Friday, June 08, 2007

Shamy's Cute Ramblings!

Hi eferyonez! I hopez youz have all had a good week, to be followed by a wonderful weekend. Well, I finks we have our meowmize back in line on regularly helping us with our post now. If only we can get her to get new pic-fers of us on here, oh well. I guess we can get her to do so many fings at once. Well, as Pounce said yesterday, really not much going on her lately, besides us getting RAIN! which the state of flo-rie-dah really needed. Well thats what all the beans were saying on the big talking box. I have been helping Sia with the bug patrol on our porchi, while she has been covering the garage fur buggies, and lizzie guys. Oh, I even caught a froggie that looked like tree bark. I was just pawing him, but meowmize put him back in the yard off of the porchie. She said somfing like froggies can make me sick. I guess she might be right. My brofher and mentor Taps has been getting sick alot lately. Some of it is those yucky hairballs, but the rest meowmize finks it's his kidneys doing it. We have not mentioned this to eferyonez before, but Taps has lived with kidney disease furz 2 years almost 3 now. So with that in mind he is doing great. Yuki.. he hopes youz can come over this weekend and visits him. Well, I would also likes to say hi to my girlfriend cat Emily. I'm sorry i have not gooten my meomize to visit youz bloggie lately. I have told her meowmize i need to go see my girlfriend. So maybe I can come and snuggle with youz this weekend if your pawrents will let me. Oh, pounce would like to say somefing. keep chillin eferyonez..Shamy
Pounce here, fanks Shamy. Oscar I saw your comment last night, and yes i gets what youz means about a trip to Vegas. I also finks it would be fun to dress up as Marilyn Monroe, and youz as Elvis. Just let me know when so I can packs up some fings. Oh, Sia is not talking to me either about the catversation that her and Marley had. Maybe Auntie Kat can find out from Marley. Purrs..Luvs pounce


DEBRA said...

Hi to Shamy my Manx buddy!

It was good to see you and knoo you is doing alright.

We keep wishin furr some rain up here in N. Fl but we aren't getting enuff. We will keep wishin...

Have a gud weekend.

ThCat Realm said...

Cute picture! Yes, stay away from frogs and toads at all cost! They give you a really bad stomach ache in the best case and kill you in the worst!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Dis is weerd, we wuz just thinking bout yoo Shamy. Good to know yoo're all doing well.

Kimo & Sabi said...

What's a frog? We know toads is them filangies on da beans feets but where are da frogs located...oh, in da throat!

Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

HOORAY POUNCE! You've made me so happy! We need to talk to the girls and see when they think they'd be up to making the trip.

Taps, feel better my friend! I'm worried about you, you are going to be my BIL and I want you to be able to attend our wedding. Pounce, I'll get back to you sometime this weekend. I'm taking a short break from blogging but will still visit a few. Only a few days. My current post explains it all. Mommy just needs to take some things is and I want to help comfort her.

I love you, Pounce!

Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Val, I need to talk to you when you get a chance. IM me.


caspersmom said...

Hi Shamy,
Looks like you have a Mom that takes the fun out of hunting too. I love to hunt froggies and lizards and Mom saves them. I don't eat them, just bat them around and Mom says I get a little too rough. Cleo got a real nice lizard the other day and Mom ruined her fun too. Oh well, guess Moms are just looking out for us if they are suppose to make us sick if we eat them.


Cheysuli said...

Wow! You guys must be amazing hunters to catch all those things.

Number 1 Man Dog said...

Hi Shamy,Boogie here,I am your cousin from Tennessee,I wish I could be playing with you guys in Florida,I just want to give a big woofie hug to my family.Paws up 2 all u guys

The Cats Stephens said...

Oh Shamy! I've missed you so much. Please come over while my parents are away!


Anonymous said...

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