Friday, December 28, 2007

Tuxie Friday!

Well, it is Friday and our meowmzie is home. She got back from Ten-nes-seeee last night. Our dadz went to pic her up from the AIR-port. We are all very happy that she is back home.
Anyways... furgive us fur being late on Fanking our Secret Paws.
We the Katnippia boys would luvs to Fank Miz Allie cat for our secret paws. We will posting picks next week.
The Katnippia Girls would like to Fank Mu Shue Pooh King fur there Secret Paws. Which they will hopefully post pic-fers next week as well.
Well.. I'm going to get going.. it's time fur our stinky goodbess. Oh, by the way both Sia an dme helped meowmzie pack fur her trip, hehe. Hi my beautiful Yuki....Taps

Monday, December 24, 2007

Meowy Christmassie!

Merry Christ-massie from the Katnippia Crew-Taps,Snowy,Sia,Pounce,Shamy,Precious, and TJ
Oh..and our Woofie, and the meowmize.
MySpace Comments - Merry Christmas
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MySpace Comments - Merry Christmas
MySpace Layouts - Merry Christmas
Free Comments & Graphics

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Meezer Monday

Hi eferyonez, Siamia here. I asked my mewomzie this morning if she could help me with this post even though she is in Tennessee visitng our grandmeowmize, and the grand-dadz. We are sorry that we have not visited our furriendz much lately. With it being the holiday season and all, adn with meowmize working a bunch like normal. We do promise to post our secret paws pic-fers as soon as our meowmize gets back. With that being said we do hope the kitties we sent the secret paws to enjoyed what we gotz them. Well...I have to runz now.. I need to find a comfy place to nap till meowmzie gets home. We would also likes to wish all of our Furriendz a very, very
Meowy Christmassie
Purrss, and snuggles..Siamia, Taps, Snowy, Pounce, Shamy, Precious, and TJ

Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Meezer Monday....Go Bucs!

Happy Meezer Monday eferyonez! Well, it was a quiet weekend for us. our meowmzie and the dadz went and watched out football team play in person. They had a lot of fun. the got to witness the first ever kick return in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers history. They have never had one as long as they have been around. I would like to apologize to our friends who our Atlanta Falcon fans though. Anyways, i have to make this short our meowmzie has to get up early fur a doctor appointment. auntie Kat and Shirley, meowmzie says youz know which appointment this is. Oh auntie Shirley could youz email mail us your snail mail addressy please. Ok, well off to go sleep and snuggles with meowmzie. Purrss..Siamia
Marley......i can't wait to see'z youz, so we can play and snuggles together. maybe we can hunt some lizzies together.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tj's Tuxie Furday!

Hi eferyonez! This is Tj here with a Furday Tuxie post, hehe. We are tring to get meowmzie back on a posting schedule which should be a lots of funz to do.Considering next week is going to be very busy fur herz. she is going to be bisitng our grandmeowmzie fur chris-mousie this year. I finks she is going to put our kitty stocking and woofie stockings up. We don't have a tree because my sisfer and me would climb it or knock it down...sooo maybe next year right.
I have been doing fine since i had my hoo-haa-ectomy, I didn't like meowmzie having to leave me but she was the one who came and got me from there. I had her leave my PTU door open, and I would walk back and forth to her and it. She even put her hand in next to me so I could nap as she drove. Well I'm going to get goingz meowmzie still has to feed us our stinkie goodness. PURRRRRssss..TJ
We are sending lots of kitty purrayers and guideing purrs out to help JR Man find his way home to hiss meowmize . His meowmzie is worried sick about him, and misses him very much. So please send a purayer out that he finds his way home safely. mew..Siamia

Monday, December 10, 2007

Snuggly Meezer Monday!

Hi eferyonez, and Happy Meezer Monday! Well, we'z had a very lazy weekend. Our meowmzie and the dadz went out on the motor bike, and had some fun.
I just have to get her to finish buying our secret paws stuff. She promises that it will be out before the 21st.
Well, I gots to go.. I have'z to get meowmzie to give us our stinky goodness before she leaves to bean stuff in the big blue metal monster.
P.S. Hi my sweet and handsome mancat. marley do youz wants to come and snuggles with me'z this weekend?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Confession Friday!

