Wednesday, January 31, 2007

White Wednesday w/Taps

Here's another pic-fer of me laying with my bestest buddiez Taps. We are laying on our the carpet the dadz put on our porchy just to give us a lil padding. Which we finks is very nice, so we don't have to lays on the concret.As youz can tell we were taking a nappie when the flashy box had to strike. Like taps mentioned in his toosday post our meowmize turned off the flashy fing so it wasn't to bad. As you can see we were laying very close to each other. Meowmize was happy to see this, because the others won't mess with me. This way they will leave him alone. which is a very good fing. Well we hopez eferyonez is having a wonderful week so far. Well, I'm offz to napz now.- Snowy

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuxie-tummy-toesie -Toosday

Hello eferyone, Taps here. I got to do a post today, because Pounce had her tabby/burfhday last toosday. As you can see I have my tummy, my tuxie, and I have some toesies showing in this pic-fer. I finks it's a 3 for 1 deal meowmize got, hehe. I guess seeing she waited patiently that I had to give it up to her. Anyways, i was taking a nap on our porchy, and meowmize sat down with us with the flashy box in her hand. Although this time the flashy fingy wasn't working. I fink she turned it off so she could get more pic-fers of us, and not hurt our purrty eyes. Well, I am off to take a nap and curl up in a warm spot. Considering it's a tad chillie here in Flo-rie-dah today.Tell the next time eferyones, happy napping.-Taps

Monday, January 29, 2007

Meezer Monday - Investigator

Well we hopez eferyonez had a fantastic weekend. We had a nice one, and we had meowmize for part of it.. Well this is a pic-fer of me on our porchy with the plants that we broke down, before someone was guilty of doing that. Yes, those are pointsettas, but we are good and don't eat them. Meowmize had a talk with us two years ago about them and Mr. water bottle was with her on it, hehe. I was not the naughty kitty that had to be told by Mr. Waterbottle. Anyways, I was watching a person that was working outside near MY porchy. Yes, I do share it with the others, but it is MY porchy and I even gurad it as well. Now meowmize will say that I was terrified of it when we frist moved here, and she is right. Besides, I had been living in a nice quiet wooded area where I saw some cars past bye but none with loud noises coming out of them, of so many parking in front of my porchy area. That and I only get to see a few squirrliee guyz, and a few birdies :(
That is the bad part about MY porchy, but meowmize hopes that someday soon she will beable to put up birdie feederz, and have more squirrliee guyz for us to watch again. Well, I am off to go play on MY porchy. -Sia
OH, meowmize says, as soon as we get pic-fers of Shania haircut we will be posting themz, hehe

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shamy's Chair

Hello eferyone, Shamy here. Here's amother newe pic-fer. This chair is mine, and I only share it when I want to. Even though meowmize says it is her chair, and I have to share it. I think there might be some incriminating pic-fers of me laying with one or two of my sisfers. Thats is unless I can figure out how to delete them from the compooter. Well meowmize bought some pupski clippurrz to give shania -the bad dog a hair cut today. Us kitties finks this is going to be very interesting. Considering this be the second time mewomize has done this. Oh, and because Shania doesn't sit or stand still long enough for her. And, if your already finking " will there be pic-fers?" The wonderful answer will be yes, hehe. We will have pic-fers even if it's good, bad or ugly, muhahahaha. Well I am off to go take a nappie. - Shamy.

Oh, meomize says sheis goingt o update the pupskies bloggie.So if you want you can go visit them.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Taps and me White Wednesday

Good afternoon eferyonez. sorry I am posting late, but meowmize would not get up this morning. I guess she was tired from all the working she's been doing. Anyways, here is a pic-fer of me and my buddy Taps. Meowmize was out there with us and happed to have the flashy fing to take this pic-fer. We likes to lay on the porchy a lot, and daddy has put a big piece of carpet on the floor for us. This way it's nice and comfy. Well, I am going to go and take a nappie, and watch buggies, and birdies fly bye. - Snowy

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tabby Toosday- Pounce Burfhday!

Hello eferyonez! Today is my 4th burfhday. I finks this is wonderful and all. Meowmize has to work today so she is going to get me my burfhday stinkie goodness tomorrowz. I guess having a new pic-fer will make up for no special stinkie goodness. Anyways, the plants you see behind me, well somekitty decieded tobreak down two of themz. Meowmize was not happy when she saw this, but she forgave us with in five minutes, hehe. don't I just look cutes in this pic-fer. Well I'm off to chill on the porchy and tourmnetz someonez. -Pounce

Shamy: Hey Pounce wait a minute we have a song for yah!
Pounce: A song, oh you guys don't have to sing me a song
Shamy : Um yes we do. Sia, and Snowy are you ready?

