Friday, March 21, 2008

Sleepy Friday!

With eferyfings that is going on around here we'ze are all very sleepy. We would likez to fanks youz all fur the kind and wonderful words....they all toouched our family very much. Adan has help brighten eferyone up when we all got a lil blue. When meowmzie feels up to it we wll get some new pic-fers up.
We are still movingz we still may not be on a whole bunch. Please do know that we miss all of our kitty friends in the blogosphere. We do read bloggies but don't always comment.
We are sending lots of healing purrs and snuggles out to all of our sick frineds.
Purrs and snugles from The Katnippia Crew


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Purrs to you as well. I hope you are getting good healing sleep.

Parker said...

Purrs right back to you guys! Have a great nap and get lots of rest!

Anonymous said...

Rest baby girl/sissy,be strong,I love you ,,,woffie kisses to you and my cousins,,,,if you need me just bark,and I will do the woffie shuffle to take care of you,,,,love you sissy

momsbusy said...

please take care of yursef taps. yu an i is not spring chikens no more (as my mommees says). when yu gets a chance come bisits me ans we can snuggle in the sunbeams.

yurs gurlcat,

ML said...

Purrs to effurryone...
Love, KC