Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hi eferyonez!

Hi eferyonez....Siamia here! We would like to fanks eferyonez for the nice words and luvz we felt from youz all. We were very sadz to hear that our cousin woofie boozie had gone to the bridge. Our meowmzie has been working a lotz again. Her last two days off she took our woofie Sky over to visitz our grandmeowmzie . She thought that it would helps with the loss of our cousin Boozie. She was right, and it helped them. Our grandmeowmize adopted her a sweet lil girl woofie todays. I finks she might call her Baby. I will share more abouts her when we learn more. As fur us we haven't been up to much. Oh, meowmzie had the dadz rig a window so we can go in and out to the porchie on our own. It is totally pawsome in my opinion. Oh the dadz got him(actually meowmize, hehe) a new laptop. No it really is fur himz that they can both share... but we all knows who's it is, hehe. Hopefully we can get picfers of us on here very soons now. Well, meowmzie needs to get some sleeps. Oh... we all hopes that our sweets are all doing well. Till next mew..Siamia off hunting, hehe.


Anonymous said...

That was so sweet of your Meowmzie to take Sky over to help your Grandmeowmzie feel a little better. I'm so glad she's adopted another dog. It can really help to heal after the sad loss of a lovely friend.

Tenny said...

I'm looking forwerd to the new pitchurs from the new pooter!

momsbusy said...

hi effuryone!! we wuz gettin worried dat yu gave ups bloggin. we thots ars mommees wuz bad abouts hepin us blog. i guess ernin green papers to feed us kittys is important too. we is glad yu is all doin goods.

taps, i miss yu. when yu gets a chance come ofer ans tells my pesky brofer to leaf me alone. (come nok the snot out of hims)
purrs n kisses