Well, I guess i have been a bad boy. I haven't be able to tells efryonez what I did last Friday nightz. I escaped and was out side fur a while. My meowmzie got home around 1:30 am after work, and was giving nightly treats. she noticed that I was ot around so startedz to lookz eferywehrez fur me. Then my sisfer Sia let out a really loud yell, and meowmzie knew I was out side. i was very scared(yes mancats do get scared), and run from herz. She had caught me after a lil bribbing but when the dadz walked towards me i turned in to Taz ( like the looney tunes) and scratched my meowmize bad. I ran around the empyt house and hid in the front bushes. after a lil bit i darted by meowmize, and she followed me. She tossed treats to me, and then I finally went back up to her. She scruffed me and then carried me in. So now I have to jingley bells on my collar. They are like the onez they make chris-mass-ie ear rings with. So now they can hear me eferywear. I do not advise going ourside with out your beans being with youz. Well off to get some temp-tay-shunz. Purrss..Shamy confession

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tabby Thurzday-photo-less

Well, it's Tabby Thurzday fur me'z and once again DPB will not let me post a pic-fer.
Our lil brofher TJ is doing good, he is a lil sore...but happy.
Meowmzie even got him and Precious a collar with bells. Well i have'z to go so I can get my stinky goodness.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snowy's White Wednesday!

Yeah!!!!!! I get to post today.Meowmzie got up really early to take TJ fur his Hoo-haa-ectomy. Yeap she thought it was next week, but...Nope it was this morning.
I do hope all our kitty friendz where it is snowing are all nice and warm and snuggled up. We will be finking a purring fur all the outside kitties, and hope they say safe and warm.
Conner..if youz wants youz can come and snuggles with me today.
Well, I'm off to get our stinkygoodness.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuxie Toozday with Precious!

Hi eferyonez, Precious here. Sia says that she wouldn't feel so bad fur not posting yesterday if I got to post today. Our meowmzie had to go back to the bean dentist to get the fur-eve crown put on. I don't see a crown on meowmzie teeth. hmm... I wonder what kind of crown it is? I tried to find it on the in-tur-netz...but I just found my self looking at bloggies, oh well. My brofher goes to get his Hoo-ha-ectomy the 14th of this month. I finks this is good news seeing meowmzie came home all happy about it. She said that the next thing would be fur me'z to get my lady-gardne-ectomy, umm I'm not to sure as to what that is...but ok. Well...i haves to go and chase some buggies, and hunt lizzies on the porchie with my big sis Sia.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pounce's Ramblings

Well, today is Thurzday, and I normal put my cute tabby pic-fer up, but DPB has struck once again. Soo.... I guess this will have to do'z. So how many of you'z kitties out there wathced the lighting of the Rockafeller tree last night? Some of us sat with our meowmize or around her and watched it. That was a very purrty and bright tree, and just fink they light it by using tiny lil LED lights that gets the energy from the sun. I finks it would be cools to take a lil road trip to go see the big tree in person. Tj, finks it would be an Pawsome tree to climb in. Please don't mind me'z today... it is a lil gloomy here, and my meowmzie has to go to work. Well.. i havez to go fur now. Purrss...Pounce

Monday, November 26, 2007

Double Tuxie Toozday!

Taps: Hi eferyonez! We hopez youz had a good Monday. We chilled on the porchie today whie Sia and Marley spent time together.
TJ: Hey Taps, what is a hoo-haa-ectomy?
Taps: Umm.. why do you ask?
TJ: Because our meowmize keeps saying that she needs to get me in for one.
Taps: I think it's because you are 5 months old now, and you are growing up into a young mancat.
TJ: Is a hoo-haa-ectomy a bad thng?
Taps: Lets just say you won't miss what she is talking about, hehe
TJ: ok....I guess you would know seeing you are the oldest of us all. Thanks Taps for the info.
Taps: Not a problem TJ. Anything else you want to know?
TJ: Nope..just that. I guess i will go play now.
Taps: Ok.. well I'm going to take a nap then.
Update by TJ: I'm Kat's Cat of the day, yippy

Naughty Meezer Monday

Happy meezer Monday to youz all. We hopez youz all had a wonderful weekend, we had a quiet one like normal. Except somekitty, or kitties were naughty ones and peed on the older two legged kids dirty clothes. I have no idea who that was. He didn't seem to upset by it. Anyways, I haves to get all of our toys together, because my sweet mancat Marley is coming overz today. Lets see.. I will want the micer, umm...a snuggle spot...some crunchies (Iams Multi cat)..water of course, maybe I will meowmize break out the tuna juice. Ok, well I haves to go so i can get it all togatherz. Purrs..Siamia

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tabby Friday!

