Monday, May 28, 2012

Helloz eferyonez... this iz Siamia....we are all doing goodz. I had a purrfect burfhday. My meowmize got us some stinky goodness a lil late but we gotz some. it was very yummiez! The kitten bean is getting very bigz. She is going to be 3 in a few dayz. She is getting bigz on us all..... how the micerz go flying. Well... offz to go catch a moth or some flying bug.till next mewz... have a purrfectz day....Sia

Monday, April 16, 2012

Naughty Tabby!

Helloz eferyonez! We hopez youz all are doing wonderfulz! Well my kitty sisfer haz done it, yep Pounce pushed the screen out to the kitten beans window. Now the meowmize has to fix it. She wasnt to happy with herz about this. She even called herz a fat cat, which she is kindaz chubby. Hey, I heard that Sia. Your not as small as you use to be meezer face. Any mewz.......we are all doing goodz, besides the meowmize is having issues this allergy season. She says it'z due to us having a very warmz winter. She will makes it through it though. With lots of tissues and lots of allergy medicinez. Well, off to go sleep on her big comfy bed till the kitten bean goes nite nitez. Till next mewz.....Siamia

Friday, April 13, 2012

Kittie update mewz for fun.

Helloz eferyonez! Siamia here with a some mewz of sorts from us all. As youz can she Pounce is being a typical kitty and sleeping everything including the daz new slow cooker. Mewomize thought it was funny so she took a picture. No kitties were made into stews during this photo shoot.
As furz the rest of us, we are all doing really goodz. alladine is staying outside a lot nowz. He comez in on occasion and then back out. Snowy is still a grochy girl.... meowmize had to take her to the vetz and it was because she had a toothz that was yucky and sitting weird so they pulled it outz then. It was only hangingz on by a smidge. The vet saidz she only has a few toothz let.... poor gal. As fur pounce she is still very talativez and teases our two legged kitten. i'm still meowmize girl and follw her everywhere at nightz...seeing thatz when the kitten is sleeping. So thatz what new with us. We hopez you all are doing greatz! Till next mewz.....Siamia

Friday, March 09, 2012

Hello againz!!!!!

Well helloz everyonez! Our meowmize haz been seriously slacking on helping us with our blog. It may have beenz because Aladdin was going poo on meowmize and the dadz bed. We newer that he shouldn'tz but boyz..... They'z don't listenz. Our two legged kitten is going to be 3 this year. Howz the times flyiez by. We are all doing goods... Besides the lack of blogging timez. Our meow use is working and the two legged kitten getz to go to schoolz/ sometimez. That when we get some quiets time. She has gotten better with us.... But she still haz a lot to learn abouyz us kitties. Well... Off to nap. Til next mews....purrs and scratches. Sia