Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Taps health update!

Sia here, with a newz mewz. Meowmzie had to take Taps to the dreaded VET today. The dadz and here watched him try to go potty in a number of places and not have any luck. She found outz that he has a nasty UTI, and has to get Clavamox, and he has gone into kidney failure. He has also lost 2 pounds since he was at the VET beforez we moved. He even had to get sub-q fluids befores she could bring him homes today. I finks that she is going to make him a snuggle spot in the one bathroom so that he can have his own room, with a bunch of water and a whole jar of his baby food. This way Precious doesn't wap him furz it. She even got some meds that is suppost to help the blood flow to his kidneys. He has to go back in two weeks furz a check up, and see how he's doing. Mews fur his sweet Yuki, he will be overs to visitz youz tomorrows and maybe on furday.
As fur the ofer mewz...Sky is now officially staying with us. Meowmize decided that seeing her and Shania finally came to a woofie understanding so that we can keeps her. She has stopped chasing us and sleeps upstairs. Well...I'mz offs to take a nappie now. We hopes to get a normal blogging timez again. Keeps yourz paws crossed fur us. Mew til my next newz mews...Siamia


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh no! I hope Taps starts feeling better. We will purr.

Lux said...

Sending lots of get well wishes to Taps.


judith said...

Hope Taps gets better soon. It's a real worry when your best friend is poorly. My thoughts are with you.