Hi eferyonez! We hopez all of our furiendz had a wonderful fanksgiving day. We had a quiet one, seeing our meowmzie had to work part of it. They went some where and had turkey, and didn't get us any. Oh, well... I finks theres some turkey in the fridge..hehehe.... Well.. I have to lwt meowmzie go..she is a lil tired and getting a headache..i don't know what that is but, she needs to rest.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gooble Gooble
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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our kitty friends, and there beans. We'z hopez youz all have a pawsome turkey day, and get some, hehe. From all of us the Katnippia Crew, and beans.....

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tuxie Video toozday

Hi efryonez, Precious here. This is a video that meowmize took when was a lil smaller. If you'z notice I have some markings that my meowmzie finks looks like action motion mickey mouse ears. So I was wondering what youz all thought. Oh youz will also hear my meowmzie talking in the video. Well, I have to go and find a comfy napping spot now.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Meezer Monday

Hi eferyonez, well I hopez youz all had a wonderful weeken. We had a kinda quiet one, hehe. Our meowmzie spent some time on the computer tring to change our background but the one she wanted was going to delet out sidebar stuff and well...thatt just wouldn't work. So she said that she would work on it later. So here is one of my new pic-fers that was taken of me I finks last week. I finks we might have a tuxie movie Toozday, if meowmize rememberz to do the bloggie furz us. Well, i'm's going to go'z hunt a lizzie or wap a toy micerz. Purzz...Siamia

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tabby Thurzday!

Well it's Thurzday...which means meowmzie goes back to work to make moniez fur our stinky goodness. She went to the dentist yesterday, and was gone fur a long time and came home with her jaw hurting. She says it'z because she had to get a crown prep, and her teethz cleaned. I didn't know that our meowmzie's and the dad beans had to get that done too. I finks she will be fine though, we will give her extra lovez.
As youz can see I was one of three girlz that helped our meowmize do our pumpkinz furz halloween. She did one goofy looking face and one was of a kitty face. She drew them onz before she cut them outs, We finkz she did a purr-fect jobbiez at it. Oh, we have new pics of precious and TJ (aka Demon) so youz can all see'z how bigs they are getting. Meowmzie still has not gotten a good one of Precious mickey mous-ish spots though, maybe very soon. Well, off to nap..Purrss Pounce

Monday, November 12, 2007

Meezer Monday!

Happy meezer Monday to youz all. I hopez youz all had a cat-tast-ic weekend. We did and oour meowmize says shez not ready to go to work tomorrow. oh, well someonez has to get us our goodiez, hehe.
Ok, I has a questionz furz you all. Do any of youz have a sibling or quilty of it youz self...... Have to wake your bean up and make Bisquets on there face? I only ask because TJ has to do this to MY meowmize as she is tring to go to sleeps and in the middle of the night. Atleast when I wakes her upz I get my lovez and leaves her alone. So let us knowz, ok. Well... I have to get my stinky goodness now. Hopez youz all have a purr-fect day.Mew till next mew..Siamia
P.S Hi my sweet and handsome Marley!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tabby Thurzday

Hi eferyonez! We hopez all of our kitty friendz are doing well. We have been enjoying the coler weather that we have gotten here in Flo-ree-dah lately. Our meowmzie has had the windows openz fur us too. It has been very nice and purr-fect sprint around the house weather. Our meowmzie made a turkey last night, and I finks we'z are going to get some of it in the morning. Yeap, she knowz fanksgiving is on the 22nd, but she has to work. As youz can see by my OLD pic-fer it soundz very yummiez. This one was taken of me when we lived in North Carolina still. I miss having the windows open almost all the timez. I wonderz if we will even have that again? A kitty can dream right? Well, I know atleast 3 ofhers that do. Taps could care less and the two lil onez don't know any better.The only bad part is the car ride in the PTU's. I wonder if the meowmzie could rig us up a giant play area in the back, if we did ever goes back. Well, timez to let the meowmize go t bed, seeing she has to work all day and night. Purrss..Pounce
P.S. Please vote on our poll. youz can select more than one answer if need be.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dona Nobis Pacem

Let there be peace eferywhere! From the Katnippia Crew..Taps, Snowy, Sia, Pounce, Shamy, Precious, and TJ.
We would also likes to say Happy Anniversary to ourz meowmize and the dadz.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Toosday Meezer Report!

