Thursday, February 18, 2010

A long time no Mew!

Well...hello to all of our kitty friends out there! Yes.... we are still mewing and eating kitty crunchies. We kitties just never knew how much work helping meowmize with a kitten bean would be. Although meowmize did give us warning that our lil kity lives were going to be changed. Speaking of which....we now have to run from our kitten bean because she is a pro crawler. She loves us very much and trys to pet us in her own way. The meowmize and dadz are good about not letting her hurt us. Our woofie Mooch luvz her bunches and even lets her ride him like a puppy pony. Even with this much excitement we have more, yes more. We are moving to a bigger house which we lived at once before and is pawsome. Well....I'm off to get some treats (yeap temp-tay-shunz) and let meowmize get our kitten bean dressed. Till next mew..Siamia