Friday, December 28, 2007

Tuxie Friday!

Well, it is Friday and our meowmzie is home. She got back from Ten-nes-seeee last night. Our dadz went to pic her up from the AIR-port. We are all very happy that she is back home.
Anyways... furgive us fur being late on Fanking our Secret Paws.
We the Katnippia boys would luvs to Fank Miz Allie cat for our secret paws. We will posting picks next week.
The Katnippia Girls would like to Fank Mu Shue Pooh King fur there Secret Paws. Which they will hopefully post pic-fers next week as well.
Well.. I'm going to get going.. it's time fur our stinky goodbess. Oh, by the way both Sia an dme helped meowmzie pack fur her trip, hehe. Hi my beautiful Yuki....Taps

Monday, December 24, 2007

Meowy Christmassie!

Merry Christ-massie from the Katnippia Crew-Taps,Snowy,Sia,Pounce,Shamy,Precious, and TJ
Oh..and our Woofie, and the meowmize.
MySpace Comments - Merry Christmas
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MySpace Comments - Merry Christmas
MySpace Layouts - Merry Christmas
Free Comments & Graphics

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Meezer Monday

Hi eferyonez, Siamia here. I asked my mewomzie this morning if she could help me with this post even though she is in Tennessee visitng our grandmeowmize, and the grand-dadz. We are sorry that we have not visited our furriendz much lately. With it being the holiday season and all, adn with meowmize working a bunch like normal. We do promise to post our secret paws pic-fers as soon as our meowmize gets back. With that being said we do hope the kitties we sent the secret paws to enjoyed what we gotz them. Well...I have to runz now.. I need to find a comfy place to nap till meowmzie gets home. We would also likes to wish all of our Furriendz a very, very
Meowy Christmassie
Purrss, and snuggles..Siamia, Taps, Snowy, Pounce, Shamy, Precious, and TJ

Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Meezer Monday....Go Bucs!

Happy Meezer Monday eferyonez! Well, it was a quiet weekend for us. our meowmzie and the dadz went and watched out football team play in person. They had a lot of fun. the got to witness the first ever kick return in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers history. They have never had one as long as they have been around. I would like to apologize to our friends who our Atlanta Falcon fans though. Anyways, i have to make this short our meowmzie has to get up early fur a doctor appointment. auntie Kat and Shirley, meowmzie says youz know which appointment this is. Oh auntie Shirley could youz email mail us your snail mail addressy please. Ok, well off to go sleep and snuggles with meowmzie. Purrss..Siamia
Marley......i can't wait to see'z youz, so we can play and snuggles together. maybe we can hunt some lizzies together.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tj's Tuxie Furday!

Hi eferyonez! This is Tj here with a Furday Tuxie post, hehe. We are tring to get meowmzie back on a posting schedule which should be a lots of funz to do.Considering next week is going to be very busy fur herz. she is going to be bisitng our grandmeowmzie fur chris-mousie this year. I finks she is going to put our kitty stocking and woofie stockings up. We don't have a tree because my sisfer and me would climb it or knock it down...sooo maybe next year right.
I have been doing fine since i had my hoo-haa-ectomy, I didn't like meowmzie having to leave me but she was the one who came and got me from there. I had her leave my PTU door open, and I would walk back and forth to her and it. She even put her hand in next to me so I could nap as she drove. Well I'm going to get goingz meowmzie still has to feed us our stinkie goodness. PURRRRRssss..TJ
We are sending lots of kitty purrayers and guideing purrs out to help JR Man find his way home to hiss meowmize . His meowmzie is worried sick about him, and misses him very much. So please send a purayer out that he finds his way home safely. mew..Siamia

Monday, December 10, 2007

Snuggly Meezer Monday!

Hi eferyonez, and Happy Meezer Monday! Well, we'z had a very lazy weekend. Our meowmzie and the dadz went out on the motor bike, and had some fun.
I just have to get her to finish buying our secret paws stuff. She promises that it will be out before the 21st.
Well, I gots to go.. I have'z to get meowmzie to give us our stinky goodness before she leaves to bean stuff in the big blue metal monster.
P.S. Hi my sweet and handsome mancat. marley do youz wants to come and snuggles with me'z this weekend?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Confession Friday!

Well, I guess i have been a bad boy. I haven't be able to tells efryonez what I did last Friday nightz. I escaped and was out side fur a while. My meowmzie got home around 1:30 am after work, and was giving nightly treats. she noticed that I was ot around so startedz to lookz eferywehrez fur me. Then my sisfer Sia let out a really loud yell, and meowmzie knew I was out side. i was very scared(yes mancats do get scared), and run from herz. She had caught me after a lil bribbing but when the dadz walked towards me i turned in to Taz ( like the looney tunes) and scratched my meowmize bad. I ran around the empyt house and hid in the front bushes. after a lil bit i darted by meowmize, and she followed me. She tossed treats to me, and then I finally went back up to her. She scruffed me and then carried me in. So now I have to jingley bells on my collar. They are like the onez they make chris-mass-ie ear rings with. So now they can hear me eferywear. I do not advise going ourside with out your beans being with youz. Well off to get some temp-tay-shunz. Purrss..Shamy confession

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tabby Thurzday-photo-less

Well, it's Tabby Thurzday fur me'z and once again DPB will not let me post a pic-fer.
Our lil brofher TJ is doing good, he is a lil sore...but happy.
Meowmzie even got him and Precious a collar with bells. Well i have'z to go so I can get my stinky goodness.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snowy's White Wednesday!

Yeah!!!!!! I get to post today.Meowmzie got up really early to take TJ fur his Hoo-haa-ectomy. Yeap she thought it was next week, but...Nope it was this morning.
I do hope all our kitty friendz where it is snowing are all nice and warm and snuggled up. We will be finking a purring fur all the outside kitties, and hope they say safe and warm.
Conner..if youz wants youz can come and snuggles with me today.
Well, I'm off to get our stinkygoodness.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuxie Toozday with Precious!

Hi eferyonez, Precious here. Sia says that she wouldn't feel so bad fur not posting yesterday if I got to post today. Our meowmzie had to go back to the bean dentist to get the fur-eve crown put on. I don't see a crown on meowmzie teeth. hmm... I wonder what kind of crown it is? I tried to find it on the in-tur-netz...but I just found my self looking at bloggies, oh well. My brofher goes to get his Hoo-ha-ectomy the 14th of this month. I finks this is good news seeing meowmzie came home all happy about it. She said that the next thing would be fur me'z to get my lady-gardne-ectomy, umm I'm not to sure as to what that is...but ok. Well...i haves to go and chase some buggies, and hunt lizzies on the porchie with my big sis Sia.