Friday, December 29, 2006

Taps Close Up!

Hi eferyonez! Taps here, I hopes eferyonez had a wonderful christmassie. I did and i even gots me a new foodie dish that reads " Here Kitty, Kitty". Meowmize asked the adz to get it fur me because she was sick, and then had to work so she couldn't go shopping for our christmassie stuff. So the dadz did and we gotz some really cool stuff.I finks we will be posting pic-fers later.
Oh, we even got our secret paws from Ella and Fitzgerald yesterday and we just loved eferyfing. Sia even nipped meowmize when she was tring to get efryfing together fur a pic-fer, but she apologized and had to take a pic-fer in a Santay hat, hehe. Well, I'm off to take a nap. I have to get lots of rest before my burfhday which is only a few days away, seeing it's on the 1st of January. Oh, and Sia said she would share her Meezer Monday with me too, to cel-e-bratez my burfhday. - Taps

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Snowy's Close up WW

Hi eferyonez, we hopez eferyonez has had a wonderful christmas and got eferyfings they wanted. We got lotz of stuff, like scratchy ring refills, micerz, reed dot maker, temptayshuns, YUMMy stinky goodness. Oh, Taps even got a new foodie dish. Meowmize is going to help us post some pic-fers of our christ-massie loot, and new ones of us later we hopes.
This is a close up White Wednesday, yeap I've used this pic before, but we are working on getting new ones on here.
Well we would like to wish our Grammy a Happy Burfhday! It is her burfhday today and we luvz her vurry much. From all of us kitties, and woofies. Well I'm off to take a nappie.- Snowy

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Meowy Catmas !

We would like to wish eferyonez a very Meowy Catmas.We hopez eferyonez has a safe and wonderful Holiday. With lots of hammy, turkey, or other goodies to all our kitty friends on the kitty blogosphere.

Meowmize got our catmas pic-fer from the Big Cat Rescue from here in Tampa. Here is the link to there web site. We hopes you likes it.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Pounce in a window

Hi eferyonez, we hopez you all have has a wonderful week. We have even though our meowmize got sickie, which she wasn't to thrilled about. We got most of our presentz under the tree, besides the few things that meowmize has to go buy still. She still has to get Sia, Taps, and Shamy their presentz still. She hasn't told them this at all, because it would just upset them thinking they were not good kitties this year. She even still has to get the dadz his gift, but I'll be up with her like the others helping her wrap eferyfings, hehe. Well the five of us has nominated our meowmize for the Food Lady of the Yeer. We could get the linkie badge and stuff to work right, so we will put the linkie here in our bloggie post, hehe. Here it is.

Well, I'm off to take a nap, and help Snowy get the meowmize to put some fresh foodies in our bowls. Besides I finks meowmize is going to try and get the last of her christmassie shopping done before she goes to work today. -Pounce

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snowy investigating WW

Well it's White wednesday again, plus some fun other fings to day like Wacky Wednesday, Wide Body, and Wordless.Oh, and I heard Kimo and Sabi mention about Wish List Wednesday, becuase Christ-massie is Monday. As Pounce has told eferyonez, meowmize hasn't put new pic-fers of us up yet. Anyways, this is a pic-fer of me from whenz we got our prizey from Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa. You can see Sia behind me.I was checking eferyfing out before meowmize put her hand in it, and I could smell the nip. I didn't wnats there to be any surprises for her as she pulled out the goodies. We had lots of fun with our goodiez and still play with the fever toy, the nip bag toy, and we LOVE the kitty nip. We Well, I'm off to go chill, but before I do here is our Wish List.

The Katnippia Crew's wish List:
All the homeless kitties and woofies to find their fureverhomes
Eferybean to get along in the world.=World Peace
Another kitty tower condoie fingy.
meowmize not having to work- We loves it when she is home.
Us to have our very own giant kitty sun room.
These are all far stretches, but hey us kitties can dream right, hehe. Of to lay in the sun.- Snowy

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tabby, Tummy, Tuxie Toosday

Well we couldn'tz decided which one of us should getz to post a pic-fer on our bloggie today so meowmize put both of us on. As you can tell I'm showing of my tummy a lil bit with my tabbieness, hehe. Taps is showing off his nip high and his beautiful tuxie-ness, hehe I can handle sharing a day with the old man cat, thats what meowmize calls him. Meowmize still hasn't put our new pic-fers on here yet, but she's not ready to fight with the compooter yet. I fink she might just uninstall IE7 if she's able to do that and just keep the origianl IE, but we don't knowz yet. Or she might see if she has to install or reinstall the camera program to download pic-ferz. Anywayz thats be some boring stuff fur meowmize to deal with. Well we are off to go chill in the sun (Taps), or lay on the table with the wrapping paper(Pounce). We hopez eferyonez has a wonderful day.-- Pounce and Taps
Oh, don't fourget to visit our pupskis bloggie. meowmize has to visit our pupski bloggies for them maybe tonight.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sia's Close Up!