Hi eferyonez, we hopes youz had a wonderful weekend and a pawsome meezer monday. Our meowmize and the dadz went to Epcot to celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary. It's actually tomorrow, but the meowmzie has to work a double today and aone the day after sooooooo....they went this past weekend. Thay had alot of fun and didn't even bring us anyfing from there. Although they did get us two cans of pink salmon, and a can of sardines inspring water. I wonder when we are going to get those? The dadz got our meowmzie a doll that was made in Germany, and she got his a really cool watch (NOt from EPCOT) Yet, even though they got us some goodies I was not thrilled at being left home with Uncle S. I would have much rather been with my meowmzie and the dadz. Oh, well I guess i can't goes everywheres right? Oh, we are going to do a poll on somefing. The dadz says that our meowmzie is the only one that does free feeding, wet in the morning, and gives treats, we don't finks she is. So we are going to do a poll and find outs, ok. Mew till next mew...Sia

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Shamy napping!

HI eferycat! Well, we had a fun and safe Halloween. Our meowmzie gave out a bnch of candy in no timez here, and aroundz 60 bags of pocornz too. She thought it would be neat to give them popcorn to. A bunch of the kid beans were like all happy furz it. You would have thoughtz she was handing out nip to us kitties, hehe. My sweet Emily I am vury happiez that i was able to snuggles with youz last nite, and keep youz safe from scary fings. Well, I has to go the meowmzie has to get ready to work fur the papers to pay fur our stinky goodness and temptayshunz. Purrs......Shamy

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

White Wednesday!

Hi eferyonez, it is good to be back. First of all I would like to say HI, to my sweet Conner. I have missed snuggling with youz. Maybe youz could comes nuggles with me later tonight. Our meowmize is going to hand out some cansies tonight, and hopefully not spooky monsters get in the house while she is doing that. oh, she is even going to see a bean dentist today. I don't finks that is going to be a lot of funz at all. Well, I needs to let her go to bed now, she has to get up earlie. Yeap we are doing this before she goes to sleep, hehe.
I hopes youz all have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Taps and Shania snuggling?

Hi eferyonez, Taps here. What canz i sayz, I was sleeping and the big fluffy woofie Shania got on the couch with me'z. The dadz saw it and took the pic-fer. The lil stinker TJ got one of him taken with Mooch I finks. Anyways, my sweet Yuki do you finks your meowmize would mind me coming and snuggling with youz tomorrow evening? I do miss snuggling with youz. Also please tell your meowmize "Hi" fur our meowmize. They stay so busy all of the timez. Also ummm.. Shamy wanted me to tell Miss Emily, that he would lovez to come snuggles with youz sometime soon. I finks we might have to do somefing special furz our sweetiez to make up furz not being around to much. Well, i'm off to nap up a gurreat idea, and dream of my beautiful Yuki...Taps

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Meezer Lizzie Hunting Monday!

Hi Eferyonez! We finally gotz our meowmzie to redo our linkie list. If we furgots anyones pleaze letz us know. Oh she is also going to try and make it with the (+/-) fingie. We also have some new pic-fers coming very soon. She has to make room on the com-poo-ter before she adds any more to it'z. Anywayz....... We have been doing well even though the meowmize has been very busy lately. I hvae been doing alot of lizzie hunting on our porchie. Which is what I am doing in this pic-fer. There was one above my head, but he was being shy of the flashy box. Daisy do you finks the lizzies here are named George as well. I never get to find out there name. My meowmize finks they have all told each ofherz to stay away from our house, because they are not visiting us as much any morez? I don't know why this is. my meowmzie made me a lil spider webbed cape and vail, but I didn't feel like taking my pic-fer in it...sooooooo....... I guess I will have to save it fur next year. Well, I needz to get goingz it is gettingz late. Mew til next mew..Sia

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Miza makes demands! is "I" Miza! I have taken over Snowy's white wednesday post.... to inform youz of the meowmize lack of helping us post. I have once again come back for yet another visit. She has been toooooo... busy due to work. We kitties want our blogging time, and our linkie list back up. Further more I would like to have Sia (My true-self) have a pic-fer taken of her fur the Halloween costume contest. Further more a rule set down in this house as to where my nightly sleeping spot is. I do not like to share your feet and ankles with anyone, that is my spot. Also i would like more timez outside so I can improve my hunting skills. That is all furz now.. hmmmm.. what did i tell meowmize to write....oh, no Miza was back. Well.. I like what she mewed.. so I guess I will let it stay. So what do youz all fink.. does this all sound like a fare demands of my meowmize? ...Sia/Miza

Friday, October 12, 2007

Shamy..get in trouble?

