Friday, June 20, 2008

Sia's Newz Mews!

Well...hello furiendz! Meowmize could not help me on her days off due to being on the road majority of them. Which brings me to the first part of my newz mewing. Her fathers day gift to the dadz was driving to Flow-ree-duh to pick up the older two legged kid. We still have the rotten woofie Sky...we are hopinhs to find her a fur-ever home soon, and not with us, hehehe. Us kitties have had enough of not being able to sleep with meowmzie and of being chased. Oh....the horrer of this morning is that meowmzie put some minty smelling flea,tick and mosquito stuff on us. It's not as bad smelling as the stuff from the vet but.. i finks it's just as bad. Oh..meowmzie says it's that all natural stuff called Natures Guardian. So if anyonez out there has tried it please let us know what youz thought of it. Wel...I'm off to nap on the porchie, and maybe get us some temptayshuns for getting this funky stuff put on us. Mew till next mew ....Siamia
P.S. Hi my sweet Marley!
Snowy,Shamy,Precious, and Taps would like to send a great big headrubberz, and kitty nose kisser to there sweethearts. They hope to do a post each soon. We just have to get our meowmize booty moving, hehe.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birfhday's and New Mews!

We are sorry we have not been around alot lately. Meowmize just found out that she might have to get a new hard drive for her computer. She set this one up for the dadz..go figure right. Well Sky has not found a new home yet, and they are still looking for one. Today is both Snowy's and meowmize birfhdays. Snowy turns 6 today and well mewomize is like 29 temptayshunz, boy thats a lots. Ooopss...sorry meowmzie, hehe. So hopefully we et her computer up and runnings again soon. I almost fur gots..Precious had her Lady-garden-ectomy Tuesday. She is doing cat-tast-ic...she just wont chill out so she doesn't bust her surgical glue they used. They said that she was the purr-fect lil girl they had. Meowmzie said that was because she's a lil lady. Oh , and her and TJ both turn 1 the 22nd this month. I finks we might have a big party for themz. Well before the meowmize works that day atleast. Well...I'm off to go nappz on the porchie. Mew till next Mew..Siamia
P.S. Hi to my handsome mancat Marley! Oh Snowy,Precious,Shamy, and Taps all say HI to there sweeties.