Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where are you?

Hi eferyonez, Precious here. We are all doing good and our kitten bean is getting bigger each day.
We do have some sad news to reportz though. Our dadz had a friend kitty sitting my brofher at the end of our meowmize pregnancy. He was being a naughty lil boy. Well the guy who will remain nameless says that he wouldn't come out around him. When meowmize tryed a number of timez to get him back he always had a reason why she couldn't go and get my brfher. Then in June shortly after our baby bean kitten was born he went missing. He didn't tell our meowmize or the dadz until the 8th or somewherez aroundz that. Our meowmzie is very upset with this dude. In fact he is in th kitty litter pile. Which is a pretty low and nasty pile to be in if youz ask me'z. He even has a new kitty and all he could say to our dadz is "Sorry" about my brofhers. Our meowmzie did go by the Shealter here and listed my brofher as missing and he was listed in both the news papers here. So we are keeping our paws and whiskers crossed that he found a new and wonderful home, or he has become a wild and free neutured boy that is living off of the land. If that's the cause on either we hope he is having a fantastic and fun adventures. He will always be in our hearts and mind. We loves you my wild and loving brofher. Luvz...Precious