Well here's a pic-fer that meowmize just had to sharez with everyonez. I was standing of her lapz and she took this pic-fer. As you can see the flashy fing gave me mean kitty eyes.If you look behind me you can see the dadz feet, hehe. Well, we had a very quiet weekend, well maybe not me but eferyone else did. I chased a intruder kitty away from our home. See we lives in an appartment and this kitty was tourmenting me while I was on our porchy, and the dadz saw this. So he took me out for my walk and the kitty came over, but I chased him away with my growl and stuffs. I know Princess's don't do these kind of fings. What is a girl to do if her guard won't wear a harness to do the job. Besides let her wonderful pupski Moochie out after the kitty. Anyways that kitty hasn't been back to tourment us. He's one of the many feral kitties that live here. It does make meowmize upset that so many people just don't care and leave kitties, like our friend Kiko was. Anyways, or secret paws Jake and Spot got there package. There meowmize said that they just loved their toy micerz and was playing there hearts out. We are very happiez to hear that. Well, I'm off to lay on the porchy. Have a wonderful Meezer Monday.-Sia

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pounce's letter to S.C.

Hello eferyonez! We hopez youz all had a wonderful week, and will have a wonderful weekend. Well, meowmize got our Secret Paws package out Monday, but she didn't work on getting our pic-fer fingy working on here yet. Although she did get us a baby tree, seeing our big one is in North Carolina still. It's cutez, but we can't climbz it. Well, i wrote a letter to Santay Claws as well and herez it is.

Dear Santay Claws,
I finks I have been a very good girl this year. I was very good when meowmize took me to the VET. Well maybe not 100% good, but she desirved me spraying the compooter fro sticking me TWICE and hurting me in the process. I was good for meowmize for the road trip down to Flo-rie-dah, even though we were all drugged up besides Taps. I haven't tromented Taps or the others to much, or un-rolled the toilet paper completly, hehe. So if i still make it on your good girl list could I possibly have a few fingz please. I would likes to have a laser pointer, so meowmize can play chase the light with me. I would also likes to have a new collar, that is a tough kitty looking one. Considering I am the guard of the house, besides Mooch. That is all i want this year. Fanks for taking the timez to read my letter Santay Claws. Love Pounce

Yes we do know that we haven't really asked for much this year. See meowmize bought us a really cool kitty scratcher, condoie fingy around September. So we only want some of the the wittle fings. We also purraying that all the kitties and woofies who need homes might find one soon.
Oh, don't furget to check out our woofies bloggie at Well, I havez to give meowmize the compooter. Hopez you all havez a wonderful weekend.-Pounce

Shamy's Letter to Santay Claws !

Hi eferyonez ! I finally get to do a post on our bloggie, yippy! Well this was a pic-fer of me when I was playing in NIP, wonderful nip. Mewomize doesn't give me to much of it because i get very rotten, hehe. Well I wrote a letter to Santay Claws, S.C. by Snowy.

Dear Santay Claws, ( Not the vishus deer)

I has been a good boy this year I finks. I was a good boy when we made our long road trip down to Flo-rie-dah, and when we got into our new place. I hopes that my misunderstandingz with my carrier, the seat and meowmize won't be held against me. I really dislike the big blue machine and the PTU that it made me have to go pee. I was very sorry and did apologize to meomize over this. So if I am still on your good boy list here's what I would like to have for christmassie. I would likez to have a new collar, that is nice for a guy like me. I would also likes to have some nip toys like the toy we got from Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa. Oh, also is possible could I get a new food bowl that reads Prince, if not thatz ok.Fanks for taking a moment to read my letter Santay Claws. Love Shamy

So that's the letter I wrote to Santay Claws. In ofher news meowmize told me of somefing very disturbing. It scarded me bad. She told me about a BIG Metal Monster that had vishus deer antlers on it. It was the color of a vishus deer too. I finks us central Flo-rie-dah kitties need to get together with a wathc group.
If you haven't met our pupskis yet they have a bloggie now and its at

Well I'm off to take a nappie on the porch. Hope eferyonerz has a good day.-Shamy

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snowy's WW and Letter to S.C.

Hi eferyonez,hopez you are all having a wonderful week so farz. Well it's our White Wednesday again. Meowmize hasn't put any new picfers of us on the com-pooter yet so this is an older one of me looking vury cute. As youz all notice Sia and Taps has posted their letter to Santay Claws (S.C.) so here's mine.

Dear Santay Claws, (Not the vishus deer)

I have been a very good girl this year. I was a good girl on our road trip when we moved to Flo-rie-dah, and when meowmize to me to the vet earlier this year. I have not picked on the otherz to much, and have not picked on Taps either. If possible, I would likes to have a new collar, some temp-tay-shunes, and some new scratchers for our turbo chaserz. This is all I wants fur christmassie. Oh, I know the others won't mention it, but i miss living in North carolina. I wish my meomize and the dadz knew. Fanks for reading my letter. Loves, Snowy

Ok, well thats my letter to S.C. On other info's meowmize read the Crews bloggoe after work Toosda, and she is hav-ingz issuez commenting on some bloggies as well. Oh, and our pupskies have thir own bloggie to it's at please go by and see's them. Have a wonderfulz day. Snowy

White Wednesday Kitties:
Ghost - Mia and Ghost

Monday, December 11, 2006

Tap's Letter to Santay Claws

Hi eferyonez, Taps here. As you can see meowmize was taking more pic-fers of me while I was tring to take a nappie. She though I looked vurry cutes so out came the flashy box. Wait till my grammy see's this post, hehe. I guess eferyones is posting there letter to Santay Claws. I don't really want a lot of stuff, but heres my letter.

