Monday, May 28, 2007

Meezer Monday!

I hopez eferyonez has had a wonderful weekend, and has a safe and happy Memorial day.
I have thought about what Marley has asked on if he could have TWO girlfriend cats. I'm not sure I want to be the other girlfriend or would she be the other girlfriend is my question to him? My sisfers finks the other girl just might be a lil fling of his. Auntie Kat I still luvz youzzz. I know it is not your fault. It's just a girl meezer has to do what a girl meezer finks is right furz her. Well I'm going to go get my stinky goodness and take a naps on this issue. Mew til next mew..Sia

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tabby Thurzday!

Hi eferyonez! First off we would like to fanks eferyonez that stopped by and wished Sia a Happy Birfday!Oscar.. I hope youz had fun yesterday. I know I did, even when Shamy was wrestling with Marley about..ummm him having another girl besides Sia. Anyways, I finks thats furz themz to figure out.
Ok, well I asked meowmzie if we could use this pic-fer seeing we dont have any new ones on the com-poo-ter yet. She has been taking some, but she has to wait until she fills the whole memory card. Well, I'm going to go chill on the porchie. Meowmize has to work today, and has to get some stuff done before she leaves. I don't get her is always, go-go-go, and maybe a nap..ahhhh the fings we kitties could teach our beans. Well have a wonderful Thurzday eferyonez......Pounce

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

White W, and Sia's 4th Birfday!

Hi eferyonez! Today we have a multi post going on. Today is of course White Wednesday, but it is also my lil sisfers birfday. Sorry that these are old pic-fers. Meowmize has not filled the memory card up on the flashy box yet. These were taken in our old place the apartment that was tiny compared to our new house. I know meowmize and the dadz are happy to be here, and we are VERY happy to have a bigger place, and with a giant porchie. Well, I guess I will tell eferyonez about Sia's birfday party plans.
We are going to haves it so youz can teleport over at anytime, and have some goodies while your here if youz wants. We'ze are going to have a mousie shaped nip-n- cream cake, some temp-tay-shunz, nip-tinis, half-n-half, milk, and some tuna juice. So please feel free to have some of what everz youz wants.

Now a lil song ferz our sisfer.Sung by all of us, hehe.
Happy birfhday Sia!
Happy Birfday Sia!
Happy Birfday Siiiii-aaahhhh, Happy Birfday to youuuzzzzzz!

Sia turns 4 today, and we hopez youz turns many more, hehe.
I finks meowmize has to go get her a bifday pressie today, but I could be wrong. Well, i'm off to help organize our porchie. Come overs when you can eferyonez.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sleepy Tuxie Tooesday!

Hi eferyonez, Sia here. Taps is busy sleeping like he has been doing alot of lately. So I told meowmize I wouldn't mind posting for him. I figured it was a nice fing to do furz our OLD MANCAT of the house. Mewomzie is worried about him, seeing he is sleeping alot more, and you can actually walk up on him when he is sleeping. I finks personally that he is dreaming of his girlfriend Yuki, which is why he doesn't hear us. So meowmize is a lil worried aboutz him. Does anyone have helpful advice on Geezer kitties. See meowmize and Taps have been together furz a very long time, and he is the first kitty she has known to be ths old. So with saying that meowmize says that she will do the meme that Anni tagged me furz yesterday. Seeing we did ours together last Tooesday. So here are 7 random facts about or meowmize.
1- Meowmize just luvz her Cherry Vanilla Dr.Pepper
2-She has had Taps since her freshman year of high school. -I finks that was a 100 years ago!
3-She once had a horsie named Red, and pony named Nugget, also a bazillion yearz ago
4-She has brofher who is almost a year younger than herz. Which she is nofing like.
5-Our meowmize luvs us unconditionaly, no matter what we do. Evenz when the dadz gets mad at us furz yacking hairballs on the bed, or somefing like that.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Sleepy Meezer!

Happy Meezer Monday eferyonez!
Well, we still don't have any new pic-fers of us yet, but we'z are working on itz. I hopez all of youz had a wonderful weekendz. We had a fun one, chilling on the porchy, and me waking meowmize up early eferydayz, hehehe. I even gotz her upz before she wanted to be today. I use that lil paw tap, and if that don'tz work I will gently hook her lip, or attacks her feet if that doesn't workz. This morning, she said if it was early I am getting a thousand kisserz, well I guess I am going to get a thousand kisserz. I woke her up around 845 I guess. I just wanted some luviez and my stinky goodness. Which I didn't eat until she sat down to help me do my bloggie post. which was aroundz 10. She finks I am getting to be very praticular on fings. See i don't like eating in a room where my meowmize is not, and if she leaves I will stops eating. I will nibblez on the crunchy foodies when she is not home or doing stuff. I just don't likez eating my stinky goodness and herz not being around. Do any of youz finks this is weird, or me just being VERY practicular? Well, I'm going to take a nappie seeing I have meowmize up, hehe. I hopez youz all have a wonderful day.
Oh, I almost fur gotz.. I'm going to have a teleporting birfhday party Wednesday. I am turning 4, and meowmize said that I could, plus we can all play on the new porchie.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Stinky But True!

