Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hello eferyonez!

Hello eferyonez! We are sorry that we'z have been away for awhile nowz. Meowmize has been busy with our two legged kitten. She is getting really bigz now. Maybe we can get a picfure of her with one of us kitties so we can show youz all. She is getting alot better at being nice to us. Pounce and our kitten bean like to tourment each ofher though. So'z our meowmize scolds both of them and makes them go in different areas. Fur and two legged siblings.....what'z can youz do, hehe. We are all doing good and are very excited that spring will be here soon so we can have the windows opened soon. We have had some nice days and meowmize opened them till it got chilly. Our wild birdiez are really loving the birdie feederz our meowmize has out as well. She is talking to the dadz about putting a birdie bath hooked on the wood railing of our back porch. We hopes he will do it.
Well... I'z have to go it'z my nap time and the kitten bean is wanting to color with meowmize. Till next mew...Sia


momsbusy said...

sia, you are looking quite beautiful (as always). those little two legged kittens can really give you a run for your nip. when the grand beans come over we all hide. they make too much noise for us. we like to sneak out and sniff them when they are taking their naps. hehe

kazoku neko
yuki, kintaro & tt

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow! Your two legged one is getting big huh? Have fun!

The Island Cats said...

Hi Sia! Nice to see you!! How nice that your 2 legged kitten bean is getting bigger and is being nice to you!