Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sleepy Tuxie Tooesday!

Hi eferyonez, Sia here. Taps is busy sleeping like he has been doing alot of lately. So I told meowmize I wouldn't mind posting for him. I figured it was a nice fing to do furz our OLD MANCAT of the house. Mewomzie is worried about him, seeing he is sleeping alot more, and you can actually walk up on him when he is sleeping. I finks personally that he is dreaming of his girlfriend Yuki, which is why he doesn't hear us. So meowmize is a lil worried aboutz him. Does anyone have helpful advice on Geezer kitties. See meowmize and Taps have been together furz a very long time, and he is the first kitty she has known to be ths old. So with saying that meowmize says that she will do the meme that Anni tagged me furz yesterday. Seeing we did ours together last Tooesday. So here are 7 random facts about or meowmize.
1- Meowmize just luvz her Cherry Vanilla Dr.Pepper
2-She has had Taps since her freshman year of high school. -I finks that was a 100 years ago!
3-She once had a horsie named Red, and pony named Nugget, also a bazillion yearz ago
4-She has brofher who is almost a year younger than herz. Which she is nofing like.
5-Our meowmize luvs us unconditionaly, no matter what we do. Evenz when the dadz gets mad at us furz yacking hairballs on the bed, or somefing like that.


DEBRA said...

Momma says I sleeps real soundly too. But I snore (don't tell anyone I ssssnore) so loud I would wake anyone up. I fink it may be we older kitties don't hear like we use to...*sigh*


Daisy said...

My Mommie said that one of her cats-that-came-before got deaf when he was old, so he slept VERY soundly. And you could even run the vacuum cleaner all around him and it didn't scare him any more!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Well, Zippy is only 10 but she sleeps all day long. Mom sez dat her furry old kitty who lived to be 21 wented def and slept like dat. She misses him furry much, she gots him when she was a young bean and he was what kept her sane all those years.

Bandit's Mom from NY said...

Hi- My Bandit boy is now 18 years old! He has a number of medical problems, which we manage with meds ( hyperthyroid and a gallstone the size of one his paws!) He also gets something to keep his tummy from getting upset and recently fiber powder for you-know-what! Bandit meows VERY VERY loudly these days.... and the doctor says that many kitties have the same kind of hearing loss that older beans do and so he can't hear himself as well...also I can get REALLY close to him without him waking up. You didn't say how old Tap is. I would let the V-E-T give him a good once-over and if there are no other problems, just relax!

Ann M said...

Tocchet is 15, but he's been sleeping most of the day for a few years now. He snores also. I think he hears OK, because the vacuum still wakes him up. Our woofie Captain has been deaf since he was about 10. Tocchet will be going to thhe vet for shots soon, and I am going to ask what to look for as far as normal vs. maybe not normal aging.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

It's an age thing. I think he's fine, after all Auntie Val, look who his Mommy is! I loves my Auntie Val, too!
Love, Oscar

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

The Woman once knew a horse named Red, I wonder if it was the same horse?


The Crew said...

Like Bandit's Mom said, have your vet check Taps over for age related problems. Animals suffer from the same things we do; arthritis, failing eyesight & cataracts, hearing loss, bladder problems, loss of appetite, etc. There are medications that can help an older cat be more comfortable. As for the sleeping, George, who'll be 10 in July, already sleeps most of the day!

Crews Mom

Anonymous said...

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