Monday, April 02, 2007

2 for 1 Tooesday

Hi eferyonez Taps and Shamy here! We decided to share todays post, because Shamy was tagged by his girlfriend cat Emily to list 5 reasons why he blogs. Also today is tuxie tooesday. We have not been up to much, besides chilling with our lady's on saturday. Being the gentaly-mancts that we are. We are not going to discusss the days eventz with eferyonez. I was dreaming of my beautiful Yuki. When along came my meowmize with the flashy fing. I guess I need to find a better napping spot.
Also if you'z have noticed our meowmize has been playing with our bloggie. She added the + / - Linky fing, and changed the colors. She was going to do the titel but couldn'tz find a color she liked furz it. Lets us knows what youz finks of it. She even tried adding a badge for the fuzzfamily blog, that Kat made, but couln'tz get the html code right. So she will try and get that up some ofher timez. In ofher info if youz are a member of the New Tuxedo Gang Hideout, please go welcome Abby to the group. Now it's Shamy's turn-Taps

Hi eferyonez! I was tagged by my beautiful girlfriend cat Emily to list five reasons I blog. So here is my 5 reasons.

1- I finks it is alot of fun, when I getz to do a post.
2- I gets to make lots of new friends.
3- I gets to show my girlfriend cat cute pic-fers of me.
4- I get to learn about new foodies, and toys from my blogging friends.
5- I help keep meowmize saine, by having her type my bloggie post furz me.
I don't know who has been tagged and who has not, but I will tagg these 5 kitties: Marley, Yuki, umm, can I tag my kitty family, hehe. Well if not anyone who wants to list 5 reasons they blog. Also like Taps, I was taking a nap when meowmize started taking pic-fers of me. I was all comfy in my kitty hammock having a wonderful dream as well. I guess this is what happens when youz have a bloggie, huh.

The meowmize here- has anyone else not been able to log on the cat blogosphere? Please let me know, because it could be my computer.


Tara said...

Check the HO(M)BC blog. Mom Robyn is having trouble with the host for CB.

Loved the pics and the reasons. The blog is looking pretty nice, but the red print is a bit hard to read. I liked the blue.


DEBRA said...

Had to stop in and give a BIG Hello to my manx buddy Shamy. Shamy you do remind me so much of my big brofur Jinx. Fanks so much Taps furr welcoming me to the new Hideout. I hafta to get Boo going on her introduction!


Cheysuli said...

Hey two photos! My human is so not that good. The blog is looking new and different!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I like the blog a lot! Yes, the cat blogosphere is can go to the Ho(m)BC for updates.


caspersmom said...

Hey Taps you sure do look comfy in that chair. Mom's and their flashy things. We get so comfortable and sleeping good and you see a flash of light go off and disturbs you. Good to see you too Shamy. It looks like the flashy thing really disturbed you, you are wide awake. Well, doesn't make any difference Mom's will use the flashy thing no matter what. The other day even Dad said "watch out Casper, mom's going to take a picture of you. And she did.


The Meezers said...

those is good reasons. we agree wif Tara - the red is a little hard to read but the blue is nice.

Kim and Oscar said...

You're two very social guys. I think I need to find a girlfriend. My weekends are spent with beans and rats. That's all well and good but I think I'd like a girlfriend to hang out with.

Mommy likes the blog but agrees the red is hard to read.

The Cats Stephens said...

You look so cute there Shamy! I'm so glad I get to see so many picfurs of you.

I tagged you for yet another meme, I just love hearing your thoughts on things.


Anonymous said...

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