Friday, August 27, 2010

Sia's kitten bean ramble

Hello fur-riendz! Well... we are having fun playing stay out of reach of the two legged kitten day again. Although today our woofies are involded in the chase, hehe. We kitties prefer her to chase after them than us. Our meowmize does a really good job at stopping her. Yet....there are timez that she does it while meowmize is busy. So we kitties take advantage of her nap time. I don;t normally mind her but she has been chasing me and trying to grab my tail alot lately. Just last night she had me by the tail and meowmize safed me. She told our kitten bean that it was not nice to do that to me. That I could have scratched her and then the dadz would have gotten mad at me. Boy....the fings we kittes have to go through. hey... if any of youz experianced kitties have any advice on how to handle kitten beans please let us know. Meowmize is kinda out of ideaz and she doesn't want the dadz to get mad us. Considering our kitten bean has been scratched a few times and still goes fur us. Any micezzz....that the excitement in our house. Oh.....our meowmize was wondering if any of our kitty friends would know how she could try and publish a lil kitten bean story she wrote. It's nothing to big. Fanks a bunch ..and heres to a purry beautiful day. Until next mew...Siamia


KC said...

I don't know abouts publishing, but I put a note up on the CB to see iffen anyone had ideas.
You's looking good.
Love & Purrs,

The Lee County Clowder said...

We're not experts, by any means, but here's our take. First off, it depends a little what, perzackly, you are trying to do.

You could google 'publish on demand' to get some general information on self-publishing. Just remember that some, probably most, of those companies make their money from the author, not book sales, and some are not bashfull about reaching into your bank balance. (they used to be called 'vanity press' for what are pretty obvious reasons) These two links seem reasonable after a quick glance through them.

Who did the publishing for the CB books? Maybe they could help their meowmize.

Good luck.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Where does she want to get it published? There is Writer's Market which might show her some markets that would work for her. Or there are places online that print stories. You can look around and see what you find. Good luck on those!

Max said... long is the story? There are lots of options for publishing now, especially book length stuff, but short stuff is really difficult.

The Woman owns a tiny tiny publishing company (we did the We Are The Kitty books and mine, too) and can do a small book or a big book...but for an indy writer right now the $$ seems to be in e-books. Seriously, my e-books right now are outselling my print books about 300 to 1. And an e-book is something you can do yourself, publishing to Amazon's Kindle and also to Smashwords. And rigt now for book length, using Amazon's Createspace is just good that the Woman is thinking about switching Inkblot Books printing to them.

If you want to go the traditional route, and are trying to get your story published in a magazine, you gotta learn about query letters and submission format and standards...and get the most current copy of Writer's Digest so you know what each and every magazine's requirements are. Some will take an unsolicited manuscript, but a lot won't. Those that won't, the query letter has to be realllly good so that the ask to see the story.

If you want to go the indy route, it's no longer necessary to pay for POD...not with Createspace out there. Or even Inkblot...we don't have the best distribution, but we can get books into online stores...

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

We've been looking at and their Createspace just like Max said. The good thing about Amazon is that you don't have to order a whole bunch of copies. They print the books as they're ordered.

Good luck getting your book printed.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Some comparisons between Createspace, Lulu and some others that might be of interest, especially if you are doing book length. Note that some are a couple years old, so details in there might not be true anymore.