Hi eferyonez! I getz to do a post today. I have missed out for a few weekz as well. I finks Snowy might start a petition furz us, and getting our meowmize helping us on a normal bloggie schedule. This ia cute pic-fer of me laying in the top of the closet. Which the dadz didn't really want us in, but I knowz how to open the sliding doors, hehe. Any-micerz......I was a naughty boy this morning. I jumped up on my meowmize corner shelf fingie. It has a vase that looks just likes Taps on top. I didn't breaks anyfing, but I don't like it when my meowmize has to scold me. She gave me a huggerz, and a kiss on the head and said she loved me though. Then told me she didn't want me to get hurtz or break anyfing. Which means I don't finks I will be getting up there anytimez soon. She even opened the windows furz a lil bit this morning, butliving here in flo-rie-dah means until it really cools off we don't get open windows to often. I finkz she said we might get them tonight. She just has to get the dadz to agree to it. Anywayz...... I would likez to say hi to my sweet Emily! I do miss snugglingz with youz my sweet. Oh, meowmize says she is going to TRY and redo our link list again. she just has to figure out how to add the (+/-) fingie with the new layout. Well, I'm off to go snuggle some where and take a nice nap. Purrs....Shamy

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tabby Thurzday!

Hi eferyonez! It'z been a long timez not posting. I have been busy with the two lil stinkerz, and with our meowmize being busy all the time latelyz. I'm surprised Sia has been able to post on Meezer Monday. Otherz than thatz we have just been chillin in the house and on the porchie, while the meowmzie and the dadz and the Uncle does stuffz aroundz here. Yet, we wish we could have the meowmzie around morez than what she is sometimez. althoughz we knowz she has to workz to make the moneyz furz the stinky goodness and micerz. Hey speaking of micerz... I finkz we needz some new onez! Well, gotz to's past or stink goodness timez and I'm hungriez....Pounce

Monday, October 08, 2007

Meezer Monday

Hi eferyonez! It has been another busy week here fur us....well maybe furz our meowmzie, hehe. I have to get herz to fix our linkie list and to put new pic-fers of us on here. The two lil stinkerz Precious and TJ are getting bigger. Yeap.. they are still with us. Meowmzie has not been able to find them a home yet. I finkz they might end up staying with us. Since my last post post I'z has not been upz to much, besides napping, chillin on the porchie, and my favoritz lizzie hunting. Just last night I got out and caught a lizzie. Being the great huntress I am'z I didn't let my game go to waste. For that part my meowmzie is proud of me. Her fing is if youz go outz and kill it'z willingly then youz should eatz it all up. Well the partz youz can atleast. Besides I don't finkz she would let me stuff my lizzie. Maybe I can get a stuff lizzie toy, hmmmm.... Well, I has to be going so I can get my stinkie goodness. Mew till next mew..Sia
Hi Marley!, I miss youz......
P.S. If I have offended youz in my post today, I am'z very sorry. It is just our meowmize and minez believe.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Meezer Monday!

Hi eferyonez! Sorry we have not posted furz awhile AGIAN! The meowmize was really tiredz, and my evil meezer twin was around. Meowmzie sayz it was evil twin, because I was being very GRUMPIEZ to put it nicely she says. She don't knowz why I was being mean, only that it might be that I couldn'tz go outside. It all started when our woofie Mooch busted the screeen door, and the bottom. I got outz which is not really good seeing we have Vishuz birdie Hawks that fly over our house. The dadz and the Unclez thought they had it fixed enough that they could let us on the porchie again, but nope I got out agin. The dadz tried again, and I found a spot, but my meowmzie ...she FIXED it until the dadz and unclez fix it properly. Thatz when my twin Miza showed up. She didn't even likez my meowmzie go figurez, she grwoled and hissed and even swatted at herz, but she tried biting the dadz. I finks I shouldn't let Miza visitz again. She even wapped Shamy, Pounce, TJ, and lil Precious. She tried to wap Snowy... but she got wapped instead. I'm just happy that she has left and so is meowmize. Well... it'z timez furz the stinky goodness. Mew til next mew..Siamia
P.S. Hi Marley! Let yourz meowmize know that my meowmzie is going to try and send the giftie today.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Meezer NFL Monday!