Hi eferyone! I hopes youz are all ahving a great week so far. Well, today i wants to tell youz all a very funny but smelly story. Well, it is funny to us kitties maybe not your beanz, but hey a kitty has to what a kitty has to do. My sweet Oscar's kitty comic post made me finks of this, hehe.
Ok well, our Uncle F. ( don't want use his whole name) was staying with us. Meowmize and the dadz were there, but a new person in our home was a lil difere4nt and stressfull, because he didn't like our kitty was. See meowmize and the dadz have different scheduels, and so when she was home they were gone and vice versa. Well, one night meowmize and the dadz were debating on how to get Sia from having s to eat on the counter. Then the dadz heres darn cat. He goes in there and some kitty had pooed on the blankie next to his head. Meowmize tried her hardest from laughing. The dadz is is what did he do to desirve this from them. All she could say, "well I guess he must have upset one of them" this is how they show there displeasure. ( we all know there is another way.) So dadz what are youz saying there are spiteful and will get you back, she said " yep". Well I don't belive you he said! Then he was darn it, honey! Someone yacked a hairball up "ON my side of the bed." She then really started to laugh. So the moral of my story is..... don't go into another kitties home and expect to change there ways. They will change yourz first, hehe. Oh to this day the dadz and Uncle F. don't know who gave him the smelly gift. Wello I hopes youz get a laugh from this. ....Pounce

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

7 Random Facts!

While we were off line Taps was tagged to list 7 random facts about himself by Yuki. So we decided to do it with him, seeing we have read our kitty friends bloggies who did not know who had and had not been tagged. So here is the 7 random facts about us.


  • I luvs to eat chickey, turkey, steak, and pizza when meowmize or the dadz give it to me.
  • I use to bite my meowmize head if she didn't pet me when I laid on the back of the couch behind her head. I would even put my razor blades in her hair line, hehe.
  • I sometimes sleep on my meowmize pillow, next to her head.
  • I have moved with my meowmize way to many times to count.
  • I had the unfortunate nick name given to me of "Hitler cat" due to random fact #2, by meowmize EX-BF
  • I don't like to hunt buggies or lizzies or anyfing. I will watch them walk,fly,crawl or slither by me.
  • I use to be a indoor outside kitty.


  • I have very lite golden colored eyes, which are sensitive to light.
  • The person who had me before my meowmize had named me "Gana"
  • I tell meowmize when the crunchy food dish is empty or getting very low.
  • I also have to have meowmize put crunchy foodies in the bowl in the morning reagrdless of it needing foodies.
  • I don't like to be picked up at all, unless it is to be put up to eat my stinky goodness.
  • I like to pinch meowmize finger tips if she stops petting me before i am ready for herz to.
  • I luvs to meow at meowmize to make her wonder what I want, hehe


  • My full name is Siamia, but meowmize had named me Freya while I was at the shealter. The dadz didn't like it so they changed it.
  • I luv to have my harness and leash put on me for walks in my yard
  • I just recently caught and killed a lizzie that was invaiding my new home.
  • I am meowmize lil princess meezer, and don't really like sharing her attention
  • I will fallow my meowmize eferywherez in the house when she is home.
  • If I want luvies in the morning or at night when meowmize is not up i will wake her up furz them.
  • I use one lil razor blade to wakes hers up, by gently hooking in in her lip. i haven't drawn blood yet. Lucky furz her, hehe


  • My full name is Pounce Squeak, meowmize and her co-worker named me that when I came in the same day.
  • I gives my woofies headrubberz and I give them kitty kisserz on there heads.
  • My daddiez will hold me like a kitty baby when her is in the hman liter box room.
  • I have a need to cover anyfing and eferyfing.
  • When meowmize prints somefing, I havez to watch the paper comez out. Sometimez I try to stick my paw in it. I never get left alone while it prints.
  • I would go into a PTU easy, becasue I would walk right into it. That was until we moved her from NC.
  • I very purrty green eyes meowmize says.


  • The dadz wanted to name me Shamrock, but meowmize decided to name me Shamy.
  • I was adopted from the same shealter Sia, Pounce, and Mooch came from.
  • I am the second oldest kitty in the house
  • I likes to stand on my hind legs and reach up for my meowmize or the dadz to pick me up.
  • I will give my meowmize a kitty nose nuzzle, when we snuggles together.
  • I have to give meowmize a biscuit making leg rubbberz before i lay down at night.
  • My tummy doesn't do well with dairy products.

Well this is our meme for the 7 random facts about us. Meowmize says she hopes to have new pic-fers of us all very soon. She might even stop furz a lil bit tomorrow to take some of us. Oh, Snowy says, she hopes to have a White Wednesday post up furz next week. We hopez you all have a wonderful week...taps, Snowy, Sia, Pounce, and Shamy

Tuxie tooesday!

Hi eferyonez! First off we would likes to fanks eferyonez for all of the nice fings said about Lil Girls. Our granparents, were very toched by eferyonez caring comments. Our meowmize explained to our grandmeowmize that we help each other through the good and bad times. So furz all this wonderfull support furz our family we fanks youz very much. Luvz to all from our family!

