and the dadz wouldn't notice, hehe. So if's you can you'z a welcomed to.
Oh, my sweet Emily, I do hopez youz can. Maybe we'z can snuggles togetherz on our cat fiesta tower.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tabby Thurzday!

Ok, ok, I know we tabbies share tooesday with tuxies, torties, toes and with tummies. So I figured seeing Taps takes Tooesday I would make Thurzday my tabby day. Anyways, my meowize was asking me and Sia how our visit with oscar, and Marley went. Sorry Auntie Kat, Marley was here if youz were looking furz him. Sorry furz ratting youz out Marley! Well we had a lovely time with the mancats in our lives. They were purr-fect gental-mancats, and we just sat on the porchy snuggling and watching eferyfing going on. We hopez they can come over again soonz. oh, we had some temp-tay-shunz, and some tuna water..yummy. So we had a wonderful eveing with youz both.
Oh, our meowmize is considering starting a cafe-press account furz us. Although she's not to sure about it. So if any of your beans have one, could youz give our meowmize some in-put on your experiance with it. We would really appreciatez it. We figured we would likes to help her with buying stuffs like our temp-tayshunz and stuff.
Well I'm offs to terrorize someones now, or chase the red dot. That's if I can get meowmize to get it'z furz me. Hopez youz all have a wonderful thurzday...Pounce

Blurry White Wednesday!

Hi eferyonez! Hopez youz are all having a wonderful day. Well, it's that time of week again, furz wacky, wordless, white,wide, whisker, (worried?) Wednesday. Which means it's the middle of week for most of our beans, and the beginning of it furz some. Anyways, as youz can see I was kinda moving when meowmize took this pic-fer of me. I was being a silly girl rolling on the floor. To my sweet friend, and Taps girlfriend, we all hopez youz are doing much better today. Taps, said he would come snuggles with youz to keep youz company. Also, Conner I hopez that you gotz eferyfing a kitty could want on his birfhday.
What was that meowmize, Pounce and Sia have company coming over? Ok, I will helps you by checking to see if the porchy needs picking up. Well, I guess after thats I will take a nappie.- Snowy

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sleepy Tuxie tooesday!

Well, it's another sleepy tooesday furz me. We have some rainy clouds over us, and it makes furz the best napping weather here. Even our meowmize slept reall lates today as well. Even though Sia, and Shamy both tried waking her up. They finally gave up, and layed down with her to sleep.
My dear sweet Yuki, I do hope you are feeling much better today. I saw your update, and hopes you get to come homes today. If you would like I can come and snuggle with you later. That's if it is ok with our meowmize. Luv, yourz mancat, Taps
Well, i'm going to go now. our meowmize still has to give us our morning foodiez. Hope you all have a wonderful day.... Taps

Monday, April 09, 2007

Meezer sock Monday!

Hi eferyonez! We hopez you'z all had a wonderful Easter. We had a nice quiet one. Our meowmize had to work, and the older two legged kid had to go home. So we gots to take long easter nappies.
Anyways, this is me helping our meowmize with the socks. She really dis-likes doing them. I finks it's because of this sock monster, or somefing. I haven't ever seen the sock monster. Do any of you'z know where I might find him? This way we could have a talk with him to leave the socks alone.
Well hopes you all have a wonderful day. - Sia

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pounce's ways of achieving balance.

I was tagged by the handsome, and sweet Oscar (Humble Oscar) to list 5 ways I achieve balance in my life. As you'z can see I was sitting in meowmize furry chair finking of my answers to these questions.
Well here are my 5 reasons:

I achieve balance in my life by taking many naps, and doing sprints through the house.
B)WHAT IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN BALANCING MY LIFE: When meowmize changed our feeding times, and any other chnages to my daily routine.

