Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hi Efveryonez!

Hi eferyonez! It's Shamy here with a update on us all. Sia is off napping so I thought I would help meowmzie with our bloggie. In the past month Tj has managed to bust out the screen on the porchie twice. He evens got out this morning which was the second time. Taps is doing better, meowmize found outs that he has a hyperthyroid issue on top of kidney issues. So he gets to get/eatz what everz he wants that wont make him sickz. As fur the girls they are allz doing well. Other than thatz all is well. We are hoping our meowmzie stopz working so much.Well..I'm offz to napz on meowmize now. Purrs..Shamy


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I hope that your person stops working so much so that you can blog more too! I am glad everyone is doing pretty well.

caspersmom said...

Hi All, thought we would stop and catch up since we have been out of touch so much lately. It's great you got lizzies in your new home. We had one in our new home too. Mom told it to be careful of us but Cleo almost got it. Haven't seen it since so it might have gotten wise. Doggone it!! Hope your Mom will get to rest more and not work so hard, she needs to have more nappies with you. All of you take care O.K. God Bless.

Casper and Crew

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