The Trio: Happy Burhday to youz
Happy Burfhday to youz
Happy Burfhday dear P- ouncce......
Happy Burfhday to youzzzzzz.
Pounce: aw fanks guys. That was very sweetz of youz.
Shamy : Oh we have one more Hit it girls( giggles before it starts)
Girls: Pounce-aroni-aronie-a macaroni, pouce-ka-roniez
Pounce: ok, so who do i get to pounce on first now. thats mewomize song to me

Monday, January 22, 2007

Meezer Monday - Secret Paws

Hello eferyonez. We hopez eferyonez had a wonderful weekend. Heres the pic-fers of our secret pwas presnet from Ella & Fitsgerald. As you can see I was very interested in the box. We got a lot of yummy and fun stuff. We gotz 5 fings of stinky goodness meowmix cups, Yummie! We also gotz some nip mini tennis balls ( as meowmize calls then), and a nips bag toy, and we can't furgetz the wonderful bag of NIP! Then they got us some temp-tay-shuns, - Seafood medley theses are very Yummy! Yes, we did share eferyfing, and are getting nipped up re-spon=cib-lee.

This is us checking eferyfing out after meowmize put it out neatly, and where I committed the unthinkable crime.

Now here is a pic-fer in the santay hat that says " I want it all" Now meowmize promised that she would not take our pic-fers in a santay hat, but i had to. Now I'm sure eferyone is asking why only you Sia? Well you see when meowmize was putting the stuff togethers furrz the pic-fer i kinda wrapped my paws around her wrist and I BIT her. I didn't draw blodd but i did break the skin. - Sia

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our Fishy Flakes!

We would like to fank our friends Yuki, Kimiko, and their meowmize furrz sending us some yummy fishy Flakes. We are vurry sorry about the pic-fers being blurry, but we wouldn't sit still long enough furrz a pic-fer. We lost one, meowmize helped blogger eat it, hehe. We will post that one later. Yes Princess Sia did share the fishy flakes with eferyonez. She wasn't trilled about it, but knows it is the polite princess way of fings. Well we are off to nap, and watch lizzies and stuff. -Pounce& Sia

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Porchy White Wednesday

Yippy, we have some new pic-fers. Here's one of me laying on our porchy, as you can tell I didn't care to much for the flashy fing. Meowmize has since straightened our porchy up, and it looks a lot purrtier with the few plants we have now. We just have to get her to grow us a planter of our kitty grass, hehe. We finks it is a wonderful idea. This way we can all get our grass munching onz. That would make it lookz even nicer, hehe. Well, I must go now. It's to purrty outside not to lay and sunbath on our porchy.-Snowy

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tabby Toosday!

Hello eferyonez, well meowmize has another grace day. The machine she needed furz the pic-fer disk was not working again. So she did promise she would get it done tomorrow even if she has to pay a bunch of moneies furrz it.
Ok, well Sia had a question about her meezer vo-cat-bu-lariez as to what a picket-tail is. A picket-tail is when we kitties with a tail ( sorry Shamy) walk with our tails up straight protesting something. In this case us having a picket-tail over no new pic-fers of us on our bloggie. We hopes this explaines what a picket-tail is.
Now that I hvae explained that, here is my tabby toosday pic-fer. I was watching meowmize, tring to keep me looking at the flashy box fing. I'm sitting on our make shift coffee table, which is a storage box. I finks this is a very comfy sleepie spot. Well I am offs to sleepie, and chill on the porchy.-Pounce

Update: We will have new pic-fers for our bloggie tomorrowz. Meowmize picks up the pic-fer disk today around 2:40. Which means we can post pic-fers of our secret paws, sia in a santay hat, on ofher cute pic-fers.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Glowing Meezer

Happy Meezer Monday to eferyonez. we hopez you all had wonderful weekends. Meowmize finks I look cutes sitting all lady like, even with the glowing peeperz.
Well we have put off the picket-tail until tomorrow. Thats right tomorrow. Meowmize is not to blame, but we still want it done no matter what. She has tried two different places to get the disk made, and both places the machine was down. So this is why she gets another day before we picket-tail.Of course we will let eferyonez knows when we have new pic-fers up.
Also we would like to fank, Yuki, and Kimiko furrz sending us some de-li-cee-ous fishy flakes. even our woofies like them, go figure.We hopes you are feeling much better Yuki, and that yourz mommy is getting the hang of the sticky fing.
Well I finks thats eferyfings, if not we will post it later. I'm off to go take a nappie, play with a micerz, and ask to got outside. -Sia

Friday, January 12, 2007

Kitty Sunbatherz!