HI eferyonez! First off we would like to sayz we missed visitingz our kitty friendz. Our meowmize got to doing some stuff last weeek, oh and being so tiredz that we didn't get to bloggie to much last week. I would likez to fanks
Maggy & Zoey furz my National Feline League pic-fer. I really finks it is pawsome. I finkz it's even more pawsome that they have wonz two gamez now. I would likez to sayz sorry to any of the Saintz fanz, and Ramz fanz. It'z just nice to seez our team win after being horriblez last yearz. Anywayz....... Taps is doing ok. They took his blood (those Vampirez) saturdayz, and meowmize won't hear anyfingz until today or maybe tomorrowz. He might have to havez a bunch of teethz pulled if his kidneyz and ofher stuffz show that they are goodz. We will letz youz know what the VET says. ofher than that he just doen't likes taking his med-dee-sunz. Well, I havez to go it is stinky goodness time. Purss..Siamia

Monday, September 17, 2007

TJ's Tuxie Toooz-day!

Hi'z ef-furiez-onez TJ herez. The meowmizze sayz thatz I can post furz this tuxie toooz-day. I havez to say I really likez it here with my sis-furz Precious. It beatz livingz outside with not nice big woofies aroundz. I haz been up to no good kitten stuffz around herez. I was climbing the meowmizze porclien doll with my sis-furz and the Uncle dudez yelled at me to get downz..somefingz about herz goingz to be mad at me if I breakz it. It's not a small one either. It'z on a table all by it'z selfz so she don'tz get dirty. We havez been also climbing the curtianz, andz waking themz up very earliez in the morningz. Oh, we evenz has been chillin on whatz the oth-furz call the porchie in the morning. I even gets some yummiez treatz called temptayshunz, but my sis-furz doesn't likez themz. Well, I need to go sleepz now, so I canz helpz Precious with the earliez morningz wake up...TJ
Sia here, yes the two lil brats have been waking us all up, not just our beans. We are still keeping our paws crossed that meowmzie findz them homez. If not, I guess I have some other kitty to tourmentz now, muhahaha. In ofher fingz Taps has to go back to the VET so they can steal some bloodz saturday. He has had a runniez nose, and so meowmzie took him in. He was put on clavamox and Chorpheniramine Maleate. He has lost some weight, but he is still eatingz. We will letz youz all knowz whatz up with himz saturday with a update. We don't finks it'z nothing major..besides himz being a old mancat that he is.....Purss Siamia

Friday, September 14, 2007

Shamy's Silly Friday!

Hi eferyonez..Shamy here. I was helping meowmize read our kitty friends bloggies, and saw this on Sammy and Miles blog. I thoughtz it would be fun so I did it's.

You Are Dublin Mudslide Ice Cream

You won't remember any of this in the morning
I finks thats a cool flavor seeing i have a Irish name. Hopefully our meowmzie will have some new pic-fers of us to put up soon. i finks we might get her to take some Saturdayz seeing it might be raining. I want to also say Hi to my beautiful girlfriend cat Emily. I miss snuggling with youz my sweet. Well off to snuggles with my meowmize now..Shamy

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

White Wednesday

Hello eferyonez! Well, it's another fabulous White Wednesday. Well, Precious and TJ did prety good there first day posting on our bloggie. I'm sure that Sia helping them was a huge help. As to there wrassling matches.. the dadz or meowmize usually wake up to split them apart because TJ is biting his sifers ears or her legs. Which means she is making a pretty big ruckuss. Furz a lil fing she has a very loud growl, and even lounder meow. Maybe we can get meowmize to get that on he flashy boxes video so we can show youz all.
Anyways, I was also wanting to say Hi to my sweet and handsome mancat Conner. I do hopes your man in green gets home soon, and safely. Oh, if at anytime of your meowmize cleaning that youz wants to get away youz can come snuggles with me. Well, it's stinky goodness time so... I gotta go eatz. Purssss....Snowy

Monday, September 10, 2007

Precious & TJ's first Post!

Precious: Umm..hI ev-furry-onez. I'm Precious, an I iz 3 months old., and so is my bro-furr TJ. The old cat Taps iz letting us Blog (I'z not sure what this is) furrz himz.
TJ: Precious I finkz that is what we'z are doingz.
Precious: Oh, o-k'z. The nice lady ( I guess our meowmize) said we should tell ev-furry-onez here about our early morning wrasslin matchez.
TJ: Nah...maybe about how we terroize the ofherz.
Precious: Nah... how about all the yummy foodiez.
TJ: Nah.. I finkz it we should tell themz all the places we nappiez
Precious: Ok.. that soundz fun! I finks!
Sia: How about youz both tell them about your wrasslin match as youz both do it efery morning.
Precious: Ok Sia.. we'z can do that.
TJ: Well, we waitz until the lady and the man are taking the long nappie and the match is on'z.
Precious: Well, it iz untilz youz try eating my earz!
TJ: I don't eatz youz earz.
Precious: I finkz youz do wantz too.
TJ: I finkz furrz that I will nowz.
Precious: Sia! TJ is going to eatz my earz!
Sia: I guess i have'z to go break up this match now, or get our meowmzie to. I will have Snowy finish the wrasslin mach report Wednesday. Have a wonderful Toozday eferyonez.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A spoiled Meezer?

