Monday, November 10, 2008

Tj coming home?

Hello eferyonez! We hopes your weekends was a good one. We would likes to wish all the Vets out there a Happy Veterans Day. We Thank you very much for your service in our military.
Well.. meowmize chatted with grammie monday. It lloks like TJ will be coming back home. He has been moopey, and is scared of her woofie and doesn't really leave there room. Precious growls at the woofie and she leaves her alone. She has informed our grammie that her lil rodent mouse/mole like critter is still in the house. She does daily patrols through and checks everything out. So wish her luck on getting Baby grammies woofie to accept her. grammie is falling forPrecious too. She is a self proclaimed woofie person. Till she let a kitty into her house,hehe.. what is even funnier is that she said that she would never let a kitty on her counters, yeah right is what I mewed. Well, she has and so has grampie. Well.. I just think us kitties are on our way to world domination. Well..I'm offs to snuggles with my meowmizeseeing it's kinda cold outside. Well till next mew..Siamia

Update:::: Grammie just toldz our meowmize this afternoonz that Precious will be coming back as well. She does not trust her woofie baby with herz. So to maake it safes fur alls she is bringing her home as well. Oh, meowmize hasn't told the dadz yet, but he will be ok, hehehe... Well, I'm offz to find a nappie spot now. Purrs.. Sia

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hello eferyonez!

Hi eferyones! Wel apologize fur it being so longs since we potsted on our bloggie. Our meowmize has been busy and tired so we didn't get to blog due to thats. Well, Tj and Precious is now living with our grammie in TN. We are hopings that her woofie Baby will learn not to chase thems. She only wants to play with thems, but you know us kitties, hehe. As far as our meowmize and grammie knows Precious has wapped Baby on the nose twice. Meowmize was a lil sad leaving them last nite, but atleast she can get daily updates and visits them. Besides Grammie will spoils them. Well...I'm offs to play on our porchie. Purrs to all...Siamia