Thursday, November 04, 2010

R.I.P Taps (1991-2010)

Today I had to say goodbye to my furry friend who has been with me since my freshman year of high school. I have known that one day I would have to say goodbye and let him go to the rainbow bridge. Back in October 2004 I thought it was going to be then. This is when we found out he had kidney disease and was given 6 months to a year. Well, my main man sure showed them up now didn't he. I made the decision Tuesday that I was going to help him to bridge so that he would no longer be in discomfort. I know in my heart it was the kindest thing I could have done for him. Yet, I sit here and wonder how do you thank a furry friend for everything they have helped you with in there own way. One who has been with you on break ups with boyfriends, moves, marriage, a loss of a pregnancy, andthe birth of a two legged sibling. Let's not forget the acceptance of having new furry family members moving in. I guess the only way is to let them know how much you love them when they need your comfort the most. I have 2 of my furry boys at the bridge waiting for me now. I know Taps is now no longer in any discomfort/pain and his little body is healthy again. Most likely chasing mice, rooling in the grass, eating catnip and chilling with Shamy. I will miss you my honey cat. You will not be me forgotten by me. Rest in peace Taps 1-1991/11-04-2010
I'm sorry this is so long and rambling like. Thanks for reading...Val
We would like to thank those who have already left comforting messaages. We love our furiendz here on the blogosphere. ....Sia

Friday, September 03, 2010

Kitty advice needed!

Hello eferyonez! We hopes you all have a wonderful weekend and a happy Labor Day! We are going to have a quiet weekend seeing the dadz is working. We were wonderings if any of yourz might be able to help us with a kitty problemz. Our brofher Aladdin is being a very naughty kitty. As you may have read her pooped on our kitten beans bed just last week. Then today right in front of our meowmize he backed his tooshie up to spray the kitten beans bed. Our meowmzie and the dadz loves him very much but they don't want him peeing or pooping on our kitten beans or anything else besides or personal boxes. So she really hates thinking this but if she can't stop him from doing this she is going to have to find him a new home. So any advice would be great. We fanks youz in advance. MAny purrss and headbutts....Siamia

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tabby kitten bean tuesday

Hello every kitties! We would like to fanks you for the info on publishing a story our meowmize wrote. She is going to be looking into the sites that were suggested. as fur us we are in the daily routen of running from the two legged kitten bean. She is getting a lil better each day about us, but we just may be getting use to her chasing us. Although our brofher Aladdin is in the house. He pooped on our kitten beans bed this morning. Meowmzie told him he does anything else like that again that she will have to find him a new homez. I wouldn't even do something like that to our kitten bean. She has even pulled my furs and tails mores than I care to have done. Well... I'm off to birdie watch and chase my sisfer Snowy around the house. Purrss....Pounce

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sia's kitten bean ramble

Hello fur-riendz! Well... we are having fun playing stay out of reach of the two legged kitten day again. Although today our woofies are involded in the chase, hehe. We kitties prefer her to chase after them than us. Our meowmize does a really good job at stopping her. Yet....there are timez that she does it while meowmize is busy. So we kitties take advantage of her nap time. I don;t normally mind her but she has been chasing me and trying to grab my tail alot lately. Just last night she had me by the tail and meowmize safed me. She told our kitten bean that it was not nice to do that to me. That I could have scratched her and then the dadz would have gotten mad at me. Boy....the fings we kittes have to go through. hey... if any of youz experianced kitties have any advice on how to handle kitten beans please let us know. Meowmize is kinda out of ideaz and she doesn't want the dadz to get mad us. Considering our kitten bean has been scratched a few times and still goes fur us. Any micezzz....that the excitement in our house. Oh.....our meowmize was wondering if any of our kitty friends would know how she could try and publish a lil kitten bean story she wrote. It's nothing to big. Fanks a bunch ..and heres to a purry beautiful day. Until next mew...Siamia

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chillin Thursday!

Hello to our kitty friends! We are having a relaxing kinda Thursday. Our two legged kitten is STILL napping. Our meowmize is helping us with our bloggie and loaded some new pics up on the com-pue-ter fur us. It's nice to have some quiet time with out the possiblity of being chased by the two legged kitten. meowmize is working on getting her to be nice to us. We'z guess it's going to take some time furz her to learn these fings. Well we'z are off furz now.. the two legged kitten bean is up and running around.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Our new brofher!

Hello everyonez! Well we finally got a picfer of our new brofher Aladdin. He has been with us since December and evenz got to chill with Shamy our angel brofher. Ourmeowmize and the dadz call him Fat Cat, and sometimes Garfield. He is a very chilled and relaxed, lazy brofher. He is also very lovey to our meowmize and the dadz. Our meowmize told me'z that she is going to try and help me blog furz us more.Hoepfully our legged kitten bean will let hers, hehe. She is getting better about being nice to us and not pulling our furz. Well... our baby bean is getting into somethingz she should not be so... we haz to get our furry bottoms up and go. We hope to mew to you tomorrow...Siamia

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sia's rambling!

We would like to thank all of our furriends for the kind and thoughtful comments when we lost our brofher Shamy. Our meowmize found this picfer of him just today.

We have another brofher who's name is Alladine. He came to live with us in December and is fitting in wellz. He is a lot of fun to chase and pick on, hehe. Our meowmize didn't post anyfing abouts him because she wasn't sure if we would except him. She calls him Garfiled because he is fat like him, hehe. Now our baby kitten bean loves us all, but her love'ez hurts. She doesn't mean to but she likes to pull the tail and the furz. Our meowmize and the dadz are trying to teach her how to pet us. I know she will get it soon. Now Pounce has been mean to her and has scratched her twice on her lil cheeks. She got introubles with the dadz and meowmize and they just told her that our kitten bean doesn't mean to hurts her. when she see's the kitten bean she just gets up and moves. Now the other day I wapped our kitten bean on the arm....she was pulling my beautiful meezer tail. I didn't really hurts her...but meowmzie told me that I shouldn't do that and I accidently nicked her with my razor claws. I have since then let her pet(tap) me and we have made up. Well....I has to get going the meowmizwe needs to make our kitten bean somethings to eat. We hopes to start bloggin more....with some new pic-fers of us all. Maybe we will take one with our kitten bean so we can post a pic-fer of her with us. Till then happy mouse-ie hunting and enjoy some treatsies and some nip, hehe......Siamia

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sad day in our house!

We are very sad to write this......our sweet brofher Shamy crossed over to the rainbow bridge this morning. He got sick very quickly and went down hill just as fast. The vet and our beans all agreed that lettin him go was the best thing to do We know he's at the rainbow bridge chasing mice and enjoying all kinds of goodies. Rest in peace our sweet brofher. We will see you at the bridge one day.
12-23-00 / 3-29-10

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A long time no Mew!

Well...hello to all of our kitty friends out there! Yes.... we are still mewing and eating kitty crunchies. We kitties just never knew how much work helping meowmize with a kitten bean would be. Although meowmize did give us warning that our lil kity lives were going to be changed. Speaking of which....we now have to run from our kitten bean because she is a pro crawler. She loves us very much and trys to pet us in her own way. The meowmize and dadz are good about not letting her hurt us. Our woofie Mooch luvz her bunches and even lets her ride him like a puppy pony. Even with this much excitement we have more, yes more. We are moving to a bigger house which we lived at once before and is pawsome. Well....I'm off to get some treats (yeap temp-tay-shunz) and let meowmize get our kitten bean dressed. Till next mew..Siamia