Hi everyonez! I hopez youz all have had a wonderful weekend. We had a quiet one, with the lil intruderz. Which will e posting fur Taps tomorrow. Although I'm not sure about it and finks my meowmzie may have her hands full helping them. Oh, should be fun to see what they have to say. I want to also say hi to my handsome man cat Marley> i hopez youz are doing good. Maybe we can snuggles together sometime this week.
Well I decided to do somefing fun furz my post today like Shamy did on his post. Except I wanted to see if I was really as spoiled as the dadz sayz I am. My meowmize doesn't fink she spoils me to much.

You Are 68% Spoiled

You're pretty spoiled, but you probably don't think you're spoiled enough.
No doubt about it, you're living the good life. Maybe a little too good!

So this is the result of the questionare that I did, and it says I'm 68% spoiled. Which as a meezer my standards of spoiled are up there. Oh, well...I guess I needz to works on my meowmize more on this issue. Well.. I needz to goez and hunt a buggie or somefing. Hey maybe I can get meowmize to get me a cute shirt or maybe the Florida State Seminole Jersey she saw that would fit me, hehe.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Superhero Shamy?

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Aqua Wombat
Your Superpower is Ancient lore
Your Weakness is Salt
Your Weapon is Your Water Bullets
Your Mode of Transportation is Scooter
Hi eferyonez..Shamy here. I thoughz I would do somefing fun fur my post today. I was wondering what super hero name I would have, and this is what I got. Although I don't know about the whole water fing going on. SOOO I tried another one.
You Are Spider-Man

Quick and agile, you have killer instincts (literally).
And that kind of makes up for the whole creepy spider thing.
Well, I haves to go and snuggles with my meowmzie now..Shamy
Oh, my sweet and beautiful Emily..if youz wants I can come snuggleswith youz saturday.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tuxie Thurzday!

Hi everyonez, Taps here. I just wanted to say hi to everyonez..especially my girlfriend Yuki. I have not heard from her for a long time it seems, but that is ok. I know both of our beans had some fings come up. I was very worried when her meowmize was in the hospital.
Now the reason I took Pounce's thurzday was to say this. Furz a lil while I am going to let Precious and TJ post on our bloggie on Touzday to see how they do and stuff. Meowmize is still wanting to find them furever homes, but figures if she can not then they will be staying with us. This way eferyonez can get to know them, and they can have blogging to. As you can see one of themz tried helping Sia post Monday. She was not very happy about it considering her meme was not done. Don't tell our meowmize, but sia had the meezer paw of law (her paw)wap down on them. Well.. I'm going to go take a nap now and dream of my beautiful Yuki.......Taps

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

White Wednesday

Hi eferyonez! Well It's a white wednesday again, and I finally get to post furz one again. With my meowmize busy fur works and with the lil intruderz it is hard to get her to post sometimez.
In this pic-fer I was on the porchie just enjoying myselfz when FLASH...Flash with the flashie box.
Oh.. well I guess this is the price we pay fur being cute. Well.. I gots to run it's stinkygoodness time. ..Snowy

Monday, September 03, 2007

Finally doing the 7- P meme!

Well, a couple of weeks ago was tagged by Miss Alley cat to do the 7 P's meme. With eferyfing going on I am surprised that meowmize remembered to help me do it, hehe. So here it is...
Fill out the 7 P’s and tag five blogs that you read on a regular basis. Have fun!
Passion - I luvz my meowmizer, my micerz, my snuggle spots.
Purpose - Hmm.. whta other purpose would a meezer have than to make there bean loves and spoile them.
PursuitI likes to chase the lizzies on my porchie.
Position - Hmm.. a good position is being carried over my meowmize shoulder so I can see eferyfing.
Pummeling - I finks I might do this to the two lil intruders fur messing up my post today, but don't tell my meowmize.
Progress - I have taught my meowmize to give me temptayshunz efery night before she goes to bed.
Personality - I'm a spoiled lil meezer, who does not like to share her meowmzie with the others. I only truey luvs my meowmiez as well.
Well I would have published it all earlier todayz.. but TJ and Precious published blogger and put meowmize internet on standby. SOOOOOO.. this is why it is a weird post todayz..
Well off to go chill.mew till next mew Sia

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A poem meowmize though would be nice!