Dear Santay Claws,

I have been a vurry good boy this year. I was a really good boy on the road trip to Flo-rie-dah when we moved here. I get along with the ofhers when they are not chasing me (Pounce-Sia) i won't name names. If possible I finks I would like to have a new foodie dish, becasue my mean woofie roomamte Shania has broken 3 of mine. Oh, and maybe a new bed, maybe one the ofhers won't want to lay in. Like the cavey one made me when she came down to visit the dadz in March. Fank you Santay Claws for reading my letter. Love Taps - The old Man of the house.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sia's Letter to Santay Claws

Ok, well my post is doing two fings. One is my pic-fer for meezer monday, and the ofher is my list for Santay Claws. We hopez eferyonez had a wonderful weekendz. Here'z the letter I wrote to Santay Claws with meowmize help.

Dear Santay Claws, ( Not the vishous deer)

I don't really want a lotz for christmassie. I do finks i was a good gilr this year. I was really good for meowmize on our road trip down to Flo-ri-dah, and when I went to the VET. Here's the few fings I would likes to have please. I would likez to have a new collar with a matching harness and leash. I would also likez to have some new micerz toys, and a new foodie bowl that reads Princess if I could as well. fank you Santay Claws for taking the time to read my letter. Love, Siamia (aka)- Sia

Oh, meowmize helped with this test. we found it on Dragonheart's Bloggie.

Your Elf Name Is...
Candy Cartwheels

Friday, December 08, 2006

Pounce's announcement !

Hi eferyonez ! We hopez eferyonez has had a good week this week. Well, meowmize finally got our woofies a blog of their own. Here is their linky . So if any of you kitties have woofies that want to say hi please do. Oh, their a reason their bloggie is titles naughty and nice, hehe. Anyways, meowmize has not worked on getting our pic-fers to down load yet. She promises to work on that Monday when she is off next. yesh you would have thought she would have done that for us sooner, but nope.

Meowmize: Pounce I'm sorry I didn't work on that my two days off. I promise to work on that Monday ok.

Ok meowmize, we'll forgive you. Oh, did you get our secrets paws present yet?

Yes, Pounce I did. I will get it in the mail probably Monday.

Ok, well I finks thats eferythings. So we hopes eferyonez has a wonderful weekend. Oh yeah, we are going to post our list for Santay Claws next week. -Pounce

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another White Wednesday Tummy

Hi eferyonez, Snowy here. Well it's White Wednesday again, plus Wacky Wednesday that Kimo & Sabi started up, and Wordless Wednesday.So today should be pretty interesting, huh. So here's another tummy shot of my white tummmy.
Well our meowmize has not been able to try and get her camera to download yet. Yesterday was a long day with out her. I don't fink any of us like it, but she brings home the stinky goodness, and the micerz. So I guess we will learn to deal with herz working long shiftz. We saw that some of our fellow kitty bloggerz were putting up their Christamas list for Santy Claws. So have decided that next week we would post ourz for Santy Claws to see.
Well, I'm off to take a nappy, or watch some lizzies sun them selfs on our screen porchy. - Snowy

White Wednesday Kittie:
Yuki - Kazoku Neko
Ghost - Mia & Ghost

Monday, December 04, 2006

Relaxing in the sun

Hi eferyonez, Sia here. Well we hopez eferyonez had a wonderful weekend. We had a kinda quiet one, with the drama of Pounce escaping, and me not wanting to eat because meowmize was working late. Meowmize is working on a plan to rememdy both issues. Well meowmize has the woofie blog up, but now she can't get any pic-fers to down load from the camera since the up grade to En-ter-netz 7 Ex-plour-er. So she has to work on that a lil today if her head ache goes away. Thats why our bloggie is late posting today. Oh meowmize was wantingz to ask if someone could tell her how to add the ( Wookie Links: ) so she can sepaprate any woofie links we mightz put upz. Well, off to chill on the porchy or maybe walk outside on my harness. Have a meowy good dayz eferyonez. - Sia

Friday, December 01, 2006

Thoughtful Sia

Hi eferyonez, Sia here. We hopez eferyones has had a wonderful week. I was sitting inthe window the ofher day, and I was finking about asking our meowmize to start a bloggie up for our woofies. I asked her about it and she said we couldz, but did I fink Mooch and the bad woofie Shania wantz one. I asked Moochie and he said it would be fun, Shania was just being annoying as usual. So meowmize is going to be working on getting a name up for there bloggie. I finks I will mention her making up there own profile info and all. It will be bad enough we have to share our blogging time, but we havez to draw the linez some where right? Well, we hope eferyonez has a wonderful weekend. Well I'm off to chill and get the meowmize to bed. - Sia