Hi eferyonez, Pounce here. Well meowmize has not put our pic-fers on a disk yet. I finks we are going to have a picket-tail going tonight if she has no disk when she comes home tonight. We were not wanting this, but we have to put our paws down. So we decided to post this pic-fer of these ktties laying and getting a tan. I don't finks we should wear a swim suite, but hey thats just me.I likes to be a all-nat-u-rale kinda girl, heehee. Oh, meowmize finkz the one on the left looks like me. What do you finks?

We would like to fanks Yuki, and Kimiko furrz sending us some of their yummy fishie flakes. we will post pic-fers, once meowmize finally gets our pic-fers on a disk.
We would like to also say we hopes youz starts feeling better soon Yuki. Taps has kidey issues to,yet not as bad as yourz we finks. we are sending youz lots of kitty purrayerz, and snuggles furrz youz to feel betterz.
Well, i'm off to tourment someone beforez I goes to sleepiez. Have a wonderful day, and week end.-Pounce

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sunning Snowy!

Hello eferyonez, Snowy here for White Wednesday. This is a picfer of me laying in the sun getting a kitty tan, hehe. This was a day I was not being coperartive with meomize for my pic-fers to be taken.
We would like to apologize for not posting the past two days.Meomize was going to get our pic-fers on disk, but had no funds to do it. She did promise she would have it done today though. I finks Pounce is putting together the pick-tails line today if she does not get it done. So please keep your paws crossed that it doesn't get the far.
In other news the dadz favorite collage team won the BCS Tostitos Bowl. Yeap, our dadz is a Gator fan.Meowmize rooted for them because they are a Flo-rie-dah team, but she like FSU. All I know is that as long as it doesn't interupt us getting our stinky goodness, and our crunchies then woo-hooo!!!! So there is peace in the house for the time being, well until next year atleast,hehe.
Well, I am off to take a nappie, and maybe eat some crunchies. Hopez eferyonez is having a wonderful week so far.-Snowy

White Wednesday Kitties:
Yuki - Kazoku Neko -Please keep her in your thoughts she is not feeling well.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Pounce's Hello

We just wanted to say hi to eferyonez. We hope you have been having a wonderful week, and will have a fantatsic weekend. We hopez to have some pic-fers of our secret paws to post monday, or tuesday, but that's if meowmize gets them put on disk. We were told that she would be doing it vurry soon so lets hope she don't furgetz the meomoryz card again. Well off to watch lizzies, and take nappies.-Pounce

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Snowy's First WW of 2007

Hi eferyonez! Hopes you have been hvaing a wonderful week so far. We would like to fank you furrz all the nice burfhday wishes you all have givin Taps. We had a quiet burfday furrz him. Meowmize gave him and the rest of us some really good Tuna with the water, yummy. Then last night she carried it over and gave us some very yummy, yumm foodies. one is a New England Boil, and the other isSurf and Turf. Meowmize says the cans say it's a Five Star Gourmet Entree, made by Merrick Petfoods.I finks we are going to have to gets her to buy us some more of that yummy stuff. Besides Taps really liked it. Well, thats about the most interesting fing we haves to say right now. Oh if you are participating in White Wednesday I will get meowmize to put you name below. Well off to naps. - Snowy

White Wednesday Kitties:

Yuki- Kazoku Neko
Ghost- Mia & Ghost

Monday, January 01, 2007

Special Edition!!!

Firts of all we would like to say to eferyonez.
This be a special edition fur one it's new year day and two it is noramlly meezer monday, and I have given my meezer monday post to Taps today. Now I'm sure that some of you are wondering why the princess of the house would give up her day. Well it is simple. Today is Taps 16th burfhday, and this is my giftie to him. See he doens't normally put pic-fers up on our bloggie to much. Because he lets us youngens have most of the fun while he lays around, and runs through the house in spurts. He has been with our meowmize the longest, and is the reason that we are living here now. Besides if it wasn't fur him the dadz would still be unsure of us kitties. So for this, I give him my meezer monday post.

So with that being said, Happy Burfhday Taps. !
Oh Snowy has a song furrz you, hehe.
Happy burfhday to you.Happy burfhday to you. Happy burfhday TAPS, happy burfday to youz.
This be furrz my buddy who took care of me when I was really little and sickie.
So with thats I am going to end thia. Have a wonderful day eferyonez, and a wonderful, healthy new year.- Sia