Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sia's mewz!

Hello eferyonez! How iz all of our furriendz doing? We are very sorriez that we have not been on or around to vistiz our friendz. Our meowmize has been busy with our kitten bean. Mewing of she is getting big on us already. We will have to get a picfurz of her posted soonz.
Mewing of picfurz..this one was taken a day before our kitten bean was born. Meowmize and the grandmeowmize thought I looked very cutiez with that dress thingy on me'z. Well....meowmzie is getting sleepy so we has to goez. We hopez to be visitingz our friendz here soon. Till next mew...Siamia

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A triple mews repurrtz!

Hi eferyonez! This is Precious here with mews updates.
First of all there has been no sighting of my big brofher. We are still keeping our paws crossed that he found a pawsome furever home.
Secondly.. our baby kitten bean is getting big. She is now 11 weks old, boy how the toy micers fly by.
And fur the finall mews of this post, we had a BAT, yes a BAT in our house for the second time last nite. We had one last year that the dadz caught and released. Well this one was caught by Snowy,Pounce, and me. No we did not eats it. The meowmize and dadz opened the door to the porch where it eventually flew out. There were no bats harmed during this post. Happy micerz hunting..Precious

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where are you?

Hi eferyonez, Precious here. We are all doing good and our kitten bean is getting bigger each day.
We do have some sad news to reportz though. Our dadz had a friend kitty sitting my brofher at the end of our meowmize pregnancy. He was being a naughty lil boy. Well the guy who will remain nameless says that he wouldn't come out around him. When meowmize tryed a number of timez to get him back he always had a reason why she couldn't go and get my brfher. Then in June shortly after our baby bean kitten was born he went missing. He didn't tell our meowmize or the dadz until the 8th or somewherez aroundz that. Our meowmzie is very upset with this dude. In fact he is in th kitty litter pile. Which is a pretty low and nasty pile to be in if youz ask me'z. He even has a new kitty and all he could say to our dadz is "Sorry" about my brofhers. Our meowmzie did go by the Shealter here and listed my brofher as missing and he was listed in both the news papers here. So we are keeping our paws and whiskers crossed that he found a new and wonderful home, or he has become a wild and free neutured boy that is living off of the land. If that's the cause on either we hope he is having a fantastic and fun adventures. He will always be in our hearts and mind. We loves you my wild and loving brofher. Luvz...Precious

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our baby kitten bean!

Hi eferyonez! We would likes to fanks youz all furzthe birfday wishes furz Snowy and our meowmize. They both had a wonderful and relaxing day. Our meowmize slept in and go some goodies for her birfday.
This is our baby kitten bean Summer. Our meowmize has been very busy and stuffs with hers. This was taken when she was 8 days old. We do apologize furz it being blurry. Which is why we'z really hasn'tz been visitingz eferyonez lately. Well I'm off to snuggles with meowmize and our kitten bean Summer. Purrs...Siamia

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chatty Friday!

Hello eferyonez! We hopes youz are all doing wonderfully. All of us are doing well and behaving furour meowmize. Our grandmeowmize is here with usand spoiling us and the woofies. Which is very pawsome in our opinions.
This pic-fer was taken in Febuary. TJ was telling our meowmize that our baby bean kittens travel system is very comfy. This was taken befores he went to stay with a co-worker of the dadz. Well off to nappiez. Til next mew.. Siamia

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cute-zee Tuesday!

HI eferyonez! We hopez youz all had a wonderful Memorial Weekend.
Our meowmize found this pic-fer on yahoo and thought it was very cutes. It baby Jaguar Triplets, and she said we had to put them on our bloggie.
That and she doesn't have any of our pics downloadedz on this com-poo-ter yet. I finks these guys would be funz to play with fur maybe a second. What do youz all finks? Anymewz... meowmzie and the dadz are getting ready for our baby bean kitten to arrive. They say it's a waiting game now. I didn't knowz waiting was a game.....I don't finks it's a very aww..mew..zing game to playz. Well.. I'm offs to watch birdies from my porchie, and nap on the dryer afterwardz. Till next mew...Siamia

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our meowmize and friend!

Hi eferyonez! We are still here's and chasing buggies and stuff. I guess a month apart on post fur our bloggie is not to horrible. I guess we really needs to works on that with our meowmzie. Any mewz this is our meowmzie and her friend P. fur shorts who was graduating from collage. This was taken two weeks ago this friday. She said it was fun especially when they went and ate where the dadz works. She was very sleepy afterwards, but it was worth it she said.
meowmzie and the dadz can't wait fur our baby bean to get hear, but don't want to rush her in anyway. Meowmzie says that all the two legged beans meowmzie would understand this. We have been busy checking out her stuff already, and even found her wash cloth basket to sleep in. We even inspected her crib to make sure it was kitty approved fur sleeping. Yet, our hard work is not appreciatedz. The dadz and the meowmzie got a crib netting fingie so we can't get in the crib anymores. meowmize says its more fur the lady buggies that get into the house plus the bees that manage to get in. I don't knowz if I believez this. i do believez that we do have some super sized bees and other buggies around here. Well... i hvae to gets to playing so meowmzie can TRY and get back to sleeps. Till next mew..Siamia

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our baby bean!

