Friday, August 31, 2007

A candle for Ana, Oscar, and Ubee

We will miss you all very much.
Rest in peace our sweet friends, for we now you are at the rainbow bridge looking down over us.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pounce's tribute to Oscar

We'z are very sad to hear of the passing of Oscar the puppy cat. We couldn't belive what we were reading and had to read a total of three bloggies to realize that in fact it was true. Our hearts and purrayerz go to his family.
Pounce is very sadden by this as well, and sends her loves to Oscars family, and to her adopted kitty children. She will try to get around to check on them here very soon.
We would also like to send loving purrs and purrayerz to Anastasia's family, and to Ubee's family.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Meezer cleaning Monday!

Hi eferyonez! Well, I know the plan was to have normal posting last week... yeah right!
Well, I know meowmize did try. Maybe this week we can get more than two post in...hmm I wonder.
I guess that means we need to get ready for the flashy box then.
As youz can see I was tring to get ready in this pic-fer, but my meowmize decided to take the pic-fer before I was ready. I was tring to get my furs clean for my handsome mancat Marley! Well.. I'm off to hunt lizzies now.

Oh, I almost fur gotz to tellz youz all..Mama and the lil gray girl is going to there new home today. Yippyy!!!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Precious the kitten!

Hi eferyonez! Well meowmize did not make it a full week of blogging fur us. Lets see Tooezday she slept in, Wednesday DP blogger struck, yesterday she slept in, and now today we are just now posting, oh well....maybe next week. I will even get to the meme that Miz Alley Cta tagged me furz Monday.
Well this is the lil tiny kitten that meowmize has tagged Precious. She had a home lined up fur her but it fell through. The room-mates could not come to a agreement. So meowmize said she could not let her go where there is conflict over her. So she loooking fur a home fur her now. So if anyone is interested in Precious..Please let us know.
Mew til next mew....Sia

Monday, August 20, 2007

Meezer Monday!

Hi eferyonez! well, I finks we MIGHT have meowmize back on our normal blogie posting schedule. Mine youz all the key word is MIGHT. Her work schedule has kinda changed, and she is going to be letting the lil kitten intruderz go to there new homes. Precious is up in the air because of some difficulties. Meowmize is giving them a chance to work it out before she will let her go home there.
ANYWAYZ..... I am demonstrating how to lay on your beans arm. Yeap, that is my meowmize arm, and nope I am not laying on any part of her back. This is the only pic-fer of a few she took of me like this that came out. It is advisable that your bean wear some long sleeved shirt, but not slippery material before youz attempt this. Well.. I needz to runz. Meowmize is past stinkygoodness time. Mews till next mew..Sia
P.S. Hi my sweet and handsome Marley! Do youz want to come snuggles with me this weekend?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Double Tuxie FRIDAY!

Hi eferyonez, Taps here with lil TJ (Taps Junior). So that we have not commented or posted lately. Our meowmize has been busy, and trying to find a home for TJ's mam'ma and maybe him. The debate with us on him staing is still out. I finks they might be hitting the nip-tinis while debating this.. hehehe. Anyways...George from the Crew's Views has a challenge out to find your nose twin or in some kitties cases face twin. Seeing my meowmize finks he looks like me I figured I would claim the lil guy. So what do you all finks?
Secondly.. I would like to say I hope my sweet Yuki's meowmize is doing better. I have not heard anyfing from my sweet kitty sweet if youz needz me to I will be there in a twitch of your tail.Well.. I'm off to sleep and dream of my sweet Yuki.....Taps

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mam'ma needz a home!

Hi eferyonez, Sia here. Well, I don't normally pass up meezer Monday, but I have a very impawtant reason furz doing so this Monday. See Mam'ma ( Inky- dadz name fur her) has not found a home yet. Our meowmize has found a home fur her two daughterz, but not fur her or her lil boy(Which we will post later).

Mam'ma is a very sweet girl, and very good hunter. Sha has a medium to long haired coat, and as youz can see she is a grey tuxie girl. She was a indoor/outdoor kinda girl, but has ajusted to being a indoor girl. She gets some porchu time. Our meowmize finks she is probably around 8 to 10 months old, or maybe older. She has not been to a vet yet, nor have the babiez. Please let us know if youz are interested in her. We fanks youz very much. Mews til next mewz...Siamia

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tabby Thurzday!

Hi eferyonez! we hopez youz are all doing well. We are furry sorry that we have not been visiting our furiends to much lately. With meowmize working all the timez( is feels like), and the mamma and baiez in the house. It doesn't give her much timez to help us to post on our bloggie.
I saw my son Benjamine Fuzz had his 200th post wednezday. Concatulationz on that. I do miss visting my family, and furiendz.
Oh, we got a new kitty wand toy, with a detachable toy at the end. This way meowmize can get us all types of toyz to putz on it. Well, I gotz to go, meowmize has to get up early fur a bean vet. She is not sick, it's just a check up and stuffs. Well I hopez youz all have a wonderful day. Oh, we will be having mamma and baiez update fur you allz very soonz...Pounce

Friday, August 03, 2007

Temptayshun Friday!

Hi eferyone, Shamy here. Well I thought I woluld show youz all a pic-fer of what our house looks like around temptayshun time. Which is normally before meowmize goes to bed. As youz can see we don't wait patiently fur them sometimez, hehehe. Pounce is on the counter if youz were wondering were the 5th kitty was. Oh, this is in the new kitchen of our house with the giant porchie.
Hmmm. I wonder when we can have that lizzie grilling porchie party.
Well, I must go get some stinkie goodness. Also want to say hi to my beautiful Emily! I hopes youz likes it there in Furgina. Hey, Meowmize! I gotz a question fur youz.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

White Wednesday!

Hi eferyonez! We hopez youz are all doing well. Our meowmize apologizez fur not being able to help us comment on eferyonez bloggie.
Well, she has finally posted one of my embarrassing pic-fers. i just hope that it doesn't send Conner straight to the freezer. Although I finks I have good form fur cleaning your tummy area.
Well, I have to goez. meowmize has a bunch of stuff to do before works. We hopez to be able to chat with eferyonez soon......Snowy