Sunday, August 08, 2010

Our new brofher!

Hello everyonez! Well we finally got a picfer of our new brofher Aladdin. He has been with us since December and evenz got to chill with Shamy our angel brofher. Ourmeowmize and the dadz call him Fat Cat, and sometimes Garfield. He is a very chilled and relaxed, lazy brofher. He is also very lovey to our meowmize and the dadz. Our meowmize told me'z that she is going to try and help me blog furz us more.Hoepfully our legged kitten bean will let hers, hehe. She is getting better about being nice to us and not pulling our furz. Well... our baby bean is getting into somethingz she should not be so... we haz to get our furry bottoms up and go. We hope to mew to you tomorrow...Siamia


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow! New brothers seem to be going around. He is pretty handsome.

ABBY said...

*woo hoo*

Aladdin is a wonderful new brother and furry handsome.



The Island Cats said...

Well hello there Aladdin!! It's nice to meet you!!

Parker said...

What a handsome guy!!!

caspersmom said...

Aladdin is a handsome ManCat. Glad you found your forever home.