Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hi eferyonez!

Hi eferyonez....Siamia here! We would like to fanks eferyonez for the nice words and luvz we felt from youz all. We were very sadz to hear that our cousin woofie boozie had gone to the bridge. Our meowmzie has been working a lotz again. Her last two days off she took our woofie Sky over to visitz our grandmeowmzie . She thought that it would helps with the loss of our cousin Boozie. She was right, and it helped them. Our grandmeowmize adopted her a sweet lil girl woofie todays. I finks she might call her Baby. I will share more abouts her when we learn more. As fur us we haven't been up to much. Oh, meowmzie had the dadz rig a window so we can go in and out to the porchie on our own. It is totally pawsome in my opinion. Oh the dadz got him(actually meowmize, hehe) a new laptop. No it really is fur himz that they can both share... but we all knows who's it is, hehe. Hopefully we can get picfers of us on here very soons now. Well, meowmzie needs to get some sleeps. Oh... we all hopes that our sweets are all doing well. Till next mew..Siamia off hunting, hehe.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

News Mews by Sia!

Hi eferyonez! Well meowmize has to pick up some new medicine furz me at the VET"s today. I finks it is a anti-hiss-tah-minz because now i'm sneezing but it is clear stuff. Although if that don't helps then i get to go back and see the VET guy again. Although meowmzie really likes him. i reallly don't likez the ride. It's about 30 to 45 minutez ride. There are some closer but meowmzie don't likez them. Oooohhh.. we had a batzee in the house sunday night is was very funniez. The dadz and the meowmize were tring to catch it to let it ut. Althought all of us kitties besides me were tring to catch it as well. Our grand-meowmzie and the older two legged boy were hidding fromz it. The dadz caught it in a towl buy throwing it on it as it flewz by. It was very funniez watching them. I chilled on the new bed that the dadz bought furz them. Oh our meowmzie even bought us a new kitty gym thingie. It has a fake palm tree and some cool nappie spots on it. oh, we do hopez to have some pic-fers up soon. The dadz got a new camera on sale and it takes very paw-some pic-fers. Well the meowmzie is startng to falls asleep typng this furz me. Til next mew....Siamia

Friday, August 01, 2008

We are still here and hunting critters!

Hi eferyonez! Sia here..Yes.. we are still all alive and hunting critters that come into our house and porchie. I finks we have been away fur to long. With our meowmzie and dadz working and the older two legged kid visiting it's kins hard to get the meowmize to help me post on our bloggie. now to catch ouz all ups on the latest mews around here. Well we all got treated with flea stuff again but..with revolution this time. Meowmzie says that it works better than the last stuff. Although i finks Pounce might be getting a bath here soon. She has a bunch on scratch marks from her scratching. So i finks she won't be to happiez about that. Although i finks meowmzie might want to wear a leather suit when doing this. In more dreadful mews both Shamy and me got the ookie kitty conjunctivitus in our eyes, but mine is having a relaps. Which means more pink meds and more eye drops. Although meowmzie bought more temptayshunz fur my treat dispencer. Well...both meowmzie and the dadz have agreed I FINKS to keep Sky the other husky woofie. Seeing no one wants her and she is not chasing us any more. Well...that is all fur nowz. I will get meowmzie to helps me post some finf=g else tomorrows. Till next Mew....Siamia
P.S We would all likes to say hi to our special kitty friends.