Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hello eferyonez!

Hi eferyones! Wel apologize fur it being so longs since we potsted on our bloggie. Our meowmize has been busy and tired so we didn't get to blog due to thats. Well, Tj and Precious is now living with our grammie in TN. We are hopings that her woofie Baby will learn not to chase thems. She only wants to play with thems, but you know us kitties, hehe. As far as our meowmize and grammie knows Precious has wapped Baby on the nose twice. Meowmize was a lil sad leaving them last nite, but atleast she can get daily updates and visits them. Besides Grammie will spoils them. Well...I'm offs to play on our porchie. Purrs to all...Siamia


Cheysuli and gemini said...

It is good to hear your updates!

Everycat said...

I wondered where you had got to. I hope everyone settles well in their new home and you are all well

Whicky Wuudler

Lux said...

Good to hear from you! :)

ZOOLATRY said...

Welcome back... as today is a day for wishes of peace and joy, we send ours to you.

cyclone cats! said...

Hi Snowy!

You'll have to come by our blog and look at our new header! Zoolatry made it for us!

I've missed you!

Conner Cloud

meemsnyc said...

It's nice to read your update! That's nice that Tj and Precious is living with your grammie. That way you can keep tabs on how well they are doing.

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