Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tabby kitten bean tuesday

Hello every kitties! We would like to fanks you for the info on publishing a story our meowmize wrote. She is going to be looking into the sites that were suggested. as fur us we are in the daily routen of running from the two legged kitten bean. She is getting a lil better each day about us, but we just may be getting use to her chasing us. Although our brofher Aladdin is in the house. He pooped on our kitten beans bed this morning. Meowmzie told him he does anything else like that again that she will have to find him a new homez. I wouldn't even do something like that to our kitten bean. She has even pulled my furs and tails mores than I care to have done. Well... I'm off to birdie watch and chase my sisfer Snowy around the house. Purrss....Pounce

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sia's kitten bean ramble

Hello fur-riendz! Well... we are having fun playing stay out of reach of the two legged kitten day again. Although today our woofies are involded in the chase, hehe. We kitties prefer her to chase after them than us. Our meowmize does a really good job at stopping her. Yet....there are timez that she does it while meowmize is busy. So we kitties take advantage of her nap time. I don;t normally mind her but she has been chasing me and trying to grab my tail alot lately. Just last night she had me by the tail and meowmize safed me. She told our kitten bean that it was not nice to do that to me. That I could have scratched her and then the dadz would have gotten mad at me. Boy....the fings we kittes have to go through. hey... if any of youz experianced kitties have any advice on how to handle kitten beans please let us know. Meowmize is kinda out of ideaz and she doesn't want the dadz to get mad us. Considering our kitten bean has been scratched a few times and still goes fur us. Any micezzz....that the excitement in our house. Oh.....our meowmize was wondering if any of our kitty friends would know how she could try and publish a lil kitten bean story she wrote. It's nothing to big. Fanks a bunch ..and heres to a purry beautiful day. Until next mew...Siamia

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chillin Thursday!

Hello to our kitty friends! We are having a relaxing kinda Thursday. Our two legged kitten is STILL napping. Our meowmize is helping us with our bloggie and loaded some new pics up on the com-pue-ter fur us. It's nice to have some quiet time with out the possiblity of being chased by the two legged kitten. meowmize is working on getting her to be nice to us. We'z guess it's going to take some time furz her to learn these fings. Well we'z are off furz now.. the two legged kitten bean is up and running around.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Our new brofher!

Hello everyonez! Well we finally got a picfer of our new brofher Aladdin. He has been with us since December and evenz got to chill with Shamy our angel brofher. Ourmeowmize and the dadz call him Fat Cat, and sometimes Garfield. He is a very chilled and relaxed, lazy brofher. He is also very lovey to our meowmize and the dadz. Our meowmize told me'z that she is going to try and help me blog furz us more.Hoepfully our legged kitten bean will let hers, hehe. She is getting better about being nice to us and not pulling our furz. Well... our baby bean is getting into somethingz she should not be so... we haz to get our furry bottoms up and go. We hope to mew to you tomorrow...Siamia