Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tramatic Weekend Part 2

Ok well here is the ofher part of our story from saturdays happeningz. As Sia mentioned meowmize was not happy about me peeing in my PTU it leaking on the seat and then getting on her when she picked me up. I was put in the back ,and we went and got the cleaning stuff then to the VET. When we gottz therez meowmize put us in the same cage so we could keepz each ofher company, no bad, right! Well it got worse meowmize and and friend of herz came and got us outz and took us in a room and the two doorz shut. I was still mad at meowmize for putting me in the PTU, and would not let her give me luverz to show it. Sia was hiding behind meowmize because she is a good Princess. I was very vocal on the protesting part. I was smelling the room, while growling and hissing. Well, two ladys came in, one with a white jacket and anofher with a animal top came in. They wanted to see Sia first since she was the nicest of the two of us. She was doing good,and they clipped her nails. She went back to meowmize and layed behind her. It was my turn, muhahaha. The lady helping the doctor was not sure about me until meowmize told her I was all talk, fanks alot meowmize! The doctor looked me over as well, and gave me 2 shots, but they dared not clip my nails, hehe. Then we went back to our room, but I wanted to be alone so I smacked Sia so meowmize would know it. So Sia got her own area. We got some stinky goodness from meowmize, but we didn't want any. Sia was taken out later, and it was to get her shots, because her temp was high earlier so she had to wait. Then we left a lil while after thatz, and I peed in my PTU again, hehe. This time I had it more on my feet and on my tummy. So meowmize wiped them with a wet towel and I cleaned my self up the rest of the wayz. _ Shamy

Meowmize here, both of them had a good check up. The only thing is they both have a lil tarter, and gingivitus building up, with a lil upper ear wax. Shamy has now since forgien me, and lays with me. Sia's temp was up due to stress, which is why her shots were given later. We hope everyone enjoyed there adventure. No, Shamy did not get in trouble just a, "why did you have to go and do that talk. "


Junior said...

Wow! That does sound traumatic! The part I hated was when they squeezed my belly and felt it's insides!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Way ta go keepin' 'em away from your claws. No one has ever clipped my claws and no one ever will. Peein' on stuff is a nice touch - we'll hafta remember that one.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Shamy, we feel for you and Sia. We HATE to go to the vet. Bathsheba is a real terror; her hisses and growls mean that she WILL bite. The vets sometimes even come out in gauntlets to examine her.

We're glad you survived the trauma.

"Zeus is our reason for the season."


One-Eyed Jack said...

You get your claws clipped at the vets? My OTW does that herself. But I hate it and she often only gets one paw at a time, and usually has to trick me by sneaking up on me while I'm napping and lazy.

Grumpybutt bites her, but she doesn't seem to mind much about it. She only puts him in time-out in the bathroom when he does it with no warning or reason.

Zeus is my reason for the season!

Anonymous said...

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