Hi eferyonez! We'z are sorry that we have not been around to visitz our friends. It is a tough jobbie to get our meowmzie moving sometimez, well... when it comes to somefings we wantz to do. Any whoz this is a pic-fer of our baby bean still in our meowmize belly. It is weird the fings beans can do with gadgets don;t youz all finks.
As furz us we have been getting porchy time and eating grass time, yummy. The bad fing is we all have collars back on. Snowy and me still have our old ones, but the new onez the ofhers got are very jingly, hehe. It sounds like jingle bells when the walk or runz. Well.... meowmzie has to go and do some house workz. Till next mew....Sia

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wild and Frisky Wednesday!

Woohoo.. I gets to post on our bloggie, hehe. Sia was napping in front of the fire and she said I could do our bloggie. As youz can see I luvz a nip filled mousie with a feaver butt. Thispic-fer was taken when I was visitingz grand meowmize back in Novemberz. My brofher and me were going to livez with her but her woofie Baby chased us to much. So we are back with our meowmize. Speaking of which we have a slight kitty issue going on herez. Youz see my brofer Tj is the biggest of us all and likes to pounce and whap eferyonez, which causes a bunch of problems. Some of the family finks it isx because she is pregnante with our baby bean sisfer that we nare being naughty. We were very naughty the first nite she was gone bisiting our grand meowmzie. So if youz has any advice that might helps us we would appreciates hearing from youz. Oh, i fur gots we had not told youz our furindz that we are having a lil girl bean. We are very excited abouts this. Well... I'm offs to naps in front of the wood stove as well. Purrs and snuggles...Precious

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Happy St.Patrick's Day! We hopes all of our kitty friends are enjoying some fresh nip, and nip-tinis. We are enjoying the pretty weather seeing meowmize has the front door open to the porchie. Tj on the other hand is being naughty like normal. Mewing of which, this pic was taken during the summer. ASss you can see he has grown up to be a big younge mancat. Meowmize says he is heavy and solid as well,. Even though he turns to a slight slinkie cat when she picks him up. Well, i'm off to chill on the porchie and watch our birdies while enjoying a nice nip tea.
Oops, I almost furgotz to mew that meowmize is doing pawsome. The baby beans heartbeat was nice and strong when the doc checked. Although her and a of others meowmize to be had to exit the building due to the fire alarm going off. So she had a very exciting morning. Now that definetly deserves a nap after my nip tea. Til next mew..Sia

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A rainy Saturday!

Hi eferyonez! Well I guess we need to work on our blogging schedule some more. Yesh, it would have been two months next saturday. I guess this is what happens when you have a baby bean on the way.Any mew... we are all doing purr-fectly great. Today the weather beans say we have a 90 percent chance of rain, and I thinkz we just may get that. As you can see it was a very beautiful day when meowmize took this pic of Shamy. I finks he was day dreaming of his sweetie Emily. I know those of us that have sweeties have been thinking of themz alot. I finks i will have to sharpen my meezer claws of doom, in order to get more bloggie time. As fur mews on our meowmzie she is doing great, and is getting a 3-d ultrasound done the 18th. The dadz and her want to make sure they are having a lil girl bean. Well, mainly the dadz, meowmize feels that they are having a girl. I'm sure we all know how dadz can be about these thingz. We will hopefully have some new pics put on meowmize computer by our next bloggie post which will be hopefully next week. Although youz may not want to wager any temptayshunz on that. Well till next mew , and happy napping.....Siamia
Oh, We would like to fanks Kc and MBE and family fur the award we gots from them awhile ago, we hope to have it up by next bloggie post.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Very big Mews!!!!!!!!!

Hi eferyonez! This is Sia repurrting from NC, and yes we are still around. Unfortunatly we can't get meowmize in a bloggie schedule anytime soon it seems, but we are tring. This was taken on our porchie during last summer. Well we have some very impawtant mewz. We'z are going tohave a lil two legged. Our meowmize estamated due date is June 3rd. We wanted to mew the mewz earlierz, but meowmize didn't want to let the nip out of the bag, hehe. So now youz all knows our very impawtant and happiez newz. I finks it's time to take a nappie now. Oh, we promise to have our secret paws picfurs up soons. Till next mew...Siamia
P.S. Marley would youz likes to come over and snuggles with me? Purrs and headrubberz...Sia

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!

We would likes to wish eferyones a very Happy New Year! We would likes to fanks our secret paws fur the gifties, unfortunatly meowmize does not have there names at the moment. Her mind has been somewhere else. We hopes youz all had a wonderful catmas as well. We had a really good one because our grandmeowmize gave us a big goodie bag, hehe. Oh, we will post pics of our secret paws with who sent it to us Monday. Even if Sia and me'z has to put the kitty blades of doom on hers. Oh, we will have a very cool mews update by Sia either the 20th or the 21st. It all depends. We kitties here at the Katnippia Crew will keep our furry lil lips sealed til thenz. Well, I'm off to headbumps the dadz, and meowmize wants to eat, go figure. Till next pouncing..purrs and headbumps..Pounce