C)WHAT ARE MY PRIORITIES: Napping, foodies, red laser light, and attention
D)HOW HAVE MY PRIORITIES CHANGED OVER TIME AND WHY: I want more attention and lovez, and likes the way fings are. I like my brofhers and sisferz don't like big changes in our routine.
E)WHAT ADVICE CAN I SHARE TO HELP ALL OF US BALANCE OUR OWN LIVES: Be yourself, and don't change who youz are furz anyone, unless it is furz the better. Lend a helping paw to those who need it, and be a friend above all.
Now I gets to tag 5 kitties to list 5 ways on how they achieve balance in there life. I am goinz to tag Conner Cloud, Yuki, Emily, Tara ( Princess Meezer), and any other kitty who wants to list there 5 ways of achieving balance in there life.

Sleepy White Wednesday!

Well as my to brofhers have said yesterdayz. Our meowmize went crazy with the flashy fing again. I was all comfy on the couch, and here was flashy, and there was a flashy. Oh well, what's a girl to do. You can't see it in this one but I was showing off my tummy.
Anyways, meowmize really has been playing with our bloggies colors and stuff. She even changed the title color, and the lil boxes that went around it. She says she is tring to get all of our colors on it seeing we each use different colors to post. I guess my colors don't look good, or she can't find the right shade of it. Oh, what's that meowmize" you'z can't find my color on the color choice." I guess that's ok. I like the colorfulness of it. I know the boys asked yesterday, but do youz all like what meowmize has done to our bloggie? Please feel free to let us know. Well I'm off to get some morning stinky goodness. We hopes youz all have a wonderful day.- Snowy

Monday, April 02, 2007

2 for 1 Tooesday

Hi eferyonez Taps and Shamy here! We decided to share todays post, because Shamy was tagged by his girlfriend cat Emily to list 5 reasons why he blogs. Also today is tuxie tooesday. We have not been up to much, besides chilling with our lady's on saturday. Being the gentaly-mancts that we are. We are not going to discusss the days eventz with eferyonez. I was dreaming of my beautiful Yuki. When along came my meowmize with the flashy fing. I guess I need to find a better napping spot.
Also if you'z have noticed our meowmize has been playing with our bloggie. She added the + / - Linky fing, and changed the colors. She was going to do the titel but couldn'tz find a color she liked furz it. Lets us knows what youz finks of it. She even tried adding a badge for the fuzzfamily blog, that Kat made, but couln'tz get the html code right. So she will try and get that up some ofher timez. In ofher info if youz are a member of the New Tuxedo Gang Hideout, please go welcome Abby to the group. Now it's Shamy's turn-Taps

Hi eferyonez! I was tagged by my beautiful girlfriend cat Emily to list five reasons I blog. So here is my 5 reasons.

1- I finks it is alot of fun, when I getz to do a post.
2- I gets to make lots of new friends.
3- I gets to show my girlfriend cat cute pic-fers of me.
4- I get to learn about new foodies, and toys from my blogging friends.
5- I help keep meowmize saine, by having her type my bloggie post furz me.
I don't know who has been tagged and who has not, but I will tagg these 5 kitties: Marley, Yuki, umm, can I tag my kitty family, hehe. Well if not anyone who wants to list 5 reasons they blog. Also like Taps, I was taking a nap when meowmize started taking pic-fers of me. I was all comfy in my kitty hammock having a wonderful dream as well. I guess this is what happens when youz have a bloggie, huh.

The meowmize here- has anyone else not been able to log on the cat blogosphere? Please let me know, because it could be my computer.

Meezer Monday!

It's a sexy meezer back , come on and shake that back. Your sexy meezer back!, hehe
Sorry, I just had to do that. I was bei ng a lil sassy when my meowmize took this pic-fer. So that is why it's a little fuzzy.
Well, we had a nice weekend, except meowmize allergies have kicked in bad this year. She says it would help if we got some rain, but that we might not get any for awhile. So we are tring to helps her but it's kinda hard when she sneezes. Anyways, my boyfriend cat Marley got his present that I mades furz him. I hopes he really likes it, hehe. Well I'm off to sun bath today. Oh, if anyone wants to teleport over and chill youz are more than welcomes to. mew til next mew...Sia