Well, this is what I have been doing a lot of on the new porchie, and when I am not doing short sprints through the house. We hopes to have new pic-fers very soon. Yuki, please tells your mewomize that it won't take fur-everz this time, hehe. Well, I needs to go and take a nap now. Besides, our meowmize says she has a lot of stuff to unpack still. Will this ever ends? We hopez youz all have a wonderful day....Taps

Monday, May 14, 2007

Rest in Peace Lil Girl's !

We will Miss You Lil Girls!

12-1-96 to 5-14-07
Lil Girl's is my moms woofie. We helped her momma give birth to her, and helped her give birth to her own litter of pups. Her brother Boozie is still with us cooping with the loss of his sister, with my parents. She was helped to the bridge to ease her discomfort, so that she would no longer have to suffer. They believe she had cancer, and was worse than what anyone had thought it to be.
Lil Girl's may you play in the grassy meadows, and lay in the warm sun. As you wait for your family to join you at the rainbow Bridge. Just be happy to know that you will always live in our hearts, and will never be forgotten. We love you, Rest in Peace!

1st Meezer Monday in the New House!

Hi eferyonez! We are finally back and all moved ito our new house. Now Meowmize has to unpack eferyfing. We have had some interesting fings happen so far since we have been here. Which I will share with eferyonez in a lil bit. We are all very excited about having a porchy teleporting party this month. Oh, I even turn 4 this month as well, hehe.
Now our new house has a really big screened in porchy, and the inside is very big as well. We even have a garage to explore when we are allowed in there. Our woofies have a big fenced in yard so they can do there fing.. and play if they wants with out yanking on meowmize arm. Plus we have tile floor which means swatting our toys is very fun, because we can send them flingz like Hockey Pucks?( meowmize word) Any wayz.. I needz to go and get meowmize to feedz us our stinky goodness. We hopez youz all have a wonderfull day....Sia

Sunday, May 13, 2007

We are BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we are back to blogging, and are moved into our new house. We hopes to have pic-fers very soon. We are all doing well, and hope to have our porchy teleporting party soonz. Below is Taps thinkg Blog Award post. We'z are very sorry that it is so late. We will have a normal meezer post in the morning, hehe. Well Happy Meowmize day...Sia

I was nominated by Suzanne of Sweet Sixteen for the Thinking Blog Award Thurzday. This is the first chance that I got to post it. Mainly because my meowmize had to work and we were in the process of moving. So here are the five blogs I nominate for the Thinking Blogger Award.

1: Dragonheart, because we never know what interesting information that we might get about
Sphynx kitties or anyfing else from him. Which makes me fink about what I just read.
2: Skeezix- he informed us about the dangers of vishuse deer, and that mancats can wear pink.
3: Oscar of "Oscar the puppy Cat"- he makes me fink of how wonderful fings in life are
4:Daisy the Curly Cat, because she shares her adventures with us and it makes me wonder what adventures I miss.
5:Cat Blogosphere, because with out our wonderful ree-porterz we wouldn't have all the news
info in our blogging community. I helps me catch up on all the impawtent news.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Big move tomorrow!

Hi Eferyonze! We are still packing around meowmize work schedule, and tomorrow is going to be our very big day of being moved. So we will not have the internet or the com-pooterz up for a lil bit. We hopez to get caught up on bloggies very soonz. So we hopez eferyonez has a wonderful day, and wonderful week, We hopez to have pic-ferz of our new place to showz eferyonez when we get back onlinez. Now I am going to get back to my nap while meowmize finishes the last of the wiitle fings to be packed. Luvs all of us...Sia
Hi my handsome Marley!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Full Moon!

Our meowmize fought this would be a cute pic-fer furz today. Seeing last night we had a purrty full moon. Well, she is going backz to work, and is going to be doing the finishing packing while working. Like we said before we miss all of our kitty friends, and home to be post like normal soon. Luv all of us..Taps, Snowy, Sia, Pounce, and Shamy and the meowmize of course.
P.S. Taps hopes to have his Thinking blogger done tonight. Lets keep the kitty paws crossed that he does, hehe..Sia

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hi eferyonez, we are still here packing!

We would just like to say hi to eferyonez! We are sorry furz not being able to visitz all of our friendz. We are still packing and stuffz. As we kitties knowz are beans are always busy with there normal day stuff, and having to movez is no funz furz them. We hopez to be back to a noraml posting by next weekendz. Taps is working on his thinking blog award and is nominating/taggin his five. It's that our meowmize is busy which is why he doesn't have it ups yet. Oh please mark it on youz planners , Sia's 4th burfhday is the 23rd this month. I finks meowmize might let us have a bloggie party furs her, and to celebrates us having a new house to lives in. Well, i gots to go help meowmize pack more stuff. By help I mean snoppervise what she is packing, hehe...Snowy

To our sweethearts: Yuki, Conner Cloud, Marley, Oscar, and Emily... We hopes to be able to visits youz soon. Luvs us ,xoxoxox =^..^=