Monday, September 24, 2007

Meezer NFL Monday!

HI eferyonez! First off we would like to sayz we missed visitingz our kitty friendz. Our meowmize got to doing some stuff last weeek, oh and being so tiredz that we didn't get to bloggie to much last week. I would likez to fanks
Maggy & Zoey furz my National Feline League pic-fer. I really finks it is pawsome. I finkz it's even more pawsome that they have wonz two gamez now. I would likez to sayz sorry to any of the Saintz fanz, and Ramz fanz. It'z just nice to seez our team win after being horriblez last yearz. Anywayz....... Taps is doing ok. They took his blood (those Vampirez) saturdayz, and meowmize won't hear anyfingz until today or maybe tomorrowz. He might have to havez a bunch of teethz pulled if his kidneyz and ofher stuffz show that they are goodz. We will letz youz know what the VET says. ofher than that he just doen't likes taking his med-dee-sunz. Well, I havez to go it is stinky goodness time. Purss..Siamia

Monday, September 17, 2007

TJ's Tuxie Toooz-day!

Hi'z ef-furiez-onez TJ herez. The meowmizze sayz thatz I can post furz this tuxie toooz-day. I havez to say I really likez it here with my sis-furz Precious. It beatz livingz outside with not nice big woofies aroundz. I haz been up to no good kitten stuffz around herez. I was climbing the meowmizze porclien doll with my sis-furz and the Uncle dudez yelled at me to get downz..somefingz about herz goingz to be mad at me if I breakz it. It's not a small one either. It'z on a table all by it'z selfz so she don'tz get dirty. We havez been also climbing the curtianz, andz waking themz up very earliez in the morningz. Oh, we evenz has been chillin on whatz the oth-furz call the porchie in the morning. I even gets some yummiez treatz called temptayshunz, but my sis-furz doesn't likez themz. Well, I need to go sleepz now, so I canz helpz Precious with the earliez morningz wake up...TJ
Sia here, yes the two lil brats have been waking us all up, not just our beans. We are still keeping our paws crossed that meowmzie findz them homez. If not, I guess I have some other kitty to tourmentz now, muhahaha. In ofher fingz Taps has to go back to the VET so they can steal some bloodz saturday. He has had a runniez nose, and so meowmzie took him in. He was put on clavamox and Chorpheniramine Maleate. He has lost some weight, but he is still eatingz. We will letz youz all knowz whatz up with himz saturday with a update. We don't finks it'z nothing major..besides himz being a old mancat that he is.....Purss Siamia

Friday, September 14, 2007

Shamy's Silly Friday!

Hi eferyonez..Shamy here. I was helping meowmize read our kitty friends bloggies, and saw this on Sammy and Miles blog. I thoughtz it would be fun so I did it's.

You Are Dublin Mudslide Ice Cream

You won't remember any of this in the morning
I finks thats a cool flavor seeing i have a Irish name. Hopefully our meowmzie will have some new pic-fers of us to put up soon. i finks we might get her to take some Saturdayz seeing it might be raining. I want to also say Hi to my beautiful girlfriend cat Emily. I miss snuggling with youz my sweet. Well off to snuggles with my meowmize now..Shamy

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

White Wednesday

Hello eferyonez! Well, it's another fabulous White Wednesday. Well, Precious and TJ did prety good there first day posting on our bloggie. I'm sure that Sia helping them was a huge help. As to there wrassling matches.. the dadz or meowmize usually wake up to split them apart because TJ is biting his sifers ears or her legs. Which means she is making a pretty big ruckuss. Furz a lil fing she has a very loud growl, and even lounder meow. Maybe we can get meowmize to get that on he flashy boxes video so we can show youz all.
Anyways, I was also wanting to say Hi to my sweet and handsome mancat Conner. I do hopes your man in green gets home soon, and safely. Oh, if at anytime of your meowmize cleaning that youz wants to get away youz can come snuggles with me. Well, it's stinky goodness time so... I gotta go eatz. Purssss....Snowy

Monday, September 10, 2007

Precious & TJ's first Post!

Precious: Umm..hI ev-furry-onez. I'm Precious, an I iz 3 months old., and so is my bro-furr TJ. The old cat Taps iz letting us Blog (I'z not sure what this is) furrz himz.
TJ: Precious I finkz that is what we'z are doingz.
Precious: Oh, o-k'z. The nice lady ( I guess our meowmize) said we should tell ev-furry-onez here about our early morning wrasslin matchez.
TJ: Nah...maybe about how we terroize the ofherz.
Precious: Nah... how about all the yummy foodiez.
TJ: Nah.. I finkz it we should tell themz all the places we nappiez
Precious: Ok.. that soundz fun! I finks!
Sia: How about youz both tell them about your wrasslin match as youz both do it efery morning.
Precious: Ok Sia.. we'z can do that.
TJ: Well, we waitz until the lady and the man are taking the long nappie and the match is on'z.
Precious: Well, it iz untilz youz try eating my earz!
TJ: I don't eatz youz earz.
Precious: I finkz youz do wantz too.
TJ: I finkz furrz that I will nowz.
Precious: Sia! TJ is going to eatz my earz!
Sia: I guess i have'z to go break up this match now, or get our meowmzie to. I will have Snowy finish the wrasslin mach report Wednesday. Have a wonderful Toozday eferyonez.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A spoiled Meezer?

