Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wild and Frisky Wednesday!

Woohoo.. I gets to post on our bloggie, hehe. Sia was napping in front of the fire and she said I could do our bloggie. As youz can see I luvz a nip filled mousie with a feaver butt. Thispic-fer was taken when I was visitingz grand meowmize back in Novemberz. My brofher and me were going to livez with her but her woofie Baby chased us to much. So we are back with our meowmize. Speaking of which we have a slight kitty issue going on herez. Youz see my brofer Tj is the biggest of us all and likes to pounce and whap eferyonez, which causes a bunch of problems. Some of the family finks it isx because she is pregnante with our baby bean sisfer that we nare being naughty. We were very naughty the first nite she was gone bisiting our grand meowmzie. So if youz has any advice that might helps us we would appreciates hearing from youz. Oh, i fur gots we had not told youz our furindz that we are having a lil girl bean. We are very excited abouts this. Well... I'm offs to naps in front of the wood stove as well. Purrs and snuggles...Precious

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Happy St.Patrick's Day! We hopes all of our kitty friends are enjoying some fresh nip, and nip-tinis. We are enjoying the pretty weather seeing meowmize has the front door open to the porchie. Tj on the other hand is being naughty like normal. Mewing of which, this pic was taken during the summer. ASss you can see he has grown up to be a big younge mancat. Meowmize says he is heavy and solid as well,. Even though he turns to a slight slinkie cat when she picks him up. Well, i'm off to chill on the porchie and watch our birdies while enjoying a nice nip tea.
Oops, I almost furgotz to mew that meowmize is doing pawsome. The baby beans heartbeat was nice and strong when the doc checked. Although her and a of others meowmize to be had to exit the building due to the fire alarm going off. So she had a very exciting morning. Now that definetly deserves a nap after my nip tea. Til next mew..Sia

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A rainy Saturday!

Hi eferyonez! Well I guess we need to work on our blogging schedule some more. Yesh, it would have been two months next saturday. I guess this is what happens when you have a baby bean on the way.Any mew... we are all doing purr-fectly great. Today the weather beans say we have a 90 percent chance of rain, and I thinkz we just may get that. As you can see it was a very beautiful day when meowmize took this pic of Shamy. I finks he was day dreaming of his sweetie Emily. I know those of us that have sweeties have been thinking of themz alot. I finks i will have to sharpen my meezer claws of doom, in order to get more bloggie time. As fur mews on our meowmzie she is doing great, and is getting a 3-d ultrasound done the 18th. The dadz and her want to make sure they are having a lil girl bean. Well, mainly the dadz, meowmize feels that they are having a girl. I'm sure we all know how dadz can be about these thingz. We will hopefully have some new pics put on meowmize computer by our next bloggie post which will be hopefully next week. Although youz may not want to wager any temptayshunz on that. Well till next mew , and happy napping.....Siamia
Oh, We would like to fanks Kc and MBE and family fur the award we gots from them awhile ago, we hope to have it up by next bloggie post.