Friday, September 03, 2010

Kitty advice needed!

Hello eferyonez! We hopes you all have a wonderful weekend and a happy Labor Day! We are going to have a quiet weekend seeing the dadz is working. We were wonderings if any of yourz might be able to help us with a kitty problemz. Our brofher Aladdin is being a very naughty kitty. As you may have read her pooped on our kitten beans bed just last week. Then today right in front of our meowmize he backed his tooshie up to spray the kitten beans bed. Our meowmzie and the dadz loves him very much but they don't want him peeing or pooping on our kitten beans or anything else besides or personal boxes. So she really hates thinking this but if she can't stop him from doing this she is going to have to find him a new home. So any advice would be great. We fanks youz in advance. MAny purrss and headbutts....Siamia