Hi everyonez! I hopez youz all have had a wonderful weekend. We had a quiet one, with the lil intruderz. Which will e posting fur Taps tomorrow. Although I'm not sure about it and finks my meowmzie may have her hands full helping them. Oh, should be fun to see what they have to say. I want to also say hi to my handsome man cat Marley> i hopez youz are doing good. Maybe we can snuggles together sometime this week.
Well I decided to do somefing fun furz my post today like Shamy did on his post. Except I wanted to see if I was really as spoiled as the dadz sayz I am. My meowmize doesn't fink she spoils me to much.

You Are 68% Spoiled

You're pretty spoiled, but you probably don't think you're spoiled enough.
No doubt about it, you're living the good life. Maybe a little too good!

So this is the result of the questionare that I did, and it says I'm 68% spoiled. Which as a meezer my standards of spoiled are up there. Oh, well...I guess I needz to works on my meowmize more on this issue. Well.. I needz to goez and hunt a buggie or somefing. Hey maybe I can get meowmize to get me a cute shirt or maybe the Florida State Seminole Jersey she saw that would fit me, hehe.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Superhero Shamy?

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Aqua Wombat
Your Superpower is Ancient lore
Your Weakness is Salt
Your Weapon is Your Water Bullets
Your Mode of Transportation is Scooter
Hi eferyonez..Shamy here. I thoughz I would do somefing fun fur my post today. I was wondering what super hero name I would have, and this is what I got. Although I don't know about the whole water fing going on. SOOO I tried another one.
You Are Spider-Man

Quick and agile, you have killer instincts (literally).
And that kind of makes up for the whole creepy spider thing.
Well, I haves to go and snuggles with my meowmzie now..Shamy
Oh, my sweet and beautiful Emily..if youz wants I can come snuggleswith youz saturday.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tuxie Thurzday!

Hi everyonez, Taps here. I just wanted to say hi to everyonez..especially my girlfriend Yuki. I have not heard from her for a long time it seems, but that is ok. I know both of our beans had some fings come up. I was very worried when her meowmize was in the hospital.
Now the reason I took Pounce's thurzday was to say this. Furz a lil while I am going to let Precious and TJ post on our bloggie on Touzday to see how they do and stuff. Meowmize is still wanting to find them furever homes, but figures if she can not then they will be staying with us. This way eferyonez can get to know them, and they can have blogging to. As you can see one of themz tried helping Sia post Monday. She was not very happy about it considering her meme was not done. Don't tell our meowmize, but sia had the meezer paw of law (her paw)wap down on them. Well.. I'm going to go take a nap now and dream of my beautiful Yuki.......Taps

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

White Wednesday

Hi eferyonez! Well It's a white wednesday again, and I finally get to post furz one again. With my meowmize busy fur works and with the lil intruderz it is hard to get her to post sometimez.
In this pic-fer I was on the porchie just enjoying myselfz when FLASH...Flash with the flashie box.
Oh.. well I guess this is the price we pay fur being cute. Well.. I gots to run it's stinkygoodness time. ..Snowy

Monday, September 03, 2007

Finally doing the 7- P meme!

Well, a couple of weeks ago was tagged by Miss Alley cat to do the 7 P's meme. With eferyfing going on I am surprised that meowmize remembered to help me do it, hehe. So here it is...
Fill out the 7 P’s and tag five blogs that you read on a regular basis. Have fun!
Passion - I luvz my meowmizer, my micerz, my snuggle spots.
Purpose - Hmm.. whta other purpose would a meezer have than to make there bean loves and spoile them.
PursuitI likes to chase the lizzies on my porchie.
Position - Hmm.. a good position is being carried over my meowmize shoulder so I can see eferyfing.
Pummeling - I finks I might do this to the two lil intruders fur messing up my post today, but don't tell my meowmize.
Progress - I have taught my meowmize to give me temptayshunz efery night before she goes to bed.
Personality - I'm a spoiled lil meezer, who does not like to share her meowmzie with the others. I only truey luvs my meowmiez as well.
Well I would have published it all earlier todayz.. but TJ and Precious published blogger and put meowmize internet on standby. SOOOOOO.. this is why it is a weird post todayz..
Well off to go chill.mew till next mew Sia

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A poem meowmize though would be nice!

This is a poem that touches meowmize and she thought she would share it with eferyonez today. She furgots to write the name of the other when she wrote it out so she could have a copy of it. The title of it is " The Sparrow Speaks"

She stood beforethe burled desk awaiting judgement. St.Peter looked at her, a pleasure in his eyes. " We know the little that you had in earthly days and we desire that you have now a brand new Manor house, all things new and nice." St. Peter beamed awaiting her response. She stood with down cast eyes. "Come madam, " he softly said. "Tell me."

I had in mind a tiny cottage with vegetables and flowers, apple trees for fruit and shade, and sir, I don't mind dented furniture. I'll make them bright with paint and flowered cushoins." She paused in shy embarrassment. St. Peter smiled, made a tent with all ten fingers. " Is this your solem wish."

"Oh<" she said, "if I have not asked to much already, I'd like a turtle for the garden, and a cat." He looked into space a second, seemed to hear Silent words, then spoke, " It shall be so." And stamped her pass.

When she had gone, he found her record in the BOOK and read, " Many tribulations, and little love. But she kept the faith. She laughed more than she cried. " He squited at a later line put there in Gods own script, " She was loved by a turtle and a cat." A sound like fluttering windchimes filled the room.

Likes I said, the poem touches our meowmzie and we thoughts we would share it with all of youz this weekend. We hopes even with heavy hearts that we all can enjoy the timez we have with each other all of the time. Purrs.. and snuggles going out to all of our kitty friends and family this weekend..Taps, Snowy, Sia, Pounce, Shamy, Precious, and TJ