Wednesday, October 31, 2007

White Wednesday!

Hi eferyonez, it is good to be back. First of all I would like to say HI, to my sweet Conner. I have missed snuggling with youz. Maybe youz could comes nuggles with me later tonight. Our meowmize is going to hand out some cansies tonight, and hopefully not spooky monsters get in the house while she is doing that. oh, she is even going to see a bean dentist today. I don't finks that is going to be a lot of funz at all. Well, I needs to let her go to bed now, she has to get up earlie. Yeap we are doing this before she goes to sleep, hehe.
I hopes youz all have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Taps and Shania snuggling?

Hi eferyonez, Taps here. What canz i sayz, I was sleeping and the big fluffy woofie Shania got on the couch with me'z. The dadz saw it and took the pic-fer. The lil stinker TJ got one of him taken with Mooch I finks. Anyways, my sweet Yuki do you finks your meowmize would mind me coming and snuggling with youz tomorrow evening? I do miss snuggling with youz. Also please tell your meowmize "Hi" fur our meowmize. They stay so busy all of the timez. Also ummm.. Shamy wanted me to tell Miss Emily, that he would lovez to come snuggles with youz sometime soon. I finks we might have to do somefing special furz our sweetiez to make up furz not being around to much. Well, i'm off to nap up a gurreat idea, and dream of my beautiful Yuki...Taps

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Meezer Lizzie Hunting Monday!

Hi Eferyonez! We finally gotz our meowmzie to redo our linkie list. If we furgots anyones pleaze letz us know. Oh she is also going to try and make it with the (+/-) fingie. We also have some new pic-fers coming very soon. She has to make room on the com-poo-ter before she adds any more to it'z. Anywayz....... We have been doing well even though the meowmize has been very busy lately. I hvae been doing alot of lizzie hunting on our porchie. Which is what I am doing in this pic-fer. There was one above my head, but he was being shy of the flashy box. Daisy do you finks the lizzies here are named George as well. I never get to find out there name. My meowmize finks they have all told each ofherz to stay away from our house, because they are not visiting us as much any morez? I don't know why this is. my meowmzie made me a lil spider webbed cape and vail, but I didn't feel like taking my pic-fer in it...sooooooo....... I guess I will have to save it fur next year. Well, I needz to get goingz it is gettingz late. Mew til next mew..Sia

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Miza makes demands! is "I" Miza! I have taken over Snowy's white wednesday post.... to inform youz of the meowmize lack of helping us post. I have once again come back for yet another visit. She has been toooooo... busy due to work. We kitties want our blogging time, and our linkie list back up. Further more I would like to have Sia (My true-self) have a pic-fer taken of her fur the Halloween costume contest. Further more a rule set down in this house as to where my nightly sleeping spot is. I do not like to share your feet and ankles with anyone, that is my spot. Also i would like more timez outside so I can improve my hunting skills. That is all furz now.. hmmmm.. what did i tell meowmize to write....oh, no Miza was back. Well.. I like what she mewed.. so I guess I will let it stay. So what do youz all fink.. does this all sound like a fare demands of my meowmize? ...Sia/Miza

Friday, October 12, 2007

Shamy..get in trouble?

Hi eferyonez! I getz to do a post today. I have missed out for a few weekz as well. I finks Snowy might start a petition furz us, and getting our meowmize helping us on a normal bloggie schedule. This ia cute pic-fer of me laying in the top of the closet. Which the dadz didn't really want us in, but I knowz how to open the sliding doors, hehe. Any-micerz......I was a naughty boy this morning. I jumped up on my meowmize corner shelf fingie. It has a vase that looks just likes Taps on top. I didn't breaks anyfing, but I don't like it when my meowmize has to scold me. She gave me a huggerz, and a kiss on the head and said she loved me though. Then told me she didn't want me to get hurtz or break anyfing. Which means I don't finks I will be getting up there anytimez soon. She even opened the windows furz a lil bit this morning, butliving here in flo-rie-dah means until it really cools off we don't get open windows to often. I finkz she said we might get them tonight. She just has to get the dadz to agree to it. Anywayz...... I would likez to say hi to my sweet Emily! I do miss snugglingz with youz my sweet. Oh, meowmize says she is going to TRY and redo our link list again. she just has to figure out how to add the (+/-) fingie with the new layout. Well, I'm off to go snuggle some where and take a nice nap. Purrs....Shamy

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tabby Thurzday!

Hi eferyonez! It'z been a long timez not posting. I have been busy with the two lil stinkerz, and with our meowmize being busy all the time latelyz. I'm surprised Sia has been able to post on Meezer Monday. Otherz than thatz we have just been chillin in the house and on the porchie, while the meowmzie and the dadz and the Uncle does stuffz aroundz here. Yet, we wish we could have the meowmzie around morez than what she is sometimez. althoughz we knowz she has to workz to make the moneyz furz the stinky goodness and micerz. Hey speaking of micerz... I finkz we needz some new onez! Well, gotz to's past or stink goodness timez and I'm hungriez....Pounce

Monday, October 08, 2007

Meezer Monday

Hi eferyonez! It has been another busy week here fur us....well maybe furz our meowmzie, hehe. I have to get herz to fix our linkie list and to put new pic-fers of us on here. The two lil stinkerz Precious and TJ are getting bigger. Yeap.. they are still with us. Meowmzie has not been able to find them a home yet. I finkz they might end up staying with us. Since my last post post I'z has not been upz to much, besides napping, chillin on the porchie, and my favoritz lizzie hunting. Just last night I got out and caught a lizzie. Being the great huntress I am'z I didn't let my game go to waste. For that part my meowmzie is proud of me. Her fing is if youz go outz and kill it'z willingly then youz should eatz it all up. Well the partz youz can atleast. Besides I don't finkz she would let me stuff my lizzie. Maybe I can get a stuff lizzie toy, hmmmm.... Well, I has to be going so I can get my stinkie goodness. Mew till next mew..Sia
Hi Marley!, I miss youz......
P.S. If I have offended youz in my post today, I am'z very sorry. It is just our meowmize and minez believe.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Meezer Monday!

Hi eferyonez! Sorry we have not posted furz awhile AGIAN! The meowmize was really tiredz, and my evil meezer twin was around. Meowmzie sayz it was evil twin, because I was being very GRUMPIEZ to put it nicely she says. She don't knowz why I was being mean, only that it might be that I couldn'tz go outside. It all started when our woofie Mooch busted the screeen door, and the bottom. I got outz which is not really good seeing we have Vishuz birdie Hawks that fly over our house. The dadz and the Unclez thought they had it fixed enough that they could let us on the porchie again, but nope I got out agin. The dadz tried again, and I found a spot, but my meowmzie ...she FIXED it until the dadz and unclez fix it properly. Thatz when my twin Miza showed up. She didn't even likez my meowmzie go figurez, she grwoled and hissed and even swatted at herz, but she tried biting the dadz. I finks I shouldn't let Miza visitz again. She even wapped Shamy, Pounce, TJ, and lil Precious. She tried to wap Snowy... but she got wapped instead. I'm just happy that she has left and so is meowmize. Well... it'z timez furz the stinky goodness. Mew til next mew..Siamia
P.S. Hi Marley! Let yourz meowmize know that my meowmzie is going to try and send the giftie today.