This is a poem that touches meowmize and she thought she would share it with eferyonez today. She furgots to write the name of the other when she wrote it out so she could have a copy of it. The title of it is " The Sparrow Speaks"

She stood beforethe burled desk awaiting judgement. St.Peter looked at her, a pleasure in his eyes. " We know the little that you had in earthly days and we desire that you have now a brand new Manor house, all things new and nice." St. Peter beamed awaiting her response. She stood with down cast eyes. "Come madam, " he softly said. "Tell me."

I had in mind a tiny cottage with vegetables and flowers, apple trees for fruit and shade, and sir, I don't mind dented furniture. I'll make them bright with paint and flowered cushoins." She paused in shy embarrassment. St. Peter smiled, made a tent with all ten fingers. " Is this your solem wish."

"Oh<" she said, "if I have not asked to much already, I'd like a turtle for the garden, and a cat." He looked into space a second, seemed to hear Silent words, then spoke, " It shall be so." And stamped her pass.

When she had gone, he found her record in the BOOK and read, " Many tribulations, and little love. But she kept the faith. She laughed more than she cried. " He squited at a later line put there in Gods own script, " She was loved by a turtle and a cat." A sound like fluttering windchimes filled the room.

Likes I said, the poem touches our meowmzie and we thoughts we would share it with all of youz this weekend. We hopes even with heavy hearts that we all can enjoy the timez we have with each other all of the time. Purrs.. and snuggles going out to all of our kitty friends and family this weekend..Taps, Snowy, Sia, Pounce, Shamy, Precious, and TJ

Friday, August 31, 2007

A candle for Ana, Oscar, and Ubee

We will miss you all very much.
Rest in peace our sweet friends, for we now you are at the rainbow bridge looking down over us.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pounce's tribute to Oscar

We'z are very sad to hear of the passing of Oscar the puppy cat. We couldn't belive what we were reading and had to read a total of three bloggies to realize that in fact it was true. Our hearts and purrayerz go to his family.
Pounce is very sadden by this as well, and sends her loves to Oscars family, and to her adopted kitty children. She will try to get around to check on them here very soon.
We would also like to send loving purrs and purrayerz to Anastasia's family, and to Ubee's family.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Meezer cleaning Monday!

Hi eferyonez! Well, I know the plan was to have normal posting last week... yeah right!
Well, I know meowmize did try. Maybe this week we can get more than two post in...hmm I wonder.
I guess that means we need to get ready for the flashy box then.
As youz can see I was tring to get ready in this pic-fer, but my meowmize decided to take the pic-fer before I was ready. I was tring to get my furs clean for my handsome mancat Marley! Well.. I'm off to hunt lizzies now.

Oh, I almost fur gotz to tellz youz all..Mama and the lil gray girl is going to there new home today. Yippyy!!!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Precious the kitten!

Hi eferyonez! Well meowmize did not make it a full week of blogging fur us. Lets see Tooezday she slept in, Wednesday DP blogger struck, yesterday she slept in, and now today we are just now posting, oh well....maybe next week. I will even get to the meme that Miz Alley Cta tagged me furz Monday.
Well this is the lil tiny kitten that meowmize has tagged Precious. She had a home lined up fur her but it fell through. The room-mates could not come to a agreement. So meowmize said she could not let her go where there is conflict over her. So she loooking fur a home fur her now. So if anyone is interested in Precious..Please let us know.
Mew til next mew....Sia

Monday, August 20, 2007

Meezer Monday!

Hi eferyonez! well, I finks we MIGHT have meowmize back on our normal blogie posting schedule. Mine youz all the key word is MIGHT. Her work schedule has kinda changed, and she is going to be letting the lil kitten intruderz go to there new homes. Precious is up in the air because of some difficulties. Meowmize is giving them a chance to work it out before she will let her go home there.
ANYWAYZ..... I am demonstrating how to lay on your beans arm. Yeap, that is my meowmize arm, and nope I am not laying on any part of her back. This is the only pic-fer of a few she took of me like this that came out. It is advisable that your bean wear some long sleeved shirt, but not slippery material before youz attempt this. Well.. I needz to runz. Meowmize is past stinkygoodness time. Mews till next mew..Sia
P.S. Hi my sweet and handsome Marley! Do youz want to come snuggles with me this weekend?