Monday, April 20, 2009

Our baby bean!

Hi eferyonez! We'z are sorry that we have not been around to visitz our friends. It is a tough jobbie to get our meowmzie moving sometimez, well... when it comes to somefings we wantz to do. Any whoz this is a pic-fer of our baby bean still in our meowmize belly. It is weird the fings beans can do with gadgets don;t youz all finks.
As furz us we have been getting porchy time and eating grass time, yummy. The bad fing is we all have collars back on. Snowy and me still have our old ones, but the new onez the ofhers got are very jingly, hehe. It sounds like jingle bells when the walk or runz. Well.... meowmzie has to go and do some house workz. Till next mew....Sia


momsbusy said...

WOW! what detail. you will have to back off all of the boys chasing her. she is a cutie! can't wait to see her after she is born.

Max said...

Oh wow...that's AMAZING!!!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Wow, dat is furry cool!

The Fluffy Tribe said...

wow that's a cool picature of your baby 'bean ~The FluffY Tribe

caspersmom said...

How awesome to see her face like that. Can't remember when she is due but looks like it isn't to far off. Val, bet you are getting excited and anticipating her birth.
At least you can carry her around in your arms. Take care O.K. God Bless.

Prince Brutus said...

This puts a whole new slant on "Baby Pictures" for me...that had to be one heck of an emotion for you Val,when you first saw her!

It was great IM'ing you today! Found you're on Twitter, good day's work!

Snuggles from the Royals to Summer and your Fuzzy Seven!
Oh, and the grown beans, too!