Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sia's rambling!

We would like to thank all of our furriends for the kind and thoughtful comments when we lost our brofher Shamy. Our meowmize found this picfer of him just today.

We have another brofher who's name is Alladine. He came to live with us in December and is fitting in wellz. He is a lot of fun to chase and pick on, hehe. Our meowmize didn't post anyfing abouts him because she wasn't sure if we would except him. She calls him Garfiled because he is fat like him, hehe. Now our baby kitten bean loves us all, but her love'ez hurts. She doesn't mean to but she likes to pull the tail and the furz. Our meowmize and the dadz are trying to teach her how to pet us. I know she will get it soon. Now Pounce has been mean to her and has scratched her twice on her lil cheeks. She got introubles with the dadz and meowmize and they just told her that our kitten bean doesn't mean to hurts her. when she see's the kitten bean she just gets up and moves. Now the other day I wapped our kitten bean on the arm....she was pulling my beautiful meezer tail. I didn't really hurts her...but meowmzie told me that I shouldn't do that and I accidently nicked her with my razor claws. I have since then let her pet(tap) me and we have made up. Well....I has to get going the meowmizwe needs to make our kitten bean somethings to eat. We hopes to start bloggin more....with some new pic-fers of us all. Maybe we will take one with our kitten bean so we can post a pic-fer of her with us. Till then happy mouse-ie hunting and enjoy some treatsies and some nip, hehe......Siamia