Friday, May 13, 2011

Helloz and woofie update

Helloz efeveryonez! We apologize furz being away fur so long againz. our meowmize has been working and then surfs the net when she can to destress from work. Our kittenbean is getting big and has started going to daycare..aka school.She has been sick the pst week so the meowmize has been super tired. The kittenbean is getting better since her shot in her tushie yesterday. I so do not envy herz for getting that. Our woofie shania is doing much better. She seems to have some nerve damage in her leg that she was drug by. She is still as anoyingz to us kitties as ever. Well... I needz to go.. the meowmize is tired and needs to get to beds. Mewed and purred by Siamia.